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    The Detail Department

    on September 26th, 2009, by Ton

    Reaching Out

    Colin, David and me still have this amazed feeling of what 4k can do for our film… the amount of detail you can (or have to!) put in every shot will give the visuals a very designated impact and especially… a 4-10 times multiplied amount of work! And not only the graphics require detail, but also animation can be refined into every tiny detail.

    Look for example at Soenke’s famous “Reaching Out” picture. Something like this could be just a shot in our film, 4-6 seconds. Now what if every detail would move, imagine how cool that would be! Even when scaled down to 2k or even 1k you’ll notice this.


    To the right you can find a concept art shot, for one of the opening scenes in our film. We want to build a gigantic “fantasy slum” for it. Compare it a bit to the famous favelas in Brazil (3rd picture, copyright

    The concept we’re playing with now is to check on ways to have the Blender community helping with this work, providing us with raw material, as the official Detail Department! We could use (most of it) as textures even. Like crawling snails, flying bFavelairds and insects, smoke plumes,
    people dozing in windows, and so on.

    It’ll need a bit of thought still… especially how to coordinate and apply this efficiently. But still a fun challenge… motivating for volunteers to help, and for us a great time saver to assemble incredible shots!


    Added note:
    For all the boys and girls here; David’s concept art is actually a COLORING PAGE for kids! Make your great impression, post it for us, and we select the best one for a special prize!

    85 Responses to “The Detail Department”

    1. 3DGURU Says:

      interesting stuff .

    2. D Says:

      How incredible it is would such a concept work! There definitely needs to be a good flow of information with the Blender community and within the project for something as intricate as this. Hopefully, you guys can figure out and find out the way!

      Is it time to reveal the title now? πŸ™‚

    3. JoOngle Says:

      You guys…

      …have DAUNTING work in front of you, I really wish you the VERY best of
      luck, because – you will need it.

    4. Elvis Alistar Says:

      There are a lot of people out their that can only dream to help in such a huge and incredible project like Durian. And look, you even think of providing this.

      The only problem is that Durian requires high-quality work and a lot of people can promise to do it but at the end fail to deliver what was required. So, for the Detail Department, you might post required work that needs to be done and everyone can do everything. There will be a deadline for submitting work and then on eof you can review all submissions and choose the best that suits your needs.

      Of course, this doesn’t sound like the best idea, but, hey, if at least 50 people will through thier ideas here, something really good might show up as a solution. I can’t wait to see how will you organize this!

    5. vykelt Says:

      lol a coloring page for kids? Here I spend hours pouring through concept art for my projects and all I really need to do is borrow my nephews coloring book for a sec? Keep up the good work and if I come up with anything that can help, I’ll be sure to send it.

    6. vykelt Says:

      I think Elvis is right about a list. Knowing all the things you’re looking for can save a lot of unnecessary images to sift through and can focus the community in the right directions.

    7. Sjoerd van kampen Says:

      Can we see the coloring page :D!!!

    8. werdsu Says:

      The Blender community will help πŸ™‚
      It is a vibrant community, and its potential is huge.

      Good move, let’s try to refine it into a steamlined and efficient way of contribution.

    9. andy circus Says:

      Maybe you can open a new sticky thread in blender artists?
      Hey, plus maybe that blender art magazine school can use this
      as exercises?
      “Today we’ll be modelling different adobe buildings! Make them creatively different!” etc. Actually you could just use that Favela photo and put a red circle around building specific to each student: “You model this!” I wouldn’t make a good teacher πŸ˜€

    10. Rob Cozzens Says:

      Sounds like a cool idea.

      Like Elvis said, there will be a big difference between the good submissions and the bad.
      But with that crowded of shots, you don’t necessarily need to throw away everything that’s not awesome… those props could just be more in the background.

    11. Troy James Sobotka Says:

      Brilliant stuff Ton – as always.

      Love to see where this group-sourced approach to motion picture design drives the software.

      Absolutely raw and unbridled software architecture innovation…

    12. rogper Says:

      I’m interested in help in what I can, I can take 2 to 3 hours by day to model/texture/animate something.

    13. Felix Says:

      the worse the submission the further they will stay from the cameras,
      and if they are really bad(or just wrong in style),
      may not even make to any art of any scene. πŸ™‚

      might work, or might not(at all)…

    14. Emili Sancha Says:

      I think Detail Department must have a little questions into account…

      1. Minimal resolution of images ( no interpolation )
      2. Defining concrete themes with successive deadlines
      3. Preferable posproduced images ( enhanced images, eliminated backgrounds, etc…)
      4. Defining type of file desired JPG, TIF, or RAW’s (?)
      5. …
      6. …

      (sorry for my english)

      Good luck

    15. yellow Says:

      With so much detail for 4k perhaps there will be some big improvements in blenders camera projection tools and work flow?

      Or will it be full on 3D and brute force rendering on a farm? πŸ™‚

      Best wishes.

    16. Melvin Says:

      I love the idea of contributing!
      The coordination seems tricky.
      I think the Durian people should make a wishlist of, for example, objects they need, providing reference images, or specifying the style, maximum polygons, etc. Then a website should be used for the submission of models. Could be just the forums.

    17. Melvin Says:

      Maybe I could make web system to do the submission process, and maybe a voting system.

      I’ll wait what else is said about this idea.

      Just in case I wanted to point out that the user “Melvin”, with the email I submitted is not my real name or email. I don’t know why but they where already filled…ΒΏby someone else?, but this is a freshly installed OS!..

    18. Cyrr Says:

      Amazing. 4K will just be awesome. More than awesome. I wait to be blasted away from your master work.

      Looking at the fantasy slum reminds me a little bit of Guild Wars Factions game. I always had the feeling running in this game in a fantasy slum. Of course the detail of the game is not worth mentioning for a movie, but I’m sure it can be inspiring what elements make a fantasy slum alive.

    19. Melvin Says:

      … I keep thinking about this website.
      It should allow users to download incompletemodels. For example one without textures, and submit a modification of the file with an improvement, like adding a texture, adding bones to a character, etc.

    20. rogper Says:

      Humm, just a thought without any real thought put on it:
      Perhaps releasing Jobs like in a Roll Play Game!
      You guys make a list of Jobs to be made (modeling a bird, texturing a barrel, etc), with a good description of what is need, deadline and some kind of success points ( a score usually works).
      Then people interested take that Job, if they actually successfully finish it they receive points, if the score is good the job is considered valid and that person may take a new Job… hummm! More points more… humm… something πŸ˜›

    21. Melvin Says:

      I like Rogper’s idea.

      The points could be used as a requirement to work in a future Blender Foundation movie. Or earn you a “free” dvd… If it works. Maybe start with points and see later if is there something to be done with them, or not.

    22. Angelia Ong Says:

      Hi there, been following you guys here and on twitter, amazing work and thanks for posting the progress. We are using blender here in MAlaysia (very few do right now) and this has been a huge help.

      how can we help? Not just by dvd sales as it were but in what capacity, whether it’s storyboarding, writing, anything.. πŸ™‚

    23. Angelia Ong Says:

      and the kids are ready to colour πŸ™‚ Already given them one each. it will be fun!

    24. Voodoo Doctor Says:

      I really like Davids picture. Somewhat reminds me of this one from National Geographic (one of my favorites):

      I just may give coloring it a try. Can we use commercial software to do so? I am no longer versed in Gimp.


    25. Angelia Ong Says:

      ordered my dvd πŸ˜€

    26. Piiichan Says:

      This idea of involving the community is a good way to further increase Blender and Durian’s popularity, because then we’ll all be willing to contribute, so that one day we can point at the screen shouting:
      “SEE, SEE! Can you see it!? I made it! I made this pile of leaves myself, all alone! Me! … Aaaaah … you didn’t see it …” πŸ˜‰

      Keep it up!

    27. Satish 'iluvblender' Goda Says:

      Hello Ton.

      I like the idea of community production asset creation tasks for Durian.

      Keep up the great work folks..


    28. Blendiac Says:

      YES! This is what I was wishing for in both Big Buck Bunny and then Yo Frankie. Yes, there are co-ordination issues, but what a way to leverage a large and active number of artists that most short films could only dream of, for free, while pulling all of the community even closer together around the film. Ton, you have always had my utmost respect as an open source entrepreneur, and now with this bold move, I have a feeling we’re about to see your (and the communities) finest hour.

      You have my sword. And my axe… and my mouse!

      My (opinionated) logistics suggestions based on previous projects / marketing places I’ve worked with:
      1. Have the team create or approve all concept sketches first and create the basic, non-geometry specific textures for consistency. This will have the added side benefit of driving everyone crazy, trying to guess the storyline!

      2. Provide the required tech specs (max allowed poly’s, textures sizes etc).

      3. Make it clear that not all work will be used. Only the stuff that is *both* good enough, *and* the most appropriate to the shot. This reduces resentment when an asset isn’t used as people know it could have had nothing to do with their skill (or lack of it). Remind people that of course, *all* work, used or not, can go on show reels and gets them a “Thankyou” (see point 8).

      4. Keep a wiki of what’s needed (and how many variants) with links to resources available for it (eg concept art, textures etc). Have people update the wiki when they start work on something, when they are committing to finish it by and when they update / finish it. Allow the community to see what has been uploaded so we can see for ourselves what’s probably done well enough, and what could still use a better version (if we’re willing to create it). For many things you’ll be able to use multiple different versions anyway (like houses).

      5. Request vital props early to see if you get any nice surprises from the community. Budget your artists time assuming you won’t.

      6. Encourage the community to keep drafts uploaded and make them available for download, so even if someone doesn’t finish something, that it can still be finished by someone else (which is why you want the “will be completed by” and “last updated” dates above to find abandoned assets). This also shows that all work was done in Blender. Encourage people to finish uncompleted assets first rather than having a million “just started” models, but none completed.

      7. Encourage people to get feedback on the forums and occasionally get team members to give C & C’s there when possible. This both increases the quality of submissions and bonds the team / community closer together. Side benefits would be more YouTube (et al) buzz as people upload work to show off there. Ask that they always include the Durian url in the video description.

      8. Avoid voting systems that rely on popularity rather than how well the files match what you need. Have the team alone select which ones work best without knowing who they came from. Make sure the community understands this to avoid tensions.

      9. Let people know that work submitted will be considered when looking for team members of future open projects (inspiring dedication to quality).

      10. Give everyone who worked on an asset that is included a production credit to encourage completion of the unfinished, but “low hanging fruit ” assets. Give everyone else who uploaded a “Thankyou” credit.

      11. This can be the most collaborative 3d film ever made. Milk that for all the publicity it’s worth. Apply for a “Guiness Book of Records”. Encourage people downloading Blender to “Become part of 3d history” etc (by helping out). Ask Bart @ BlenderNation to feature stand out submissions and efforts (publicity & encouragement towards excellence).

      12. Most importantly… ignore anything I’ve said that doesn’t work for you! Hey, I may have opinions, but it’s *your* (collective) film! πŸ˜‰

    29. Ton Says:

      Thanks for all the feedback!

      A self-organizing system would of course work best… some kind of a virtual world system, where people get sections allocated and get a polygon/texture budget to build stuff.
      I’d also be curious to develop some kind of a rendering system that renders all the little components with some consistent light and assembles it. The result can be a multipass exr file with Z, normal, AO, diffuse. Think of this as a ‘detail matte render’ or so…
      Oh, and have it render on a server, so everyone can always see how progress goes!

    30. Grafixsuz Says:

      How much of the scenery will involve matte paintings? Or will this be entirely 3d geometry used?

      Great idea to get the community involved. I remember the Animation Master development team start a community based project of the wizard of Oz. It had some initial problems due to organization who will do what, when by and quality of the work. I agree with most of what Blendiac said, it has real merits doing it in a similar fashion to what was suggested.

      Anycase, I can’t wait.

      Good luck guys!

    31. Flix Says:

      One more to Emili’s list:
      – max vertices count for models

      A project that will be submitted to the community must be large enough. It must at least exceeds the amount of time invested by the teammember to call for proposals (creating templates, define project parameters, …). I think you allready know this, but i want to remind that the project should be as efficiently as possible.
      Let’s find these thin line of optimal workflow. I’m curious about it. πŸ™‚

    32. Mazz Says:

      Really try to make the sort of contribution system a reallity! Let the community build the details eg the products at the butsher shop, a lamp, distant objects etc. Make sure to acknowledge whats needed before you start to work on that scen. Deadline should be the day you start working on the scen the submitted work can then just be placed were its needed. Never place yourself in the position of waiting.

      I really like the idΓ©a of aming for a World record of people contributing to a CG movie! That is what I call publicity!

    33. Dalai Felinto Says:

      foreigns and their facination by Brazilian slums …

    34. Ovidiu Says:

      ah details., the spice of all CG…
      Not exactly fantasy like, but just in case you have some alchemist machineries πŸ˜€—Air/Rockwell-B-1B-Lancer/1584152/L/

    35. Temitope Ajileye Says:

      The italian community of blender-tutorial has been developing BOMB, a project created for such things.
      We are now testing our own PMS

    36. andy circus Says:

      That would be great if a ‘second life’ networking system
      was developed inadvertantly through this πŸ˜€

    37. wraybowling Says:
      It hardly applies to high standards, but I think it’s good to look at this project that despite every friend I told I was participating in it had already heard of it, it’s been going for three straight months and there’s still roughly 40 shots that no one picked up. HOWEVER part of what made it mostly successful was delegating to each individual only a very small amount of work by automating the splitting up of all the content that needed completion. If the concept art could be handled in the same way we could work on what no one else has picked up yet instead of mistakenly all making the same things.

    38. justin Says:

      I think(semi obvious) having a per shot/scene listing per thread on BA forums would be a good place to start for “details”…in other words have a thread for every shot you want to make(can be a vague description) with a listing of objects, textures, sounds etc…you require for the shot. people can post their creations(with thumbs)there….this is a fairly resource friendly way without everyone having some form of ftp access.
      -just a thought.

    39. MTracer Says:

      Me want see colahing page, pweez.


      But seriously, this is an amazing idea!

    40. Igor Says:

      WOW, that’s great and exciting news!! Where is Durian SVN branch for our contribution stuff!? πŸ™‚

    41. Dave Says:

      Helped me out a bunch, great post!

    42. Phil Says:

      I think this is great, and I think it could work quite well, especially because it gives individuals the possibility of seeing their own stuff in the movie, which will encourage people to make an extra effort. Also, many people will possibly already have usable material on their harddrives…

    43. Stephen Says:

      I’ve been playing with the macro on my camera (the results are a bit hit and miss) but you are welcome to use all my images for the Durian project.

      Let me know where to send them, or just download them from my gallery:


      Don’t know what these are but but look cool:

      Fly Salute:


    44. extrudeface Says:

      euh…I guess must be blender and Gimp? Can be Wings (is open source) and/or another 2d painting tool? (freeware would work, commercial I guess not…) Not saying I’ve decided already to try and do sth to see if it’d be aproved. Just am curious.

      @melvin ” … I keep thinking about this website.
      It should allow users to download incompletemodels. For example one without textures, and submit a modification of the file with an improvement, like adding a texture, adding bones to a character, etc. ”

      That would be amazing. Many of us are involved in projects already, etc. Is way easier to find a chunk of time to complete a model, do a texture, model something fast. Even anim an extra. Now, just sum up all the bits,(due to the high numbers of blender community) all the quality chunks…And you may have such a load of that extra heavy work solved.

      @rogper: ” Humm, just a thought without any real thought put on it:
      Perhaps releasing Jobs like in a Roll Play Game!
      You guys make a list of Jobs to be made (modeling a bird, texturing a barrel, etc), with a good description of what is need, deadline and some kind of success points ( a score usually works).
      Then people interested take that Job, if they actually successfully finish it they receive points, if the score is good the job is considered valid and that person may take a new Job… hummm! More points more… humm… something :P”

      Another good idea (both can live together) . But imo, voting is nice but imo there still gotta be a final decission of include it or not (can be made extra material section in the DVD…as a gift(tho crappy thing should not get in..)) of the durian team. Otherwise, I remember probs (in other projects, other matters. basiclly, durian could end with bad quality work in it, would be a pitty..)

      I agree with blendiac about had a feeling this could happen with any open movie… (yet tho durian is more of the likes for a contribution)
      Large blendiac post: like point # 4. yet would be nice to put a tag in the system so in a fast way durian team could tag it as ‘selected’, and/or, ‘closed’ fast a task, so ppl don’t work over sth done and closed πŸ™‚

      his point #6 is crucial, as been mentioned already.

      The more I think it, the more am convinced: #8 is so key thing. Durian team should have all control of that…instead of a vote system. Remember very bad experiences, also, non well integrated stuff…is a danger. if the judge and control point is Durian ppl, see no issues…

      The changelog -like credits of modifications inside the file or whatever, seems important for motivation…

      apply #12 to this post XDDDDD

    45. extrudeface Says:

      …sth I don’t get…the coloring page is for actually painting color over it, or go doing some model we can see in the drawing, or for rebuilding the whole scenery? (not am taking a task, just curious about the meaning, sorry. πŸ™‚ )

      (would be fun to color it, btw, oil painter here, bit rusted…)
      i guess only thing behind actually “coloring” (as not filling with raw meshes, but actually painting) it , would be to see texturing skills…

    46. DrD Says:

      How about using some form of DAM, like Razuna or ResourceSpace?

      A wiki space would also work I guess. I can imagine a branched out request for various object/textures/references based on particular themes, and then users can go an post their contect under each of the branches.

    47. Shiretoko Says:

      Message to Ton:

      “I know this is off-topic, but are you still working with Martin Lodewijk? because there is no mention of him or his work in any of the recent blog post updates.”

    48. DrD Says:

      Shiretoko – /news/script-script-script/

      4th paragraph

    49. Andrew Fenn Says:

      Without knowing the plot at all.. The concept art posted doesn’t look like an Asian slum. It looks more like a western slum in my opinion.

      Lets take the hanging chickens for example. Most most places i’ve seen here in Thailand have the bird hanging by its neck plucked and ready for chopping.

      I’ve not really seen many vegetable stalls here, if ever. Also there should be more street vendors selling food. Like barbecued meats.

    50. D Says:

      Andrew, I don’t think it has ever been implied that they were going for an Asian slum. And anyway, I personally think a real fantasy slum would be better off not being too much based on any one real world ethnicity. πŸ™‚

    51. nawabz Says:

      and to pack files here is a great tutorial posted yesterday by Jonathan Williamson for packing files on:

    52. Ton Says:

      @all: thanks for all the great and enthusiast feedback! I’m definitely interested to try this experiment. It depends a bit on our creative phase here (during october) and on time to get the organization running (although I see some people here who definitely would want to help!).

      @Shiretoko: Martin wrote us short stories and concepts. For the screenplay I decided to involve an experienced coach and writer.

    53. thatonejondude Says:

      Here’s an idea…

      Slumps are going to be filled with cockroaches or bugs within that category. Here’s a little piece of concept art that I thought would be a cool new bug. Maybe there’s a bunch of little ones and one huge queen one (kinda like in the first “Men In Black”)…

      Heres the URL

    54. Jayden Says:

      Where do we send the colouring in page finished too?

    55. Stephen Says:

      I’ve just broke my website trying to place all my photos of birds, bugs, slugs and other stuff I have on the server.
      Is there an address I can post a DVD to?

    56. Hoxolotl Says: or could use a centralized website with clear cut licensing symbols and browsable library.

      the Blender Open Material Repository would be a good template to start from, adding meshes, objects, armatures, hell even adding scenes to it would be great.

      But for the short term I would suggest making different short competitions for “easy to make” stuff like bags, planks, mud, insects, cloth, tools and others. Just stuff you could drop into the world to add detail and doesn’t have to be pixel perfect as it’s somewhere in the background as “filler” .

    57. Roberto Says:

      @Jayden: I guess we just post a link in here?

      Anyway, I did this on sunday, and was waiting to see if I could get some time to work more on it. But, since it doesn’t seem to be a real possiblity now…here it is my crappy coloring:

    58. D Says:

      I ran out of colours! πŸ˜€

    59. PapaSmurf Says:

      +1 on using an open-source web-based DAM (Digital Asset Management) system for this.

    60. PapaSmurf Says:

      Can’t wait to help out! Let me know if you need me to host an evaluation copy of any of the DAM’s.

    61. Satish 'iluvblender' Goda Says:

      David, do you know about this online sketching tool?

    62. lol Says:

      let me laugh about this. This kind of efforts was there also with the other open projects and besides the huge interest from the users it was just a joke.

    63. dom Says:

      Agradeceria ver un pequeΓ±o corte
      o trailer
      o algunas imagenes de la pelicula
      les agradeceria mucho
      me parece interesante

    64. Reece Says:

      @Roberto: That is very impressive. Well done.

    65. miolo Says:

      I really hope for a web based system where blender community can collaborate on projects. I guess most people would rather contribute on public projects (and get some recognition) than hide their hard work for themselves. For people looking for professional carrier it could also help their portfolio. Also I think a lot of people would like a place to upload their own projects and get help from community to make it complete.

      So a user could register in the field(s) he or she wants to work with. This could be as a script writer, concept artist, modeler, rigger, animator, game programmer, texture artist, light artist, audio artist, camera artist, and more(?). Then he or she gets a list of available projects and specific tasks according to the field of interest(s). He or she can sign up for tasks and be member of projects. He or she could also open new projects.

      I think such a project system could have two modes regarding governing the projects. One fully democratic mode, were any conflict could be solved with voting. The second option for a project is to give a leader ultimate power, but could be challenged for the leadership. The leader could always ask for popular advice. In addition there could be leaders for the different artistic fields..

      I like the idea to integrate systems for free content. So everything users upload to the project system could be reused by others in other projects. This would possibly make the gathering of digital assets for a project almost automated. Say you need an apple, a fruit knife, a rococo table, and a monster called Gogaboga. The system gathers for a you an apple, a fruit knife, and the rococo table. But you or others in the project have to make the monster yourself. In huge projects with thousands of assets this will be a time saver. And as the content base evolves there will be more and more content, with ever improving quality. A good system for content tags and content rating would be needed.

      Just a few ideas, and I find it difficult to stop. I would love to help planning such a generic system.

    66. Tomas Says:

      It was mentioned above but I use ResourceSpace to organize all of my photos and it works pretty well for DAM. I haven’t tried a lot of it’s advanced features but I but I believe it has a function for creating a request for users to research and find particular assets. At one point I had it setup so that you could upload a .blend and it would automatically generate a preview by rendering it in the background on upload, obviously wouldn’t work for complex fluid scenes as you wouldn’t have the fluid data but it might work for building models?

      Has it been considered to modify or use one of the city scape generators like to
      suicidator city engine and modify to generate a city that would fit the durian theme? Maybe use the city engine to get the basic look desired and then request users to add details to certain buildings, maybe following one of the point systems mentioned above to make sure the work gets done.

    67. Boo boo Says:

      I hope it’s not too late. [url=]My version here[/url]

    68. Booboo Says:

      I hope it’s not too late. Previous comment hasn’t appear yet, trying again.

    69. viviane nonato Says:

      Hello, Viviane, would love to collaborate on the development of animation, I saw that path depicting the slums of Brazil, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, working with plastic arts, depicting slums, especially of Manguinhos in do I send photos and drawings?

      Sorry, but I do not speak English, I have said it well.

    70. D. Brooks Says:

      My girlfriend likes to color πŸ˜‰

      ..printed out on laser, and she colored it with watercolor pencils:

    71. scontrocorrente Says:

      The following is my attempt.

      I enjoyed a lot painting it. πŸ™‚

    72. anabela faria Says:

      Hi there. This is my coloring. Night scene πŸ˜›
      GO Duriannnnnn πŸ˜€

    73. anabela faria Says:

      ups.. forgot the link

      Hi there. This is my coloring. Night scene πŸ˜›
      GO Duriannnnnn πŸ˜€

    74. anabela faria Says:

      Just one tiny making of πŸ˜‰

    75. dominic Says:

      Simple Biped for Blender 2.5 from Project Durian on Vimeo.

    76. bbyak Says:

      Looks very cool. I really look forward to seeing the result. Just please, please don’t ruin it with unbearable plot and characters, like you did for the past two movies. Especially the furry one. Please make a movie that I can show to my family without squirming.

    77. Nixon Says:

      bah..that coloring contest seems already been won by anabela faria:(…;)

    78. anabela faria Says:

      eheh…LOL thanks Nixon.

    79. dawidh Says:

      Hello to everybody,
      I don’t know if there will be a start for the detail department..
      anyway, I’m making a lot of pottery even if I can work to it only in the night and in the weekend..
      What do you say?

    80. Digital FX Artist Says:

      Hi guys, when you get ready to start making the film, I am ready and willing to help, just email me.

      – DFXA

    81. Platypus_Green Says:

      Coloured the line drawing a while back, forgot about it ’til today and uploaded it.

    82. D Says:

      That looks absolutely gorgeous, Platypus_Green! πŸ˜€

    83. irve Says:

      I am surprised that no one has mentioned

      Might be just the thing for detail department.

    84. brunogm Says:

      Amazing work!!!

      I found this paper about a model of the human iris for realistic rendering, can you guys have a look and maybe use it for durian. Obs. in the end of the video there is a realtime demo.

      Sample video:

    85. nw Says:

      I’ve just been to Vietnam and took loads of photos, some of which might be useful as refs (probably not as textures as they’re only 3MP). I’ve got pics of Asian-style buildings, images of run down homes/areas, street markets, small boats etc.
      If they’d be useful feel free to send me an email πŸ™‚