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    Directorial Address 01

    on October 8th, 2009, by Colin Levy

    Directorial Address 01 from Project Durian on Vimeo.


    34 Responses to “Directorial Address 01”

    1. Becca (RedJay) Says:

      Yayz!!!!! I love this idea!! if you can keep up with it every few weeks

    2. werdsu Says:

      Please make more of these videos more often. It’s better than reading blog posts!

    3. Sebastian Erler Says:

      Very well done colin. Thank you!

    4. NIK Says:

      Nice, little podcasts to know whats going on its a great idea.

    5. derpenheimer Says:

      This is what I actually said after watching this 🙂

    6. liser Says:

      Thank you so much!!!

      Want to see moooreeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Booboo Says:

      Could you record in front a different board? 😉 Thanks.

      (Let’s see if smileys work, it seems bbcode fails for links, and put the comment for review 🙁 )

    8. Igor Says:

      Hmm, do i really see Blender 2.4x @ 2:40?! 😛

    9. D Says:


    10. anon Says:

      how complete or usable is 2.5 is gonna be before you start the actual work?

    11. Angelia Ong Says:

      loved this!! 😀

    12. Ben Dansie Says:

      @anon – depends on what you call ‘actual’. Seeing as the project is up and going now, you can download a current build and see for yourself.

      General idea is to get as much functionality as we can by the Blender Conference, then refine each part in order of what we need (modelling tools – animation tools – rendering and compositing tools for example.)

      @Colin – Only Dr. Roosendaal gets to do ‘Presidential’ Addresses to the community! 🙂

    13. asanchezr Says:

      I love this kind of videos!!

      Thank you Colin!

    14. anon Says:

      hey Ben.
      by ‘actual’ i was referring to an almost complete modeling toolset.. i downloaded some builds a few weeks ago, but there were lots of missing modeling tools; so it keeps me wondering how you’re gonna manage to start building the scenes with very little ported tools..
      thanks for the reply

    15. Andreas(ndee) Says:

      thanks for this video! Hope will post those Videos as often as you can! It really gives the feeling as we are looking over your shoulder! Keep it up!

      Greetings from germany

    16. EnV Says:

      Those drawings showing on the wall behind Colin lokks interesting… are they David’s work?

    17. D Says:

      Another product of me spending way too much time analyzing stuff:

      Durian girl has a whip? Could this have been a downgrade from earlier considerations for a long, pointy object to make production more doable? Colin seems to show hidden feelings of maybe dubiety toward the writing on 2.5, and raging intensity about discussing the story again (in an otherwise very positive and together attitude toward the project)?

      I’m afraid that I might scare you too much, Colin, by how much I have been studying your face in this video! Gosh, how embarrassing.

      Er, anyway, what I really should say is, I’m excited!

    18. Stephen Says:

      very exciting, thanks for the update… there are few things I’m looking forward too more!

    19. Diablothe2nd Says:

      Don’t cut it down! not if you don’t have to. More minutes and more story is good 😀

    20. Wahooney Says:

      I’m curious about the artists opinions of the state of 2.5, particularly Angela and the state of the modelling tools.

      Cool to see things progressing 🙂

    21. Dusty Says:

      You know, that address was actually allot better than our own Prime Minister here in the UK.

      You wanna run a country??? You’d probably do a better job than the tool we have at the moment. 😉

      But seriously! Well done! We know have a little tiny glimps of what’s to come and you guys are looking confident about it so that’s a REALLY good sign! Woo hoo!

    22. Ton Says:

      Everyone will blog about their first week of work.
      And yes, we want to exclusively use 2.5 here. Only for unported features like retopo we switched back for this specific feature. Campbell and Brecht make long days tackling every report.

    23. lich Says:

      its great to know how everything is going

    24. Foinix Says:

      Don’t make it shorter than 9 minutes:D

    25. Matt Says:

      Excellent video. It really makes me wish I was part of this project (beyond than just pre-ordering). Sadly I don’t have any usefull skills in this environment (other than Tea/Coffee maker) I guess I’d better get to grips with Blender properly instead of playing with it and admireing other peoples efforts.

      You seem to have a good friendly team together there so have fun and keep making these videos (so long as you have the time) 🙂

    26. Month3d Says:

      That was cool, looking forward to more of those podcasts

    27. rogper Says:

      I’m curious about the little girl with the pet on her arms 😀
      Looks almost chibi japanese anime(ihs)…

    28. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

      Cool! Quite interesting artwork…

    29. Meltdown Says:

      Very professional Colin, congrats!

    30. nawabz Says:

      interesting epic scenes. no pressure david 😛

    31. Nixon Says:

      ‘…and this is the assistant of colin’…..rofl.. that funny saying made my day :D…u 2 really seem to have a funny time together thats great!…
      the pictures in the background are really huge …you should consider putting them up for auction after the production or make a prize game to win a sketch or just anything wich is not used anymore after the movie:)…
      would be great to have a sketch with autographs of the team !
      anyway hope you all enjoy your time making this movie!!!
      best regards to the whole team!

    32. Wolf25 Says:

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    33. Miss16 Says:

      I think the idea that thousands of people can share a virtual space is wrong. ,

    34. Khalid Says:

      Great job !! great team
      From Morocco and i’m blender user
      waiting for the final work