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    Team Argentina

    on July 8th, 2010, by Ton

    Apart from open and direct community involvement, we’ve also asked a couple of studios and professionals to help us with the film.

    Claudio Andaur from Licuadora Studio in Buenos Aires writes a full report on how they have realized one of the great shots in our film.

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    (English | Spanish )

    Thanks guys!



    36 Responses to “Team Argentina”

    1. Anonymous Coward Says:

      Yep, pulling out all the stops…

    2. ŁKDB Says:

      That’s amazing! Great job!

    3. J. Says:

      Final rendering of these shots has also been done in the 2 particular studios?

      Great job, it’s always a good to idea to be realistic on what you can do yourself and what needs specialists who can spend a lot of time on particular effects.

    4. A(rin)dam Says:

      I can sense with cloud computing keeping in mind, BI can make a full length feature film with the collaboration of different studios in different continents (provided we arrange adequate funds to kick off the project and world-wide distributors supports the cause). 3 teams we already know of – Team Australia, Team Japan, Team South Africa can be the next ones..

      And yes, hats off to Team Argentina and Team America for their countless effort and contributing to our common idea -“Open”

    5. Flo4 Says:

      Thank you for your contribution Team Argentina: The images look promising!

    6. mcreamsurfer Says:

      this looks really great…especially the rain shot. and the skin looks really good. i am looking forward seeing this shot animated. great work.

    7. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

      I never knew that there were other teams but the ‘Team-Amsterdam’ (as they might as well be called). Looking forward to hear from Team-America.

    8. Omar_Ramirez Says:

      Being a Mexican, I feel great seeing a latin american studio not only collaborate to such a great project as this, but doing so with that much quality.

      I just wish I could be part of a “Team Mexico” XD

      (Or even better, be part of the main Durian Team)

    9. kram1032 Says:

      Wow, so it’s even more international than apparent before 😀

    10. jimmyon Says:

      I suggest dirt on all rain and storm renders on sintels hands, face and clothes

    11. Jan de Vries Says:

      Ton proving again and again his resourcefulness as a producer. Clever!

    12. spacetug Says:

      Is it just me, or does Sintel look like she has a demon?

    13. Skofo Says:

      Wow, that looks great.

      @jimmyon: I presume that heavy rain has pretty decent mud-washing capability.

    14. jay Says:

      Ahhhh, 4 DVDs of content, including stuff from Licuradora! I decree National Sintel Day when she is released 😛

    15. nawabz Says:

      interesting to see the project getting together slowly.

    16. blendnmix Says:

      I like this part in the licuadora’s log: ^_^

      “”” BUT…
      The good thing is we didn’t have Ton walking around watching our screens from our “”” backs, we can drink beer at work (yeah!) and have an awesome argentine asado “”” when we finish !

      Ton went in “freestyle” with this project, so different from the previous experiences.
      Nice to see this kind of flexibility.

      Congratulation to all!

    17. kaisaki Says:

      @spacetug – I thought she was somewhat vampiric maybe because of the coat and the hair or it is the eyes.. Evil Sintel ^^..

      Goodluck to all teams of Durian around the world.

    18. young_voter Says:

      Finally, after so many screenshots, for me, these finally that make us say “Wow”.

    19. Luks Says:

      Great guys! Congratulations to Claudio and the rest of the studio.

      Felicitaciones che! Aguanten los blenderos (? argento =)

    20. オタク Says:

      @ A(rin)dam

      All for a full-length feature. But I don’t know how practical that would be. Most of the full-length animation that gets show in the theaters takes years to produce. Maybe BI could graduate to a twenty-or-so short, good for a one-shot half-hour cartoon you can show in Cartoon Network.

    21. Dimetrii Says:

      Here it looks very cool.
      You should have set up the entire render sintel.) Cool render.

    22. Ton Says:

      Feature film would mean 8 times more minutes and at least 4 times more quality (people working on shots) = 32 times the investment we’ve put in Sintel. Do the math! (32 x 10 people x 9 months, or 80 people working 3 years?).

    23. A(rin)dam Says:

      @ オタク
      @ Ton

      Thanks for the insight. I know it’s a gigantic task and certainly Ton’s above equation doesn’t bring a smile on your face (when we look at the resources we can imagine at this point in time). It’s huge, tedious and have to be lot more responsible (when undertaking shared work voluntarily) but not impossible – have a look at Pixar’s evolution from a company selling computer hardware and later making short advertisements for other companies to most successful animation studio in the world now. I hope, we can slowly and steadily reach such height, if BI keep increasing their target goals by double every next project.

      Nonetheless, even animation short is making lot of awareness of the talent-pool and capabilities of smaller studios nowadays. So, if Sintel’s story-line and production values is appealing enough to pitch for next year Oscar and other film-festivals, we can attract distributors to boast future “mega” projects as well.

      The bottom-line is to make Blender and it’s Open Movie more powerful and reachable to artists, developers and greater audience alike by contributing (or donating), developing, sharing and spreading the knowledge (and of course, making good entertaining films).


    24. Shinobi Says:

      From Licuadora blogsite:

      I’ve never hoped Blender 2.5 could reach such an incredible, stunning visual quality at its Alpha 2 version, still incomplete and bugged;


      “we have to do this in our spare time of other paid jobs… so: we get no money, no fame nor fortune, and we will be full criticized for every little mistake just like the Durian Team will.”

      I could say “this is pure open source collaborative spirit and you’re fantastics” and so on, but I prefer only this…. “you’re my heroes!!!!”

      @ Ton:
      hey guy, how many aces have you up your sleeve or, could we never know every secret corners of this fantastic OPEN production of yours ??? 😉
      a ginormic congratulations to you all, really really… can’t wait to have my 4x DVD delivered 🙂

    25. Agus Says:

      Hi Ton, if you have time you clould fix the link above with:

      So english speakers people can read it also!

    26. J. Says:

      Maybe you get the Spanish version when using a Spanish browser?
      I’m using the Dutch version of Firefox and inmediately get it in English. 😉

    27. J. Says:

      What percentage of frames is final at the moment? Only one week to go…

    28. TGG Says:

      muy bueno!

    29. adam Says:

      When Sintel will be available to download?

    30. DwarvenFury Says:

      @adam: IIRC, sometime shortly after the premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival around September 22nd.

    31. Simon Says:

      IIRC it is about one week after the dvd release, and more likely early October.

    32. J. Says:

      Internet release is after the festival. (but it’s likely that the DVD gets ”pirated”, unfortunately.)

    33. Hubberthus Says:

      In a full-length feature companies use mocap for character animation. How much time does it take to put every little bone in place in every second by hand? With mocap you just get an actor do the thing few times and that’s all.
      I think this is one of the main reasons for “80 people working 3 years”.
      Imagine you had one for Sintel, how much time could have you saved?

    34. Stijn Says:

      Hubberthus, it’s just to say but you would have saved some time with mocap but it would be more expensive, mocap is expensive you know…


    35. Hubberthus Says:

      Yeah, I know it’s expensive. Something for something… 🙂
      I don’t say buy one, just without things like this used by companies, don’t expect a full-length movie.
      Not everything depends on the software.

    36. hetors Says:

      Vamos loco!!, se ve bárbaro :), esta bueno esto de que cada uno aporte con algo.