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    World’s first baby named after an open movie character

    on December 7th, 2013, by Pablo Vazquez

    Now this is an achievement! When characters go beyond the screen right inside our lives. This blog post is not about the movie itself, is about a new little person…

    Welcome to the world,

    Xareni Sintel Ordonez!


    Some days ago, Daniel Ordonez (a Mexican Blenderhead living in Chicago), sent me an email. But this was no ordinary email, it was about how together with friends and family, they picked the name Sintel for his daughter.
    Exciting! But we wanted proof 🙂 And Daniel delivered.

    If some years from now you’re reading this, Sintel, be proud! You’re in the news from the moment you were born. Enjoy the world and don’t stop looking for your dragon.

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