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Image Re-Projection

on March 7th, 2010, by ideasman42

Its been a while since we had a development post and while we’re always busy with blender much of it is work in progress.

Most of my time is spent on physics and bug fixes at the moment but seeing as it was my birthday on Friday, I took some time to work on something more fun :D. Enjoy!

– Campbell


  • Image editor can be selected in the user preferences ‘File’ section.
  • Save as PNG rather then TARGA to workaround reported problem with adobe photoshop not saving alpha.
  • Render to an off-screen buffer rather then grabbing the view, removes view text and allows images editing images bigger then the view.
  • Added option to capture high resolution images rather then using the viewport size.

135 Responses to “Image Re-Projection”

  1. mutze Says:

    I just made a quick test with this feature (just a cube). It was so easy and worked so well… just wanted say that 🙂

  2. ideasman42 Says:

    @Michael w, capturing the Z buffer is easy but you’d want to save it as a high bit-depth image (OpenEXR or HDR), though if its only for making a brush texture the Z depth could be normalized and made into a brush directly.

    @oiaohm, if you mean quick ways to edit and save the UV texture from the UV mapping window, yes, we’ll do this.

    @Psy-Fi, it works on an unsaved blend file for me, but others reported not so Ill try workaround this.

    @4museman, saving before applying cant be avoided unless we integrate with a single application or protocol like verse. where the data is exchanged over a network interface or something. This would probably end up being more trouble then its worth, and saving isn’t so bad?

    @Todd A McCullough, any image editor should work and we’re using all 64bit blender here, probably something else :S

  3. mcreamsurfer Says:

    I have some trouble here on 64bit snow leopard.
    Clicking the button: “View Edit” opens up the external image editor (photoshop or gimp) but doesn’t open the image. I have to open it up manually. Am I doing something wrong?

    It doesn’t work on 32bit Blender Build neither.

  4. Tobin Says:

    @mcreamsurfer, ive found that if i go into the .app then contents then Mac OS ( it will start the app but it wont load the image. this is with both Photoshop and Gimp on 64bit on leopard.

  5. Todd A McCullough Says:

    I think I’m going to cry…
    It won’t apply for me and I’m not sure why.

  6. Dwayne Says:

    This is an awesome feature, not sure how much I’ll use it in this context though. What would it take to implement something like this in the VSE so that we can have live, or next to live titling/labeling? (using flat 3d text in the scene as a strip is too slow at output time, but does work).

  7. mcreamsurfer Says:

    @tobin: right, that’s exactly what my problem is. Just opening the application but no image. it’s stored on the harddrive and I can open it manually, but that’s – depending on where you keep the file – quite a lot of clicking. so – am I doing something wrong.

  8. tobin Says:

    ha i somehow got mixed up when writing that thinking we had the opposite problem ( i was in work and should have been working!), i’ve very limited programming knowledge but from what i can tell the problem is it doesn’t recognise .app as an executable and can’t load the image in when you have the route going to the MacOS folder inside the .app, but thats a just a guess, is that the same file path you have for your editor (../[imageeditor].app/contents/MacOS/[imageeditor])

  9. mcreamsurfer Says:

    @tobin: yep. But how could I do it differently?! I mean, that’s the path for the executable of the program and it works for playback with DJV (maybe commandline thing?!?) – which is loading the images.

  10. tobin Says:

    I dont think its something we can fix on our side, for example rightclick your and show package contents and get to the same executable and then try and drop an image on it to open it, it won’t work, but if you drop it on the .app it will, i think its just a difference in the way it would work on linux or windows, in that as far as i know with windows the .exe is the actual executable. but again, this is just from what i know i could be completely wrong, things where simpler in os9 🙂

  11. mcreamsurfer Says:

    @tobin: thanks for your thoughts then anyway. I am sure there will be something worked out in the nearby future…maybe I’ll do a short bug report on this in the OSX related category (here’s propably not a good place to post this – since it’s the durian blog – but first I wanted to make sure I am doing everything right on my side).

  12. Todd A McCullough Says:

    I’m very frustrated with this and feel very Dim.

    Obviously I’m missing something.

    I can’t get it working on my Ubuntu system nor could I get it working on the win7 partition. Image Editor was selected in each, the image was sent to the gimp and then edited and then saved out, layers being merged.

    When I hit apply in blender however, nothing happens.

    Is there a naming convention I am missing?

    God, I’d love to use this.

  13. 4museman Says:

    @Todd A McCullough:
    Try this:
    1. Ready your model with a texture attached to faces in UV editor.
    2. Save your scene to disk.
    3. Enter Texture Paint Mode, pick your view and press View Edit button.
    4. After opening of the screenshot in bitmap editor make a new layer.
    5. Paint anything.
    6. Delete your base layer (screenshot), so only one layer remains.
    7. Save the bitmap.
    8. Switch to Blender (now you have the chance to change some settings like Occlude, Cull, Normal, Bleed…) and press the Apply button.

    It should work. 😉

  14. A saurus1 Says:

    Well, I can’t get it to work for me. Every time I click view edit, blender crashes. I’ve even saved the file and selected my gimp binary in the user preferences. Of course, my blender also crashes every time I open the user preferences in a new window (from the file menu), so it might be that I don’t have something installed.

    Looks great, though. This will definitely help a lot of people!

  15. Todd A McCullough Says:

    @ 4museman
    Thanks. But I went through all those steps and the only thing that doesn’t work is when I hit the Apply button. It doesn’t get applied.

    Like A saurus1 says I must not have something installed.

    But it’s odd that it’s doing the same thing in 2 different OS’.

    Did you download a graphicall build or did you compile your own?

  16. 4museman Says:

    It is really odd! Isn’t it something with specific hardware?

    I use my own builds from actual SVN.

  17. A saurus1 Says:

    Well, for most of you, it seems blender doesn’t apply the image. I can’t even get blender to open my image editor, much less apply the image.

    For the record, I have build 27434

  18. Todd A McCullough Says:

    Well than, I can only hope Alpha 3 comes out soon! 😀

    …and that fixes the problem for me. 😛

  19. mOOzle Says:

    It seems like there might be some kind of bug in how the alpha is used. Easiest to see projecting black shapes on to a black texture you end up with some white halos around areas.

  20. lolko7 Says:

    For everyone who can’t apply.
    First you must unwraping texture for your object. I have the same problem. I have opened blender, click texture paint for this standard cube and… nothing happen.
    4museman give solution. After read this, I open my project with earlier unwraping texture and than click texture paint, view edit, save to png and apply. Everything working.
    Thanks 4museman and Blender/Durian Team

  21. Craig Lucee Says:

    Campbell, you rock! Just the kind o thing we needed.

  22. Todd Says:

    @ lolko7 thanks for the trying to help. But I know I’m supposed to unwrap 🙂 but for whatever reason it doesn’t work for me.

    Maybe though… My HD died over the weekend and I had to go out and get a new one and reinstall Ubuntu and everything else. Maybe I had broken something on my other install. I’ll try this again with another build.

  23. A saurus1 Says:

    Tried it with 27480 and it still crashed. Maybe something will happen when they merge the Render Branch with the Trunk. I heard Durian is using the render branch.

  24. mcreamsurfer Says:

    thanks for the fixes (broken & campbell) concerning the opening an image on mac problem.

  25. ideasman42 Says:

    @mcreamsurfer, glad its working for you!
    For other reported crashes and errors, better do this with normal bug fixes, reporting errors in the tracker and Ill look into these when I get some time.

    So long, until the next dev update 🙂

  26. merlin Says:

    I really like this feature with the exception that I cannot get it set-up. Being rather new to Blender could be the problem. However, I went to preferences under file and still could not find where to set up the Gimp. I have not tried the Alpha1 release, only Alpha2. Was this temporarily removed for the Alpha2 build or am I just not getting it. I was going to wait for 2.5 until i saw you’re video on this way cool feature.
    BTW happy belated birthday and keep up the good work,

  27. Todd Says:

    It only works with releases that are more recent than Alpha2.
    you’d have to go to and grab a newer build from there. Hope you have better luck than me.

  28. blenderFR34K Says:

    Wow! When will this feature be available to us?

  29. merlin Says:

    @ Todd
    Thanks for the info Todd. Going to grab it now.

  30. simon.void Says:

    sadly i’m one of the few who have problems with this. Gimp wont open. I get an “WindowsError: [Error 2] system cant find the specified file” output in the console (actually the german version of it, see I can find the image in the image/uveditor, but trying to open it via “Image edit externally” leads to the same error. I’m using a latest version of blender (rev27682) and have uv-unwrapped the moddel first. I’m using 32bit-Vista.

  31. 42below Says:

    I have the same error. I’m running WinXP_sp3 32-bit with Python2.6 installed.
    Maybe I need to update to Python3.1 even though it is reading from the internal blender-python via the script
    Perhaps the internal Py3.1 is missing an I/O_library?
    I’ll install Python3.1 now and reply if it works…

  32. 42below Says:

    Installed latest Python3… File still not found

  33. spider-dork Says:

    @simon.void & 42below

    If you guys want to make it work for the time being you could try this to get it working.

    Beginning on line 60 of .blender\scripts\op\ you will see something like this:
    cmd = []

    Change it to look something like this:
    cmd = [r’path_to_executable’]

    Where path_to_executable is the exact path to the image editing software you use and the next line is commented out. I think it has something to do with the previous function not returning the image_editor variable to the execute function. Hope this helps you guys out.

  34. Todd Says:

    Strange… I don’t have this op directory generated. Maybe that’s why it’s not working for me. The builds I’m grabbing maybe aren’t creating this in my home folder?

  35. Shadownami92 Says:

    I have the same problem as Simon and 42below. I get an [Error 3]

    And spider-dork, when I tried your fix the buttons for the re-projection painting disappeared.