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    New team member!

    on January 25th, 2010, by Ton

    Freshly arrived from across the Atlantic: Jean-Sebastien Guillemette from Montreal!
    He’s going to help us putting the film together: modeling and design, scene layouts, lighting, render, composites. Exciting 🙂

    Oh, and I’m back from a 2-week’s holidays in La Palma, Canarian Islands. I’ve spent a week on slowing down and relaxing, and a week on Blender 2.5 code (drag’n’drop). 🙂 One one of my walks there (breathtakingly beautiful green island) I came by Dragon Trees. These are very ancient long living trees that are an important symbol in our film too…

    js dragontree


    35 Responses to “New team member!”

    1. Yago Says:

      Mais uma grande contribuição para o projeto
      Congratulations, good news!!!

    2. alalo Says:

      Welcome back, Ton! That looks indeed like an awesome place to relax. Welcome Jean!

      Did I hear drag n’ drop? :> Yay! Can’t wait.


    3. spacetug Says:

      drag ‘n drop, meaning you copied code over, or you coded in drag ‘n drop support?

    4. Daniel Wray Says:

      He coded drag ‘n drop support in blender, check out the video on BA. You can even duplicate objects from the outliner by dragging them into the 3D viewport, as well as dragging in photos from the file browser.

      Very nice 🙂

    5. V1ntage Says:

      First Brecht announced render engine improvements, now Ton just added another key feature like drag ‘n drop. Wow! Great work!

      Btw, good luck JS Guillemette. Love your work!

    6. mcreamsurfer Says:

      Drag & Drop is an awesome feature for Blender. Here at university, Blender becomes more and more interesting to some of my ‘apple-usability-spoiled’ designer colleagues. And it’s fun to work with 2.50 already – and I could even use it in a 2D Animation Sequence as part of a bigger project. Thanks for all the good input (idea & of course, coding wise).

    7. SlightlyChaotic Says:

      NICE! You’ve got Canadians on the project! It’ll rule for sure. 😉

    8. rickyblender Says:

      Can someone give the link for this Drag and drop video
      and is there a new Built with this function and from what number is it
      available ?

      how are you going to make the tree
      i mean using the Tree curve script or use one of the tree soft external soft to make it ?

      keep up the good work
      Happy 2.5

    9. Ton Says:

      Relax, the code will go to svn probably tomorrow already 🙂
      I first wanted to get durian planning updated and everyone here happily back to work.

    10. RNS Says:

      I’m glad Ton that you had a relax vacation from blender.welcome back.

    11. D Says:

      Welcome, Jean-Sebastien Guillemette; and welcome back, Ton!
      What brand new adventures in the realm of movie making await? I suppose time will tell. 😀

    12. pb Says:

      Sure that shouldn’t be “dragon” drop? 😛

    13. Big Fan Says:

      This is impressive progress.
      I think the Blender community sponsors Ton to live on this island.
      He works like a mad man 24/7 for a week and then has a week off to hug old trees slowly.
      Every 2 weeks he sends us nice features and we are happy and keep sponsoring.
      The trees and Ton grow ancient together.

    14. Demohero Says:

      The Return of the King! Welcome Ton. Welcome Guillemette.

      Btw, thanks for the drag and drop support Ton.

      Forever Blender!

    15. shul Says:

      not usually saying this, but great looking trees. I wonder if they were the inspiration for drag n drop

    16. Bernard Says:

      Glad Ton has got time to discover the magic of Dragon’ drop trees in Las Palmas 😉 Important for Durian for sure.

    17. RH2 Says:

      Go Guillemette!


    18. Simon Says:

      Jean-Sebastien Guillemette, sorry you’re not as popular as drag’n’drop 😛
      Just kidding, awesome news that you are joining!

    19. DudeFromKansas Says:

      Welcome Jean-Sebastien! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your work!! As I am sure all of us will! Ton Welcome back! I hope that you enjoyed your vacation!! I am very excited to try out the new code tomorrow!!

    20. Web31337 Says:

      Nice! Glad you’ve seen real nature, not the rendered one 🙂
      /me hopes to get on some green-green island some day too 😀
      And btw, if I’d live somewhere around your place, I’d probably tried to learn blender and join you in this. I love the way you work. That totally inspires me!
      Go Go Go!!!

    21. selfmadepixels Says:

      Keep on rocking guys. Everything is so exciting about what Blender is and will become. 😀

    22. teo_greengage Says:

      drag and drop is really important in a working enviornmen, thanks- things will get faster now!!!

    23. TweakingKnobs Says:

      Go Ton Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

      you rock on Ton ;D

    24. Psy-Fi Says:

      So many thanks for the drag’n’drop features, especially since you did it in your time off!
      If I may suggest something, drag’n’drop materials is a must!

    25. Christian Lehmann Says:

      Welcome Jean-Sebastien and welcome back Ton 😀

    26. jirms Says:

      I am curious about how extensive the drag ‘n drop feature will be. Will it be a alternate way to adding items than the spacebar? Will it allow to a blender artist to drag properties from one item to another aka grab the transform widgit while it is referring to one item and drop it onto another?

      In any case, great work and welcome Jean-Sebastien!

    27. Ian Says:

      Hi JS, long time no see! congrats for your implication on the project! It’S great to see some local artist doing some big projects!

      Ian, from Montreal

    28. Nixon Says:

      Congrats Jean-Sebastian Guillemette!

      Hope you will have a cool time with the team and everyone at the institute!

      Awesome that the team gets more backup lately and the new drag and drop feature sounds just ubera super swet and nifty
      No need to mention that again but anyway ‘ TON AND ALL YOU CODERS AROUND BLENDER YOU ARE HEROS!!!’…

      Best regards to everyone on the team, have a great time and cya round the blog:)

    29. riccardo covino Says:

      wonderful trees!
      and an inspiring name too..

      i quote pb who said: it should be DRAGON DROP 😀

    30. BlendNMix Says:

      smile JS! 🙂

      Ton, you have updated the timing? But what is the deadline in fact?

    31. Magic_Man_3d Says:

      I always look forward to posts like this. Because new features are always great, no matter what they are. Eagerly awaiting the next new feature and of course the completion of Durian (will be worth the wait I’m sure)!

    32. Xego Says:

      Hey! usually i dont comment much on forums or things like this…but im glad that somebody involved with my truly passion (blender) has came this far for vacation, ah sorry, im from Tenerife, a nearby island of the same island group (didnt you see the huge volcano over the clouds? thats Tenerife 😉 )
      just hoping you had a relaxing and wonderful time on La Palma, ah by the way, those trees are called Drago not dragons 😉 its very normal to have that mistake, and can live thousand of years, as the one we have in Tenerife, the so well known the Millenary Drago (or millenium?XD)…ok ok i was very excited 😛

      Cheers from Canary Island!
      ah and keep up the good work 😉

    33. Psy-Fi Says:

      Material drag’n drop is already there!
      My oldest blender request came true..what more can I ask?Actually everyday I do an svn log I see something good. Thank you so, so much!

    34. gustavo Says:

      this is render or real image?is very amazing!!!!!!

    35. Pierre-Luc Gauthier Says:

      Welcome, Jean-Sebastien Guillemette!

      So you MUST speak french right ? Avec un tel nom… 🙂 Je suis aussi de Montréal (Saint-Thérèse) et un fervent utilisateur de logiciel libre. Je passe une généreuse partie de temps sur Blender. Ce projet de court-métrage d’animation libre que vous assemblez me passionne au plus haut point! Je suis très fière qu’un montréalais participe à ce super projet!