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    Second credit list: DVD-only

    on September 21st, 2010, by Ton

    As you remember, we give a special thanks to people who helped realizing Sintel by purchasing the DVD set in advance. The film scroll credit was for those who pre-paid before Sept 16, 2009. The other pre-paid orders will be mentioned on the DVDs itself, in a special “thank you” section.

    Here is the DVD list:

    Please check? Thanks!


    12 Responses to “Second credit list: DVD-only”

    1. Felix Says:

      will this list not list those who are already in the film credits?

      (I’m guessing not, but figured might as well ask)

    2. Ton Says:

      It is two separate lists.

    3. J. Says:

      My name is very easy to find in the list! 😛

    4. lars Says:

      Please correct Thomas Funke to Lars Funke.. Thomas is my dad, but I paid the DVD 😀

    5. Brenda Says:

      Yay! My name is the list 🙂 Thank you!!!

    6. Mitch Says:

      I’m there!! Thanks.

    7. Still Says:

      Scary!!! I didn’t the entire Ton’s post and I have asked myself:”WHERE IS MY NAME????”. Eheheheheeheheeh!!!



    8. Nicknamz Says:

      yay, yea i find mine 😀

    9. TheGrayK Says:

      WOOT I’m there! I only wish I could have bought it sooner but even If I was only just buying it just owning it is going to be a pleasure.

    10. Lydorn Says:

      I found mine!

    11. Ton Says:

      The page has been updated with all changed as mailed to us. This is going to be rendered now!

    12. bebR Says:

      I’m on it !! Cool 🙂