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    In the studio with Halina Reijn and Thom Hoffman

    on February 22nd, 2010, by ali

    Actors Halina Reijn and Thom Hoffman were in a recording studio in Amsterdam and gave their voices to Sintel and The Shaman. For the occasion, Clark Levy turned into SuperColin…


    74 Responses to “In the studio with Halina Reijn and Thom Hoffman”

    1. Goofster Says:

      awesome stuff! they really work great together!

    2. Luks Says:

      wow, this film only gets better πŸ™‚

    3. Agus Says:

      Does she really has a teen-age voice?

    4. Kernon Says:

      I would definitely say yes. Think of her as teenager that’s been matured through tough, real life experiences instead of television and video games.

    5. Kernon Says:

      Congratulations on the excellent voice talents!

    6. Will Says:

      Wow. Now you have to finish this thing. No looking back now. Excellent work.

    7. watakach Says:

      I want to see more πŸ˜‰

      Nice, nice, nice !

    8. wo262 Says:

      a dragon πŸ˜€

    9. rogper Says:

      Heek heek (hiccups :P)
      It’s like the real thing… wait, It IS the real thing πŸ˜€

    10. nawabz Says:

      Colin tell us how you felt after that? man i would be reaaaly nervous

      one small drive for Colin,
      one Epic Leap for Durian.

    11. Wingis Says:

      “…a dragon!” What an excellent cliffhanger!!!!

      Three well payed Ninjas has just been sent out for a “script rescue”-Mission πŸ˜‰

      Cant’ await to hear and see more!!!

    12. ejnersan Says:

      YAY! πŸ˜€

    13. Michael57 Says:

      You know if things gets even better it might end up being a 30 min. movie LOL. (Don’t get me wrong but things are getting better for you guys especally the community thing that happen to be a succes!)

    14. Savage Says:

      Wow, this movie is really coming together now, so awesome. I can’t wait. You picked the perfect people for the job of shaman and sintel too. This is really great and the sprint was awesome! I’m so excited for this film!

    15. Linkeltje Says:

      Excellent acting!
      I can see they really visualize the scene and go in the body of the character. Those characters’ve been given a living and feeling soul now. πŸ™‚

    16. Sephiroth the Bimbo Master Says:

      Wow it looks very impresive, but I have a question, is the big snail still in the movie? or it has been erased.

    17. Irve Says:


      I suspect that the movie will barely not fail. The project is ambitious as hell and this time it might rip at the seams. Mind that I emphasize the movie, not the project itself.

      I think that in terms of experience and results outside of the scope of the movie itself the project will succeed beyond its predecessors. The sheer amount of progress with Blender will be its lasting value.

      I do hope to be wrong in this, though πŸ™‚

    18. Dylan McCall Says:

      I like Thom’s voice for the shaman. I was afraid someone would do something really silly with that character for some reason. Pleasantly surprised πŸ™‚

    19. Jan - 2 Says:

      WOW!!!! They are great, such depth instantly. I am sooo excited about following Durian throught this process.

    20. Bernard Says:

      Excellent acting and a great teaser! We want more πŸ˜‰

    21. Virgilio Says:

      Great voice talent.

      I’m specially impressed with Thom Hoffman. Great voice, accent and acting. πŸ˜€

    22. alalo Says:

      haha! Nice. πŸ™‚

    23. Meltdown Says:

      sincerly Colin, congrats!

    24. Dusty Says:


    25. Magic_Man_3d Says:

      Aww! Come on! I want to see more! This movie will be…epic

    26. Grem Says:

      This is sooo exciting πŸ™‚ (pst.. pst.. it’s Reijn not Rijn)

    27. creek23 Says:

      holy holy! great choice!

    28. Big Fan Says:

      wooo! man that driving was wild! Ton’s gotta learn to slow down a bit and take the time to hug some trees…
      Voices sound good though πŸ˜‰

    29. Reyn Says:

      Now that’s something to root for! Yay. ‘Grats on this phase, guys! Keep it up! ^_^

    30. Guybrush Threepwood Says:

      …and we did not hear even the music from jan. I try to imagine…
      jan, it will be difficult to it with the music πŸ˜‰ but I’m sure this will only motivate you.
      great voices from the two actors.
      oh my goddness, and all in 4K !!!
      Is this becoming real?

      2010: The year of Durian

    31. grafixsuz Says:

      Well Colin, all I can say is I know how you must have felt. How long did the whole process take.

      Were they o.k. with being filmed? I know from personal experience some voice actors have big problems when asked if to be filmed while acting in front of the mic like these guys.

      Ton, like your driving.

      And to the actors. Thank you very much for being part of this project. I guess this is where a lot of the funding will be spent I presume.

      Congrats guys.

    32. qwerty Says:

      You Colin are a good guy, very creative and smart. I like your works and your style, i think Durian will be a success with you.

      but… (please try to not take my words as an offese, i really do not want to offend anyone)…

      Please try to remove your AppleLocked device from these videos and from your life. I think it’s not so good to see an open project like this, used with a total proprietary toy like an Apple device.

      Only my 2 cents, of course.

      Anyway: I found really good the 2 voices!

    33. Rob Cozzens Says:

      Wow! These guys sound even better than Nathan!

    34. Max Says:

      yes! good news!

    35. Anonymous Coward Says:

      I think its spelled Reijn.

      Well…according to the Great Google.

    36. D Says:

      I would have been nervous too, Colin. πŸ˜€ Even though I was extremely excited when I heard you were recording on Monday, I completely forgot again until I saw this post. I hope you got all the scenes that you wanted right. πŸ™‚

    37. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge) Says:

      Sounds great to me!

    38. Neoranga974 Says:

      Great project, great community, great actors, everything is fine, and Colin looks very PRO !

    39. Rafster Says:

      I’m soooooo GLAD that the line “I’m searching for someone I love” was changed to “I’m searching for someone.”

      How was this decided? Why do I get a feeling that our actress made the suggestion? I really think that it’s these small details that differentiate a professional script from an amateur one.

      You guys are doing everything right!! Can’t wait to see more!

    40. wysiwyg Says:

      Hoffman is great! fits the part perfectly! Rijn is great too!
      it was a little hard to hear though, sometimes i see these amateur videos where the music is BOOMING and the actors are talking quietly to be dramatic… but you cant hear them! hopefully that wont be the case here,,,

    41. Jogai Says:

      @grafixsuz: They play in regular movies so i dont think they have a problem being filmed.

    42. Pablo Vazquez Says:

    43. LiMuBei Says:

      Ah, good voice acting is a corner stone of good animation movies. This sounds very promising.

      Just curious, am I the only one having a super hard time to understand Ton? He always sounds like he’s got something stuck in his throat, I hope this is not due to an illness or something…

    44. Ton Says:

      Awesome clip Ali! And a great teaser indeed.

      @LiMuBei: I have a high-frequency deafness, I cannot hear consonants well, especially my S is horrible for that reason. But don’t worry, I’m quite good in making people understand me IRL! πŸ™‚

    45. freakabcd Says:

      lol Pablo, that was a great gif πŸ˜€

    46. jsguillemette Says:

      I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see this movie.

      Oh wait.

      /me gets back to work

    47. Fury_jin Says:

      So now with all the voice acting done, the team is gone use the wav for mouth mouvement?

      Or it will be the last thing done?

      Is the voice work done in one day? (a few hours?)

      Cinemeta give you the raw sound wav or they do a little editing?

    48. Victor Says:

      They look very professional. I mean, must be very difficult performing so well while you’re thinking ‘this dialog is so deep…’ πŸ˜›

    49. Lamhaidh Says:

      So Colin, since you have al this weight off your shoulders does this mean it’s time for another directorial address?

    50. Davis Says:

      I loved the GIF Pablo. πŸ˜€

      The voices sound great!

    51. Josh Says:

      Well done all,
      This is very exciting. Take a look at the actors IMDB profiles! A bit more activity recently.

      But this is truly a good foundation. Good luck with the rest of the film!

    52. grafixsuz Says:

      Love the gif Pablo, LOL.

    53. melon Says:


      Slow down driving car sequence (128 times).

      While driving the car, Ton is describing (with details!) the story about Sintel, baby Dragon, the whole plot and how it’s gonna end (with credits). He also makes a statement about Blender community, saying “who gives a duck about community” (audio quality is poor, but it sounds like that).

    54. Lee Says:

      melon: wow noone was meant to hear all that! please keep all details to yourself of the story, we’ll take this audio out asap

    55. eye208 Says:

      A main character that is supposed to be 15 years old but looks more like 11 years, with a 35 year old voice.

      That’s totally going to work!

      Oh well, at least Blender 2.6 will be awesome.

    56. kopi Says:

      Great shaman voice!

    57. Solineoz Says:

      Very talented actors, both of them are really emotional, we can feel it pretty well πŸ™‚

    58. Savage Says:

      I think they were both perfect. Not just the voice but how they really got into the parts as well. I like how she acts a bit timid and he acts with certainty you would expect of a shaman. I love how she says “a dragon” and his eye widens a bit in surprise… Awesome! I hope this film is just a tad longer than BBB, I think it could be a great short film though but I worry it may be too short. I would like to see more twists and turns in the story line. No matter, it will be awesome, I know.

    59. LiMuBei Says:

      @Ton: That clears that up then! My first thought was that it just my be a very strong dutch accent πŸ˜€

      Well keep it up guys, I’m really excited to see the final movie!

    60. rogper Says:

      Some curiosities of my if I may:
      Did the actors had read the script before hand?
      How long the recordings took?

    61. denism Says:

      Nice, I like their voices. Should be interesting. Are you guys planning on changing the character a bit, or some animations in order to get some mannerisms from the actors?

    62. MeshWeaver Says:

      wow πŸ™‚ the voices fit very well

      can’t wait to see the movie πŸ˜€


    63. Rudiger Says:

      While I’m sure Halina is very talented, I don’t think her voice is suited to a 15 year-old girl, no matter how mature. I actually thought that Angela’s voice fitted the character a lot better.

      Also, I see you got rid of “lover”, which is good, but I think “kindred spirit” sounds a bit awkward. Couldn’t you just make him say “A friend?”

    64. Anty Says:

      First I would like to thank to actors for giving so excellent voices and to making those animations alive.
      I am also very happy that sentence “I’m searching for someone I love” was changed to β€œI’m searching for someone.” Now it sounds more serious like a movie and not as teletubbies program.
      This is going to be awsome movie !!! πŸ™‚

    65. proctor Says:

      wow, liking this very much so far!

    66. Frank_robernson Says:

      She needs to be more, dramatic and actually put her emotions into it -you know like 15 year olds are usually really dramatic, but she seems like she’ll make Sintel come across patient and mature..for her age.I I closed my eyes and tried to picture there voices with the cg characters I can’t wait to see what it turn out like!!!!

    67. DrD Says:

      Being raised on the street makes you grow up real fast… what non of you have ever read Ender’s Shadow??

      In any case historicaly speaking in the middleages if by 15 you havent settled in life, you were probably dead.

    68. Absolutely NoOne Says:

      “A dragon.” πŸ˜€ lol
      That line just sounds so… epic? Overly so? Just makes me laugh. Love the Shaman voice especially, though.

    69. Loken Says:

      Oh man, they were both great. This is shaping up to be really nice.. Sintel’s voice may sound a little mature, but I honestly think it’s going to work. She’s young in form, but not in heart.

    70. kirado Says:

      Wow, really impressed by the details of the actors performances.

    71. Nilando Says:

      He (Ton) also makes a statement about Blender community, saying β€œwho gives a fuck about community”

      Did Ton really say that about the Blender community? That’s shocking if true.

    72. Beorn Says:

      Nilando: Relax. It’s only shocking if you don’t know Ton’s sense of humour.

    73. joeri67 Says:

      I see my sponsoring is being well spend :P. This is really great!
      – Joeri

    74. Arthur L. Bain Says:

      This will truly be a remarkable film and to think it was all done with an open source tool. Remarkable! I applaud you and your team in what you are doing and sharing with the world.

      Thank You!