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World cup 2010

on July 12th, 2010, by ali

Completely off topic, the durianers during the afternoon of the world cup final. Unfortunately no big party in Amsterdam!!!

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  1. J. Says:

    And as result it also started to rain with thunder and lightning….

    What a shit night! (pardon my language)

    Just forget this nightmare, back to work and let’s have a REAL party coming Sunday! 😀

  2. carlos h. passos Says:

    Go Brazil!

  3. wo262 Says:

    netherlands is good but not that day. i would have liked to see netherlands winning playing their footbal. but they lost because their Kung Fu
    regards from Spain

  4. wo262 Says:

    serously i had a dilemma. follow netherlands (blender) or spain where i live. but after that show my dilemma gone

  5. Davis Says:

    I wanted Italy to win at first, but when they went out I stopped caring (Not that I cared much anyway). I hardly heard about Netherlands vs. Spain until it had almost started I think, I was definitely on the side of the Netherlands though.

  6. Dusty Says:

    Yeah watched the whole match. The Dutch were just far too aggressive and were VERY lucky not to loose 2 men to red cards!

    It’s a shame as I have great respect for both the Spanish and Dutch teams, seeing as they are far better than my own (England…. don’t mention the 4:1 loose please!), but I think the better team won the final, only based on that nights play. Normally I think the Dutch play much better, shame they lost, but hey! That’s football!

  7. iCandy 3D Says:

    Bah such a bad game! but both the spanish and the dutch played way to aggressive. This wasn’t soccer anymore, maybe you guys can use it as reference for flying kicks etc 😉

  8. Joooo Says:


    Hoped you knew it better.

  9. Grafixsuz Says:

    Great game! I hoped the dutch won this time, but hey as was mentioned in the end the best team one… Not bad though, being Australian, we were out pretty well at the beginning of the contest.

    Great teams all round. And congrats on the Spanish for winning and congrats on the Dutch for coming second in football, but first in the best piece of OS Software around.

    Ton have a beer for us all, 🙂 that should help

  10. nawabz Says:

    dont you just wish a dragon would just pop out of no where and hit a durian to score in the finals.

  11. J. Says:

    Pffffffff, the Durianers are repeating project ORANGE! 😀 😀 😀

  12. blendNmix Says:

    Yesterday, I thought i was watching the final match of “Shaolin Soccer”! 🙂

  13. Tim Blokdijk Says:

    It was a good match, the Dutch lost because they finally did receive that red card. The one goal of the match was only minutes after. And the red card was there own doing.

    I saw the whole thing in one of the television squares in Eindhoven (Netherlands). I hope the Spanish had a big party.

  14. Kinhe Says:

    The octopus was right! 😀

  15. Vending Says:

    That octopus..

  16. Juan Romer (Onnevan) Says:

    I’m sorry for the dutch, the made a great championship but didn’t deserve victory for their violent play in the final. We played football but they played karate.
    Viava España!!!!! campeones del mundo!!!!!!!

  17. FSkyline Says:


  18. endi Says:

    dutch players must forget football and… must to learn blender! 🙂

  19. Mirata Says:

    I was on that square to yesterday 😀 Shame we lost…

  20. lsscpp Says:

    i was happy with both the results: netherlands and spain never won a world championship but they have both top class teams. A little preference was for dutch, but not because of Blender, it was for that incredible player named Cruijff who deserved that cup along with Maradona and Pelè.
    Ok, but being italian, this summer I shouldn’t talk ’bout football at all…:/

  21. Jetzt gehts loos Says:

    The Song at 1:03: “Jetzt gehts loos” :D:D

  22. horace Says:

    aren’t those viewing screens a bit far away and small? did you see anything at all? 🙂

    @lsscp: but didn’t cruijff have a very big influence on spanish football too? it was his victory nevertheless.

  23. rogper Says:

    I was cheering for the Netherlands but somehow I had a strong feeling that Spain would win 😐

  24. Alexander Carby Says:

    At least I now know why Blender’s logo is orange

  25. J. Says:

    LOL 😀

    Ja ja, Nederland, Nederland…

  26. ajedros Says:

    Congratulations for the victory.

  27. Biel Bestué Says:

    it is sad that the day before the match there was the biggest separatist protest in Barcelona, and that awful Spanish nationalism that has come with the World Cup has overshadowed that spirit in the media, as always “España” robs the protagonism!

  28. Starduster Says:

    That’s sad! I Saw the Guys When it Ended, and all the Players Were Crying. That’s why i hate this kind of games. Is Sooooo unfair. But Hey, someones gotta win 🙁

  29. Joolme!! Says:

    The people of Korea
    The Netherlands has the support
    Guus Hiddink, a hero in South Korea
    The Netherlands and Spain had a good game
    Second and the first all great

  30. Juan Romero (Onnevan) Says:

    Sorry for you, Ton. You look so thrilled in the video…but we deserved victory! 🙂
    Allmost all here seem to be on Netherland’s side, that’s all right since the team is from there, but come on, did you see the game? the oranges were trying to win by knocking out the spaniards, the spaniards were trying to win by playing football. The game was really close but in the end the fair game won.

  31. Sergi Says:

    @Juan Romero
    Iniesta rules, Barça rules xD

  32. Max Puliero Says:

    unlucky day.

  33. Greeniekin Says:

    And they said Beer can heels wouldn’t catch on.

  34. Cathy & India Says:

    Awww too sad :(. I was barracking all the way over here in Australia! I can’t believe poor Cam had to run!

  35. Ton Says:

    It’s been a great and epic event on the museum square. The 180000 people were all extremely excited, which was big fun to be part of. We couldn’t see much indeed, mostly orange dots and black dots running after a white dot.
    The Netherlands team playing such a tough game of football was a shame,
    although the Spaniards were not sissies either! Best team has won, congrats Spain!

  36. Temitope.A Says:

    Yes, Spain really merit it, but the game was not as enthusiastic as the semifinals and 3° 4° position final.

  37. Victor Says:

    What a shame! just kidding… we played quite better

  38. lluc Says:

  39. joeri67 Says:


    As long as FIFA stays in 1900 football will become more brutal.
    The winning team takes 24.000.000 Euro home. . Oops.

  40. blendnmix Says:

    – Madness???
    This… is… DE JOOOOOONG!!!

  41. nodoy1 Says:

    We have to invent a game that everybody wins. This a same that all the people that was there cannot celebrate the end of the match.
    Congratulations to be there.