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Opportunity: stereoscopic Sintel

on October 7th, 2010, by Ton

Although Sintel has been released, we will still continue to work on re-rendering the film in 4k format (3840 pixels wide, for digital projection or screens). This is being sponsored by the Amsterdam Cinegrid consortium, and will be available (tentatively) end of 2010.
As last and ultimate target we also would love to be able to deliver the film in stereoscopic format. We believe that an open and free accessible ‘stereo 3d’ film has a great potential to become a worldwide test and evaluation standard. It’s currently even open to deliver this in stereo-4k!

Blender Institute intends to produce this with the highest quality possible, which means that all shots in the film will be carefully (re)designed by an experienced stereographer assisted by experienced Blender artists. We also want to spend considerable time on optimizing and implementing an efficient stereographic editing workflow in Blender (camera tools, integrated render, compositing).

You can e-mail Ton Roosendaal to get further information about this sponsoring opportunity.


69 Responses to “Opportunity: stereoscopic Sintel”

  1. ITrAB Says:

    I just wanted to say that I saw “defocus” filter in some CG 3D movies, and that isn’t good when there’s up to you (your eyes) to focus on objects… It’s like applying motion blur on 60fps video… So if you guys don’t know it, I’m just saying 😉
    I’m waiting for anaglyph version of sintel! (and my DVD with 5h of tutorials!) 😀

  2. JaydenB Says:

    @ITrAB: i am sure the stereo profesionals that they hire will now more then that about it, even I do, having researched into a bit myself. some times, they still use the defocus/depth of field effect very slightly, just to help you focus on what they want you to focus on, but not too much. 🙂 Stereo is cool!

  3. joeri Says:

    @Jack Harris

    I think Ton means the movie is good enough ( textures etc ) to render in 4k… It is going to be renderd in 4k.
    So the stereo sponsor could get a stereo 4k version, the only extra costs would be the render time.

  4. amandamagick Says:

    This a wonderful film. I commend you for your hard work. I so dearly want to see more of the story. I have a tear in my eye.

  5. namekuseijin Says:

    @Donna, is that you, banned blenderartists user “Vali”? I’m sure you are, with your love for “nature beauty”.

    well, shit happens like here and that is part of nature too.

  6. Josh Says:


    Watch your language 🙂


    KK. Let me get the rest of my work out of the way and I’ll turn it into an installer 🙂

  7. Valentin Says:

    You know, you should propose the movie to Futuroscop, in France.
    You should also propose all open movie blender projects:
    Elephantdream, Yofrankie, BigBuckBunny and Sintel.

  8. Benoît Says:

    That might actually be a great idea!
    Futuroscope is kind of a tech/cinema theme park, and their
    ‘rides’ consist of short films displayed using new technology like Hi-Res, super large screen/dome, 3D, movement simulator…
    This might be perfect, and it might get Blender some funding in one way or another!

  9. JaydenB Says:

    @Benoit: That is only if they sponsor it, if so one gets them interested.

  10. Lzymxn Says:

    one thing that has always bothered me, and avatar while being the best example of 3d done right, is also the best example of a big shortcoming of 3d….depth of field, in regular filming it can emphasize certain moments, highlight certains aspects of a scene, but in 3d it takes you away from the environment, in big open scenes especially, there is a company that has developed a lens that can actually zoom and focus without depth of field blurring, it was said that it may be used in a future 3d film, i forget the director but he was quoted as saying if they can really capture a scene and create a feeling of actually being there he would consider 3d in future films, he is supposed to be in talks with the company for an upcoming movie

  11. satellites Says:

    I just wanted to say that I saw “defocus” filter in some CG 3D movies, and that isn’t good when there’s up to you (your eyes) to focus on objects… It’s like applying motion blur on 60fps video… So if you guys don’t know it, I’m just saying 😉
    I’m waiting for anaglyph version of sintel! (and my DVD with 5h of tutorials!) 😀

  12. JaydenB Says:

    OK. Everyone has read the comments, and it gets annoying reading the thing about the defocus node. Let me say one thing: GET OVER IT. Not to be mean or anything, but if you read the post Ton said he would hire professionals who know what they are doing, they would know about that specific thing, adn lots of others that you wouldn’t think about them (some I know :D). So please stop saying things like this because the people Ton hire would know all of his stuff.

  13. Robert Kosten Says:

    I’d say making a 3D 4k version available might be a smart move, it’s bound to create a new wave of interest for a comparatively low price… And it would be a good time to fix small errors, like the floating collar behind the Proog lookalike/cameo in the chase scene (4:21), as well 😛

  14. Phollox Says:

    I watched the movie yesterday. I liked the storyline. However, there are a few things that I didn’t liked that much.

    When I read about Sintel, and that it will feature action scenes, with a female character, I though: “Wow, hair animation”. The fight at the beginning, and the others during the movie, are well made. The only detail is the lack of a natural hair movement in the hair of Sintel. It is very short, compared with the previous versions of the making off. But still, it seems that se have some kind of gel in her hair, that avoids it to move so much.

    In the dragon’s cave, her skin looks like glowing, with a different color that the light projected by the gems. It doesn’t looks natural. And the skin of the big dragon looks a bit shiny, almost metallic.

    But probably, the thing that looks worse is the fire. In the final scene, it is not very noticeable. But the fire looks horrible in the tent of the old guy. The pot in the fire that we can see in the background: there aren’t any flames. It looks like a bunsen burner, with no ramdom movement, straigh up.

    I like the movie, I think that the achievements of the blender project are amazing. I am only pointing things that I think could be improved. Specially if the movie will be rendered for big screens, in stereo 3D…


  15. Dan Says:

    Hey Ton and Team,
    did you find a sponsor? 🙂
    Or will it not be rendered stereoscopic? 🙁

  16. neo Says:

    I am the Mahdi and Iran
    Animation was very beautiful. The story also was a significant emotional and
    To be part of hope in a successful cartoon

  17. Ange Gabriel Says:

    Bien, je vais écrire en français, et j’espère que vous traduirez cela comme il se doit !! ^^

    Tout d’abord, je dois avouer que votre production est géniale !
    Grand merci !!! 🙂

    Par contre, votre FIN est merdique ! 🙁
    Je suis très très en colère, j’aime les fins heureuses,
    et je ne comprends pas du tout, mais alors pas du tout pourquoi
    vous avez décidé de faire cette fin à la con…

    Alors je fais appel à TOUTE l’équipe !!!
    Pourriez-vous s’il vous plait, refaire la fin mais de façon
    à ce que cette fin soit HEUREUSE ? (Happy End ^^)

    Sintel retrouvre son p’tit dragon (qui est donc devenu adulte)
    mais au lieu de le tuer voit tout de suite la marque de sa blessure
    sur son aile qu’elle avait soigné…

    Ou alors, elle possède un grand pouvoir de guérisseuse en ELLE
    et soigne son Dragon !

    De plus, faut surtout pas oublier le bébé dragon à la fin…

    Elle va donc vivre avec les deux, et voilà : HAPPY END !

    SVP !!! Faite une fin alternative, mais en HAPPY END ! ^^

    Et la, je vous supporterez, j’achèterai cette version !!! 🙂

    D’avance merci.

  18. alanfish Says:

    ^_^ …How is the progress of the “stereoscopic version” Sintle.
    I am an experienced stereographer. Sintle is a really good short film. It is amazing. I am really interested to watch the stereoscopic version.

    Alan Lam

  19. creek23 Says:

    any update on this? 🙂