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Almost 150 submissions!

on June 11th, 2009, by Ton

Yeez, you guys have made it difficult for us! At least a 100 more submissions than we had for our previous movie project… it’s simply amazing to notice how much Blender has become attractive for good quality 3D artists.

Everyone who submitted should have had an email from me now, if not, just remind me! Everyone will get a mail from me before or on june 20. When the proposed candidates have accepted, we’ll announce the team… will be on or shortly after june 20.



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19 Responses to “Almost 150 submissions!”

  1. nawabz Says:

    this is so cool. i love it when 3D artists from community is auditioned. i cant wait to get presales.

  2. Oxben Says:

    Great to hear so many people applied.
    How good is the quality of the submissions so far?

  3. jhoolmans Says:

    I really wanted to send my portfolio but I have no time for such long project πŸ™‚
    The same date as the project starts, my new school starts as well.

    Maybe after another 4 years I’ll give it a shot πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to see the new Durian team!

    Good luck guys!

  4. nafergo Says:

    Well this “only” shows that the impact of the BF approach goes further than the Blender software development or Blender showcase. You guys will be remembered πŸ™‚ not only because of the brilliant software you are developing, not only because of the movies/games you are producing but also because you’re on the vanguard of a movement that is redefining the way we work, collaborate, how to create art.
    Thank you for the software and the movies/games projects but, most of all, BIG thanks for such an inspiring view of the world πŸ™‚

  5. Giovanni Lanfiuti Says:

    Good luck!

  6. Dilly Says:

    Nice! =)

  7. kABHIr Says:

    this is so cool canΒ΄t wait to see the DURIAN team

  8. wayne Says:

    exciting times for blender πŸ™‚

  9. Ledd Says:

    exciting times for blender πŸ™‚ (2)

  10. grafixsuz Says:

    I am posting this again because it looks like it hasn’t been submitted.

    Well all I can say is good luck to the ones chosen. and to the rest of those who may not get chosen please don’t forget that there was mention of collaboration with the internet community so you still may be able to help in this way when required. Not if, but when.

    And thank you Ton, Brecht and the BF members & BF store staff members. And Just as importantly to all you wonderful people with families and jobs who still donate their skills that we call Devs. A special thank you and a here here for you and yours. What you guys are doing is nothing short of amazing. And it is very much appreciated.

  11. Lich Says:

    mmm I miss it. . . just didnt have time to prepare a porfolio.
    Ill be online if need people to model stones πŸ˜€ !!!
    I want to help, if there is going to be a B team online I wont miss that chance.

    Good luck,
    And as it was said, tanks for all the hard work, thanks to blender intitute main team and all the people around the world that helps to deveop it every day!

  12. toontje Says:

    I hope @ndy is one of the applicants because his style fits the Durian requirement perfectly.

  13. Ton Says:

    toontje: I’d love to have him on board, but he’s doing great work on his university now:
    Further, we should give other artists a chance too, right? πŸ™‚

  14. toontje Says:

    That’s right! πŸ˜‰

  15. wayne Says:

    3 more days πŸ™‚

  16. Toto Maestro Says:

    Will that guy from Cuba, farsthary, come?

  17. Dimetrii Says:

    Who is chosen, it is already written. I think so.)

  18. Jeroen Mank Says:

    “At least a 100 more submissions than we had for our previous movie project”
    So that’s BBB 50 aplicants, Durian 150, Next one 450? Could be enough to at least consider a feature length film. That would be cool! (Just dreaming of course πŸ™‚ ) Good luck to the happy few selected for this one.

  19. Christiaan(AniCator) Says:

    Will you also receive an e-mail when you didn’t make it into the team? (silly question)