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    Archive for the ‘Tutorials’ Category

    1st minute – Concept arts updates

    Monday, November 23rd, 2009

    click to enlarge

    Here some of the concept art concerning the first minute of the movie. Shaman changed to the definitive one after some Al.chemy research, the shaman hut got some drawings too, and the guardian “Jack” got a portrait to help modelling I painted some weapons :  the knife of Sintel, and the blades of the guardians. And to finish my period at the institute in beauty ; I wrote especially for the community a tutorial about my speedpainting process, as you asked me in the previous “1st minute concept art” post.

    I’m back to Toulouse (France) tomorrow , but I will surely keep blog posting sometimes as I will continue to work remotely on the Durian. I hope you will enjoy !



    WIP of an environnement concept art rejected

    Saturday, September 5th, 2009

    I take the opportunity of having a first WIP post about a  “not totally but” rejected early concept art.  So ; I will explain here the key moment of my workflow for 2D environnement ,  It will probably sound strange ; but I’m using mainly at first not Alchemy or Mypaint in this case but …. Blender ! Let’s me show you how and Why:

    1- Build my “lego” like toy : low poly object library


    Simple lowpoly object, fun and speed to do

    Why start with Blender ? Simply cause it’s time saving. as a drawer a city represent a lot of work for the perspective / the design / the light and the angle of camera ( composition too ) ; with the help of Blender I can compress this time to a couple of hour.

    First job is to create some toys ; and have a little library of some objects ; I started here with a subdivided cube for each of those objects ; after removing some faces of the cube to preserve 1/4 of the shape , I apply a mirror modifier and most of the time apply to the Y and X axis. I model this way only 1/4 of each building.I use the last layer of “Blender layers panel” to stock my blocks,  and I take care to name them correctly. When finish ; I do a first Alt+D copy ( linked copy to the original ) , and move the copied object to the first layer. Why I named them correctly ? ( ex : Building_1 / City_Wall  / etc… )  Simply cause this kind of simple 3D object  I like to reuse them in other works with a simple “append”, so it’s always faster to know what to append in the long long object list.

    2- The story of a simple 3D town


    A screen capture of my 3D speed town , while editing the "moutain"


    Tutorial: Painting time-lapse by David Revoy

    Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

    david-tuto-lezardAs a preview of what to expect in the Durian DVD box – and most probably also an additional title in our “Open Movie Workshop” tutorial DVD series, our concept artist David Revoy made this incredible cool time-lapse video of a concept art painting. His workflow reveals great tips and tricks, a must see for everyone who’s in awe about watching people with artistic skills, and for every artist who is interested to learn from the masters!