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Get an animator of your own!

on July 13th, 2010, by Ton

In just 10 days the crew’s dissolving… work is done for the large part. Many will go home, a few will be working here still, and some are looking to extend their European experience.

So we’re putting out a call.

Jeremy Davidson

Jeremy is seeking work as a character animator or rigger anywhere in Europe. He has a British passport, so he can legally work and stay in the EU. Jeremy is an incredible all-round character animator and rigger, who loves to design, rig, stage and animate physical action.


Contact Jeremy: j3davo at gmail com, or for a personal reference you can ask me anytime! ton at

Beorn Leonard

Beorn will be heading home initially, but shall return in September and will be looking for work then. He also has a British passport, so he can also legally work and stay in the EU. Beorn is a brilliant character animator already and is refining his skills with a course at AnimationMentor.


Contact Beorn: beorn at linux com, or for a personal reference you can ask me anytime! ton at

Lee Salvemini

Lee will extend his stay for 3 months, his EU permit is valid until early november, he then goes back to Australia. He is especially interested in traveling around in Europe, meeting with people, while doing small training, teaching or animation work. This is your chance to get one of the Durian crew members to show you all animation secrets!

Vimeo Channel:

Contact Lee: lee at leewj com, or for a personal reference you can ask me anytime! ton at


12 Responses to “Get an animator of your own!”

  1. Cathy & India Says:

    Very happy Cam isn’t there – You can’t have him any more Ton!! πŸ™‚

  2. Temitope.A Says:

    Is there any producer too, willing to act as Mecenate?

  3. freakabcd Says:

    lol @ Cathy’s comment about Ton hogging Campbell all for himself(and all things blender) πŸ˜€

  4. angbor Says:

    Haha, rent a Blenderhead πŸ˜€ yeah but we all have to work for our food πŸ˜€

  5. J. Says:

    Will they leave before of after the July 18th screening?

  6. J. Says:

    Stupid question, I know… πŸ˜‰

  7. jirms Says:

    Good luck to the guys looking for work … I don’t know what it is like in the rest of the world but where I am at (San Diego CA USA) work is rare.

    Still, the last time I looked there was a good amount gaming development here … High Moon, Rockstar, Sony, etc. We don’t have the culture and sophistication of Europe, but you can’t beat the weather here.

  8. nawabz Says:

    good luck

  9. SlightlyChaotic Says:

    That’s right, YOU can give one of these poor, hungry animators a loving home where they can work and play in a healthy environment. Please, contact one of these animators this summer and give them the working environment they deserve. Happy holidays.

  10. The Fatsnacker Says:

    good luck all with the job find, looking forward to the Sintel release.

    Looking at whats be going on with GSOC, 2.5 development, render changes, particles, sculpting, freestyle I am truly amazed with all you committment.

    You managed give a luddite like myself access tool which is changing me from 2nd grade chaos artists, to someone who can now draw lines… :).

    I nearly entered the last CGSociety competition but with only 3 weeks to go, and only having a AMD 1600, with a tnt32 grapohics card, and trying to learn blender 2.5 its a bit of a tall order.

  11. kingcreole Says:

    i guess when the film will be released, theyΒ΄ll get a whole bunch of jobs xD

  12. Zazizizou Says:

    @kingcreole: that’s very probable xD.

    I hope you will work with directors that don’t have moving cups and people making smilies all the time lol

    Wish you the best. Good luck πŸ˜€