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    3D world magazine cover

    on September 21st, 2010, by Ton

    And now it’s official, the new 3D world october edition is available throughout Europe. USA and other countries follow a month later I heard.

    This issue has 6 pages of Sintel graphics, screenies and interviews with the crew. There’s even a Big Buck Bunny mention on the list of “memorable shorts made in past years”!

    The “Return of Blender” has been choosen by 3D World as a good cover slogan I guess. We all know we were never gone, but we we’ve been very busy indeed! πŸ™‚


    40 Responses to “3D world magazine cover”

    1. Shane Newville Says:

      Congratulations! I can’t wait to pick up a copy. Blender is the Busta Rhymes of 3D software!

    2. D Says:

      Hm, I think I can see an orange and teal thing going on. πŸ˜›

    3. month3d Says:

      congraturlations πŸ™‚ gonna pick up a copy when I have the time πŸ˜€

    4. Kinhe Says:

      Really nice! πŸ˜€
      Lets see if i can buy the magazine here in Portugal.

    5. Paul Hastings Says:

      Congratulations! I’m excited for all of you!

    6. Mario Says:

      Eh sti cazzi, a regΓ … a sto giro state veramente a fΓ  er botto! πŸ˜€

      WTF?!? The big wave of Blender is growing more and more all over the world! πŸ˜‰

    7. Germ Says:

      I think that the slogan “The Return of Blender” is not much about “dissapearing” for a while because of working on 2.5, I think it’s more the way the industry sees Blender.

      They see Blender “gone” since the last time they tried it and didn’t like it.

      And now that Blender has new, quality things to showcase, they pay attention again and feel that as a “return of Blender”. It “returns” to their radar.

      This is Blender’s second chance for the industry.

    8. RockyMountainMesh Says:

      Congratulations! An exciting accomplishment … you should all be very proud!

    9. J. Says:

      Whoooo, collectors item! πŸ˜›

      Where can I buy this issue or order it on the internet?

    10. mutze Says:

      Have it been released yet? Our does someone know the release date?

    11. blenderman911 Says:

      That’s so awesome, I already buy 3d world magazine so of course I’m getting this one πŸ˜€

    12. kardargo Says:

      It’s actually the November-issue due for release in the UK on september 23rd.

      As a subscriber (from the netherlands) I should receive mine within the next week.

      On the 3Dworld-site you can take out a subscription. They ship world-wide. There’s also a link there to order back-issues, but I don’t know if this applies to non-subscibers, but you can always try.

      I do know there are bookstores outside of the UK that sell 3D-world.

    13. DingTo Says:

      Congratulations. Looking forward to read the magazine soon!

    14. Gianmichele Says:

      I have it in my hands now…starting to read the article!

    15. J. Says:

      Keep an eye on this webstore:

      For those who do not look carefully, you can buy single issues on this site! πŸ˜€
      Now it’s a matter of waiting till the latest issue turns up on it!

    16. Gianmichele Says:

      Just finished reading the article…great job guys! Can’t wait to see the film and the documentary πŸ˜€

    17. NCubed Says:

      Germ +1:

      I’ve always felt 3DWorld supports Blender but understands the industry doesn’t always feel the same way.

      Front cover, inside cover, editor’s comment (“a project such as this…with software that’s not finished yet? I can think of easier ways of causing myself pain.”) plus full article – well done everybody!

    18. BlendedBrain Says:

      I’d do her.

    19. J. Says:

      Who says that Pixar uses perfect working software?
      They also got a team of programmers and bug fixers, but they’ll never tell. (imagine bugs in the magic Disney world, IMPOSSIBLE! πŸ˜› )

    20. Numarul7 Says:

      So the Suzanne award it will be published in same manner ? D

    21. lzymxn Says:

      it is frustrating that they would call it unfinished but hopefully people will take as a good thing, thinking wow they managed that and the program is still under development, what will it be able to do when finished, hopefully something positive like that, but i just dont like that they reference blender as unfinished…blender doesnt have a regular development cycle so it would be hard to pin down any point where blender is finished, its always getting scripts, and now the whole add-on thing, plus big studios use in house stuff all the time and with their tight schedules i doubt they start when the tool is finished, lord of the rings used film gimp and that was far from finished at all….speaking of which is film gimp still around??

    22. J. Says:

      It’s now called ”Cinepaint”

      But it’s ridiculous to call a 3D program finished, because no program that evolves and gets updated is finished.
      Something is only finished when you pull your hands away from it and say: This is it!

      So yes, it’s unfinished, and it never will be finished as long as Blender is being used.
      So let’s move on to the next step of ”unfinished” and look forward to project Mango!

    23. lzymxn Says:

      well of course but im talking more along the lines of traditional development cycles when you stop and say thats enough its stable the new features work put it out and lets get started on the next one

    24. kennetta jackson Says:

      I’m glad to see that blender is getting the recognition it deserves..Sintel covinced me to finally download blender once i build my computer. Congrats!! blender foundation

    25. LetterRip Says:

      Blender was in no way ‘finished’ during the creation of Durian.

      I think the talking about ‘well no software is ever finished’ is a bit disingenuous. There is a large difference between continuous software improvement and short release cycles, and having a large number of broken and incomplete features. We are still missing about 5-10% of the features that were in 2.49b (including important modeling – selective bevel; sculpting – ability to apply a lower level of subdivision to a base mesh; and rendering features – render preview – among many others), and a number of features that were created for Durian are not yet completed including the renderer work.

    26. Drifton Aloft Says:

      i plan on picking up a copy as soon as it’s available, and once again congrats on sintel

    27. John Bandaru Says:

      … all those who think blender’s unfinished…….hey guys!!!

      1) Blender gets the job done!!! (…and it GOT the job done with Sintel -beautifully done -from the view of previews.)

      2) Its not stagnant… always growing….and thats its strength…it doesn’t stink …it enables- adapts to new ways of providing total power to the 3d artist to express him/her -self.


    28. tyrant monkey Says:

      @John Bandaru Blender was unfinished when Sintel was been made, not even all the tools that were in 2.49 were ported over when this project started. Hell there wasn’t even an 2.5 alpha release when they started.

      This makes what these guys did even more awesome so kindly stop stealing their thunder and instead praise them for putting up then highly unstable Blender 2.5 and still delivering an awesome movie to boot.

    29. Big Fan Says:

      I see there are 5 days to go until the premiere. Will there be some coverage here of the event or attendees impressions after?

    30. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      What’s all the fuzz about? Even the latest Blender is not as feature complete as 2.4x, and vice-versa :P, things will come, just hang on.. I hope Sintel is a showoff of what 2.5 current status is able to do, like the cover says.

      About to leave and check the proof print for the poster! πŸ˜€

    31. D Says:


    32. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      yay! blogpost coming πŸ™‚

      wait for it!

    33. Daniel Gonzalez Says:

      Pssshh, Return of Blender? I find that somewhat offensive. Blender has NEVER left. If it had left the table, why do they always run articles and tutorials on it? The only reason I ever even buy their magazine is the Blender sections. Besides that, you guys’ did a phenomenal job and that cover art is freakin’ amazing.

    34. creek23 Says:

      Trying to lure Air Bender with the slogan. eh?

      The Return of the (Air) Blender! πŸ˜€


    35. Daniel Gonzalez Says:

      I thought the movie was called “The Last Airbender.” Not “Return of the Air Bender”. LOL! πŸ˜€

    36. ScaroDj Says:

      “The Return”? *lol*

    37. roofoo Says:

      Sintel has man hands. πŸ˜›

    38. J. Says:

      Now available for order: πŸ˜€

    39. Nightshade Says:

      Confusion solved:
      For payed softwares like Maya, 3D max etc
      we cannot see what they are developing, or in other words ‘what are the things which we will see when we buy the next release.’ when they finish something then only they will announce that you will get this, this and that in our new version and you can download trial version and purchase original version for XXX$. ‘SO WHAT THEY SAY IS WHAT WE GET’, thus we think we have a finished product in our hand.

      And i have seen some ppl above saying about our favorite software Blender ( yep i mean it…. ) that it is not finished! As blender has an open development structure (transparent), to some extent we know what these developers are doing and what they are planning to put in the next version of blender. In this regard we cannot say blender 2.5 is finished, neither it will be, since features will be added on the go. (They are not hiding anything from us πŸ™‚ ).
      Few things i love about Blender :
      1) As a Modeler , blender can compete with any other payed programs out there. ( If it lacks something, yep, sculpting tool is growing).

      2) Blender is now professional( in terms of look ), anyone who has tried and left blender previously, and started using Maya or Max or any other program , if they come back and open blender 2.5X they will definitely say ‘WOW!’.

      3) Those who will say blender cannot give you Pixar like characters and animation, i recommend ED, BBB, Durian and numerous other short films and stills created by user community and think a little.
      How these movie production ppl create these characters? Those ppl will use prof 3d scanners to create their models + a separate modeling program + separate sculpting program + separate UV unwrap program + separate texturing program + a complete design suite like Adobe + High end rendering programs + lots of Hardware + numerous in house production techniques (which we don’t even know about) + Hundreds of artists + Multi million dollars……

      if we can create superb things in ED, BBB, Durian without those setup which i have told above which one is better ? think man, think.

      4) And as our ‘Benevolent Dictator For Life’, Ton says, Blender IS AND WILL remain open source and you have to pay 0$ to get it.

      I have greater respect to the developer community, how could we pay homage to them?

    40. goonlalagoon Says:

      It made a nice change to have a feature on blender. It’s been a while since there was a longer article.