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    Sintel ‘Lite’ – 2.57b Update

    on May 9th, 2011, by ben

    Download here:

    Hi all,

    The file pretty much speaks for itself given the previous Sintel Lite post. Beorn should probably get more of the credit for this one seeing as he chased the script changes down this time and a glitch of some sort with the proxy head mesh. On my part, I updated the composite and render setup a little bit to work nicer with Approximate Indirect Lighting, so now you can use mesh based lights. That won’t light hair, cast shadows, create specular or bump details. Basically it just gives diffuse light and bounced light. Ideally you use it in combination with the usual spotlights and so forth. However, with Cycles on the planned horizon that doesn’t seem to matter much anyway in the long run. This file still doesn’t use ray tracing though and I set the Indirect Lighting to one bounce so it still renders quick. The file also loads and renders off a net-book, just doesn’t render nearly as quick.


    I’m still aware that due to the nature of Blender being very accessible, not every Blender user out there has a beast of a machine to use so I thought I’d test it out. Textures should be included this time, although they haven’t really changed since last time.

    Questions will probably get answered quicker at the forum thread:

    or on the Blendswap page:

    3 Responses to “Sintel ‘Lite’ – 2.57b Update”

    1. SavageCode Says:

      Really great!

      I was speaking with (the now famous) Hans Erickson the other day and Cycles poped in our minds! Are there serious plans to re-render the BF open movies in Cycles? that would be the sweetest! 😀

      Anyway, thanks for the blend.

    2. Ben Dansie Says:

      I’ve had a go already at porting Sintel Lite to Cycles as a character file. With mesh as the hair and ignoring the lack of SSS it’s pretty straight forward now that the multi uv bug is fixed. Might pop that on Blendswap at some point, but have no serious plans to maintain two versions…

      As for the whole film, it’s more interesting and fun to make new ones so unless the community really wants to do it (and they are welcome to try) I don’t think there will be remakes in Cycles.

    3. SavageCode Says:

      I see, seems we’re gonna have to wait until someone cranks it up on lol

      Thanks! 🙂