This call for applications is for establishing the team; 3D artists and developers who will reside in Amsterdam and work full time on the project. Closing date for portfolio submissions is june 10th, 1700h UTC.

The project duration is estimated to be six to eight months, from september until april 2010. People can join for a shorter period as well. This also because of visa regulations, which might limit your stay in the Netherlands to 3 months max.

Artist positions

We have 4 to 6 positions (depending budget) for artists.

Our preference is to find multi-talented people with a wide range of skills in several areas, but especially

  • Modeling/sculpting
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Texture and 2D art
  • Lighting / Rendering
  • Compositing
  • Graphics design (print, web, DVD interface)

Software Proficiency:

The primary programs for the project will be Blender for 3D (modeling, sculpting, animation, rendering, compositing, video editing) and GIMP or Inkscape for 2D, in a Linux environment. Additional open source software will be decided on at a later date. Aim is that all software tools as used in the studio will be open source. Artists are expected to have a good working knowledge of the programs used – enough to hit the ground running, since the time-line for the project is so short.


  • Being available to work in the Amsterdam studio, and for the pre-production workshop (July 20-24)
  • We are looking for team players, people with a positive attitude towards using Open Source and Blender, and a high level of stress resistance.
  • Proven track of record in creating 3d art or animation projects with Blender.
  • All verbal and written communication will be in English

In our previous open movie project we had some submissions from experienced 3D artists without Blender portfolios. You have to realize that these might be rejected for that reason.

Developer positions

A call for Blender developers will be done via the regular development channels. Only people who have contributed to Blender sources before are being evaluated in this stage.


Team members, those who participate in the project in Amsterdam, will become part of the “Artist in Residence” program of the Blender Institute.

Participants will receive the following benefits;
– Travel expenses (also for the pre-production workshop)
– Housing in Amsterdam
(shared apartment with own room)
– Compensation Fee
– Use of all Institute facilities and specialist support

The compensation fee is humble, but is more than sufficient to cover all living expenses for the duration of the project. We – unfortunately – cannot afford to pay wages on a competitive entertainment industry level, also to enable as many people as possible to participate in Amsterdam.

A fee might depend on personal situation, or urgency for the project to have someone hired. This will be negotiated with candidates in good faith during the submission procedure.

Key benefit of course is that the participants will be facilitated – and credited – to work on an outstanding artistic creation! Participants won’t become Institute employee, but be involved as external independent contractors. Our staff is available to help with legal/taxes issues and insurances.

Submitting applications

If you are interested in joining the core team, please submit before June 10, 17h UTC to Ton Roosendaal. In the email, please state the following:

  • Your name and address and nationality
  • Period of time you are available to work on the project
  • Preferred team role(s)
  • Area/s of interest and ability, both with regard to skill and software used
  • Link to a portfolio, a website or downloadable content that shows your previous work and working experience (like a CV). (do not email artwork itself or attachments!)

All submissions will receive a confirmation email, usually the same day.
Ultimately June 20 you’ll get the reaction from us.

We may ask you to be avaliable for an online (IRC) interview or to do an on-line “audition”, a small assignment that can be done within a day.

Submissions will be reviewed by Colin Levy, David Revoy and Ton Roosendaal.