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A couple of quick UV updates

on January 13th, 2010, by ben

Hi all,

Export UV Layout is back in 2.5 and is nicer than it used to be:

Sintel Unwrap

Also, you can now edit the right half of a symmetrical UV layout / mesh and then mirror it to the left half:


Anywho, not the greatest examples –  just a quick post to let you all in on the joy of having this stuff working! Character texturing is currently going on at the moment so as you can imagine it’s quite handy. 🙂

– Ben.

15 Responses to “A couple of quick UV updates”

  1. wo262 Says:

    FIRST!! nice tool. mirror editing

  2. Dave Ward Says:

    yes! one of the features i’ve been waiting for!

    speaking of good ol’ scripts… any idea when the “tree from curves” will be back in?

  3. verb Says:

    There was a “RENDER DEVELOPMENT PLANS” post here minutes ago. Where did it go??????????

    Any idea Ben? ask the devs around you 🙂

  4. invertedNormal (brian) Says:

    hi Campbell

    great work!

    a nice tool from the 3d view i’ve always liked is the To Sphere operation. it’d be great to have a To Circle in the UV Editor. when setting up radial procedural textures for spherical objects it would come in very handy.

    thanks for all of your outstanding work


  5. n-pigeon Says:

    Awesome THX Campbell 😀

  6. D Says:

    Updates on texturing would be great! 😀
    Thanks, Ben.

  7. Max Puliero Says:

    juicy update!!
    thankyou guys! 😀

  8. mbue Says:

    Nice 🙂
    Anybody tried to open the resulting svg files in inkscape?

    It imports fine in GIMP, but inkscape either doesn’t support the tag or the blender-export or inkscape-import is broken.


  9. ideasman42 Says:

    Hey all, glad you appreciate small additions like this.
    For people with requests – there are lots of interesting things that can be added in this area, but we’re only adding features when we need them.

    Id recommend this as a place where people could start learning to script, adjusting UVs from python is fairly easy.

    Heres a template for UV unwrapping python scripts. committed revision 25992.

  10. mbue Says:

    That sentence in my post should read:
    “… but inkscape either doesn’t support the svg:polygon tag …”

  11. mbue Says:

    Many thanks, UV layouts exported with r26000 seem to work fine in Inkscape.

    One small thing though … There is no check before overwriting existing svg files yet 😉

  12. JiriH Says:

    Nice. Would be great if default UV test grid was more “sohisticated” (with numbers for example). Actually it is hard to guess whether the texture will be upside down or left-right oriented.

  13. MeshWeaver Says:

    interesting… 😀 not that i know anything about UV unwrapping (lol) but that still looks cool 😀

    GO DURIAN T…ok, by now you know what i’m gonna say 😀

    GO DURIAN TEAM!!! 😀 😀 😀

  14. 3dRend Says:

    Thank you, really handy feature

  15. Wim Says:

    The UV export doesn’t seem to work for me. When exporting Blender just crashes on my WinXp. (using build win32, 26137 from Kaeru on
    A previous build from DingTo (r26047) did not crash my system, but the file was unreadable by Inscape…