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Video: Preproduction Week

on September 6th, 2009, by Colin Levy

Welp, this week has been entirely dedicated to story and coming up with a final script, so it’s taken me some time to wade through the footage from the preproduction week.

Finally had some time to churn it out today. A bit long, but check it out!

Preproduction Workshop from Project Durian on Vimeo.

37 Responses to “Video: Preproduction Week”

  1. Dano Says:

    Love to see the process. I hope the main parts of the whole process can be included with the project release.

    Keep it up! it’s all very exciting and educatve.

  2. sebastian_k Says:

    “advanced blender institute technology”, rofl!

    thanks for this and i hope there will be more videos like this during durian 🙂
    i wish everyone a great time over there!
    have fun.

  3. Christiaan(AniCator) Says:

    Epic. I wish I was part of the team.
    Oh well. See you at the conference. 😉

  4. Sago Says:

    Aaah, the sandwiches!! That brings back memories. Great video

  5. felix Says:

    Awesome, hope the video feeds will continue trough out Durian. 🙂

  6. francoistarlier Says:

    gosh make me want to be part of this team even more 🙁

  7. putyup Says:

    seriously, who coded that screen?!
    he should be banned from the institute!! 😀

    loved the update, the bad-ass snail rocks!!!

  8. James Says:

    Where’s the ogg version?

  9. Kota Says:

    I can’t believe I just watched that whole thing 😛 But to be honest, that was probably the most I have laughed in a week… (you see, I have quite the boring life…)

  10. Cory Taylor Says:


    Mosquito buzz in background.

    From behind her.
    “Are you the thief they’re looking for?
    “Yes” (Angrily).

    It would be easier to read in HD.

  11. Becca (RedJay) Says:

    Her name’s Margreet, not “Margaret”. tsk tsk 😉

  12. Ben Dansie Says:

    @Cory Taylor and everyone else who thought that was a story leak…

    We went with a different concept anyway. Mainly because it’s Nathan’s movie after all and he had “creative issues” with it.

  13. Colin Says:

    @Becca – Oh no! Gah, I didn’t even stop to think. I also omitted Lee’s name somehow. It was there at one point.

  14. yey Says:

    hey guys, check out this dragon speedpainting competition going on on a romanian forum maybe you can get some inspiration!

  15. ronbravo Says:

    Thanks for the video. At first I couldn’t get why I was seeing people just talking about general stuff and not more about the movie. Then of course the movie is being made by these people. I then started to appreciate showing how the team has met up and was interacting with each other.

    Thanks you for posting these kinds of updates. Very inspirational. Thank you. Good luck to the Durian team. This is going to be a great project.

  16. Thorben Says:

    So apparently there are going to be thieving dwarves stealing golden rings… So far so good, but _please_ don’t overdo it and e.g. let the heroine be an elf (i.e. having pointy ears and somesuch). That could turn out to be very bad move…

  17. Thorben Says:

    Oh never mind the part about the dwarves in my last post, didn’t see Ben’s remark about the discarded concept. But point about my trouble with pointy ears is still valid I guess.

  18. Daniel Wray Says:

    Some one getting angry with MAYA? 😉

    Looking forward to the durian.

    Btw what happens if the 2000 target isn’t met, does this still go ahead?

  19. Zargy Says:

    Cool! This is very cool!

  20. Astroman Pete Says:

    Good stuff.

    If I could contribute to the mood board, I would post Robert E. Howard’s short story “The Tower of the Elephant” (link to text on Project Gutenberg Australia).

    The plot is quite short, but builds to a climax that the hero could not have imagined, let alone the reader. With the exception of some distasteful antisemitism in the second paragraph, this is a highly imaginative and delightful story.

  21. exavolt Says:


    dodol durian?

    where did you guys get it? 😛

  22. mercury Says:

    yo quiero un trabajo así XD

  23. congcong009 Says:

    wow~ that Rabbit Candy!! I love that!!! It followed all my childhood~~ hoho~
    why you guys always have so many delicious food for dinner~? haha~ really want to join you guys 😀

  24. J.B. Nicholson-Owens Says:

    Is there a downloadable version in a format we can play with free software operating systems?

    An Ogg Vorbis+Theora version would be nice.

  25. kemaru Says:

    Very good idea that to follow the process of this movie!
    deeply suite!

  26. MTracer Says:

    So much for:

    “I don’t know why they want me. I just suck,” eh Nathan? Though I do believe in your current revision a bit more. 😀

    And uh.. Audrey person. We’d all like to know: does Nathan get annoying, or is it encouraging to have someone like that around? I’d certainly enjoy it, but certain people I know would spontaneously combust.

    PS: Will anyone spontaneously combust in the movie?

  27. Pete Says:

    That was great fun to watch! Thanks for posting it!

    I’ve found that the trick to those screens (and similar window shades) is making a quick or even forceful release. I hope that doesn’t help, though, because then all the fun would be gone. 😀

    Good luck, everyone!

  28. J.B. Nicholson-Owens Says:

    Links to Ogg Vorbis+Theora files of the movie:

    Here’s hoping that this blog automatically links strings that resemble URIs.

  29. foo Says:

    Please upload somewhere where folks without access to flash can view it. Ogg Theora + Vorbis would be nice, or youtube works because it is possible to download .mp4/.flv files.

  30. J.B. Nicholson-Owens Says:

    I posted some links to Ogg Vorbis + Theora versions of this movie I made, but I suppose the blog filter either ate the post or that post waits for moderator approval.

  31. Colin Levy Says:

    @J.B. Nicholson-Owens – Just approved the post from the spam filter. Thanks for taking the time to convert, upload and post ogg versions! I appreciate it.

  32. Colin Levy Says:

    @Astroman Pete – just read the Tower of the Elephant. Nice story! Great feeling of the world Howard creates.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    @J.B. Nicholson-Owens: Sorry, but i’ve some issues with your Ogg encoded videos (looks like both Firefox and VLC skips frames and it looks bad, meanwhile mp4 version grabbed from Vimeo plays fine in VLC… sorry 🙁 ) 🙁

  34. J.B. Nicholson-Owens Says:

    I found the problem — don’t use the “–sync” option on this video. The sync appears to be fine without using that option.

    I believe all the videos play smoothly now (unless your computer isn’t fast enough to decode the video, of course). I’ve re-derived the video and replaced the previously mentioned Ogg Vorbis + Theora files. Please visit the following links and enjoy in freedom:

    To make the files I used ffmpeg2theora version 0.24+svn which I downloaded from

    # best quality, full size (you probably want this)
    ffmpeg2theora –optimize –videoquality 10 –output best-quality-preproduction-week.ogv input.mp4

    # default quality, full size (reasonable compromise)
    ffmpeg2theora –optimize –output preproduction-week.ogv input.mp4

    # default quality, half size (should play well anywhere)
    ffmpeg2theora –width 320 –optimize –output half-size-preproduction-week.ogv input.mp4

    Each command is one line. The optimize, width, and videoquality options are prefixed with double hyphens (just in case your blog is set to turn those into some other character).

    I offer this in the hope future videos can be shared in this free format in the future.

  35. Astroman Pete Says:

    @ Colin

    Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  36. Nixon Says:

    cool to see you guys in action!
    I wonder if eating these strange sweets was part of the contracts and if they tasted like one would imagine.
    Was kinda odd that noone actualy said he likes em:D
    Great part with the aquarel painting of David.

    Did you actually cut out Nathan hugging Brecht when he showed up or did he successfully avoid it?

    Regards from Berlin

  37. Lizard Says:

    Thank you J.B. the Theora version means I could watch it 🙂
    Now, it could be nice if subtitles would be in the movie for people who are not English native speakers, because there is a lot of talk 😉
    But I understand it is maybe a lot of work, so maybe not.