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T-shirts and prints

on July 17th, 2010, by ali

The Durian team is preparing for the screening of this Sunday, July 18th.
Part of it is the making of prints and T-shirts. Ali Boubred

Worth to say this prints are actual 4K frames straight from the film, we resisted the temptation of painting over them 🙂

45 Responses to “T-shirts and prints”

  1. wo262 Says:

    :O whoa!

  2. Agiofws Says:

    Great, looks good and promising…

  3. Ram Says:

    Amazing ! :-O

  4. Nathaniel Says:

    “Look at the bokeh!” haha, great.

    Printed media/art feels much nicer than looking at it on a screen IMO, but the Blender Institute might be needing some more walls!

  5. nawabz Says:


  6. Raimon Says:

    cool prints, where you commited them? I’m interested in selling this kind of prints. And t-shirts too!


  7. Aaron Ogle Says:

    You should make the T-shirt design available somewhere some how! I’d buy one or two 😀

  8. jay Says:

    Oh man if those Tees go on sale I am snagging one!

  9. Colin Levy Says:

    While Jeepster’s sculpt looks great in 4k, the actual models were done by Angela so of course compliments on the dragons go to her as well. 😀

    We’ll be missing you at the pre-premiere, Angela!


  10. Ton Says:

    The tees will be sold on the finals party to visitors, and will be available in the e-shop too. I will post a zip with the png of the prints monday!

  11. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

    My god, I want one of those posters!
    Great stuff. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  12. J. Says:

    Wondering why nobody dove under that print, I already knew it was gonna fall seconds before it happened!

    Great prints, can’t wait to see them in real life tomorrow!
    And Colin’s comment ”Too wide, too cinematic” LOL

    Will Ali make a video report of tomorrow night?

  13. spacetug Says:

    yes, thank you jeepster for rescuing the awesome dragons from bump maps! 😀

  14. wo262 Says:

    somebody film that party premiere. cant wait to september – october. at least remake the trailer with new renders or make trailer number 2. PLEAAASE T_T

  15. Oliver Says:

    Woahh!! Amazing 😀

    I want one Sintel’s T-shirt!

    Good luck on Siggraph and the premiere!!! 😉

  16. MeshWeaver Says:

    awesome! 😀

    Jeepster, that is some seriously awesome detailing on the dragons!

    i love the team’s reaction, you’re all so…excited. reminds me of when I saw the upcoming Zelda on the E3 live feed a month ago, i was going “omg, this is awesome!”, and was all excited 😀


  17. Le@ndro Says:

    AWESOME job boys and girl!!! Those prints look so good!

    Damn I’d like to be at the pre-premiere… hopefully it’ll be possible to buy one of those shirts in the upcoming “Che! Blender”!

    Cheers from Argentina!

  18. Nicknamz Says:

    the prints look amazing!!… good luck tomorrow!


  19. DwarvenFury Says:

    Congrats to the whole team for all your hard work; I’m sure the result is splendid. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final version this fall!

    p.s. I never expected to hear Ton say “sexy.” LOL.

  20. Guillaume Says:

    Wow, can’t wait to see the movie !
    Congratulation to the all team 🙂 !

  21. center Says:

    Awesome! You guys are amazing!
    Cheers from Hong Kong!

  22. D Says:

    Wow! 😀 So much awesomeness all over.
    I love the shoulder tattoo touch. 🙂

  23. C Says:

    I will be happy with a simple “blender” logo t-shirt. 🙂

    i’m not fan of tribal style t-shirt and the typo is not what we can call a deep artwork.


  24. anton Says:

    Looks very good.
    But I was wondering my printer always ask me cmyk files
    Is it possible to render with cmyk colors with blender 2.5.

  25. C Says:

    Oh yeah and congratulation to all! Those shots are amazing!

  26. scabootssca Says:

    We love you Jeepster!!! It’s been so amazing watching you grow up, mature, and flourish. I remember when you were a wee little lad playing with your first blender, those memories still bring tears to my eyes and seem so distant yet so close. We’re proud of you.

  27. Colin Litster Says:

    Best of luck to all Durianeers for tomorrows party. Wish I could be there.


  28. Fury_jin Says:

    Holly cow! This is amazing!
    Maybe those awesome posters can be propose in the blender shop.
    Some extra limited surper size images with all the crew’s signature. 20 print top.

    You’ve done a tremendous work!
    Can’t wait to have my DVD and tutoriels!

  29. kram1032 Says:

    Is this seriously the 4k format? Lol. It looks way too widescreen 🙂

    Nearly like 4096*1024 xD

    And those images are huge! You gotta acquire a gallery additional to the Institute 🙂

  30. J. Says:

    That’s funny, in cinema we’re actually used to 2:35:1, but printed it looks a lot wider, almost panoramic. (so Colin’s comment is very understandable, I would have the same ”WTF” moment. 😉 )

  31. ghuck Says:

    Any change we can start a pre-order going on the T-shirts. Love to get one for my son and I before the summer is over. What great adversting this would be.

  32. cherishtraveller Says:

    anticipating the movie and blender 2.5 beta. woohooo!

  33. [cool name here] Says:

    That must be the most awesome shirt I have ever seen

  34. Reyn Says:

    Wohoooo! Way to go! Those are lovely prints! Beware, I might steal one of those and have them posted in my room. =p

    Are those the real aspect ratio? They do seem toooo wide (I second Colin). Or it might just be an illusion?


  35. anton Says:

    There is no cmyk render possible with blender !!

  36. anton Says:

    When I render, it is in RGB and the texture also has to be since blender does not know what CMYK is but printing guy takes the color picker and says that the CMYK is not the same as in the vector PDF label file.
    How did you get as close to the CMYK settings in 3D when rendering in RGB . How to make print projects when you are forced to meet their color settings? Would you try to explain to them that 3D just works in RGB and the only thing I can do for them is to change the mode in Photoshop the DTP guys have tried but could not get to the settings know they say I have to do it.

  37. jerms Says:

    I hope no one minds too greatly if I post an off topic question to the durian community here, hopefully I will get an answer. I was having problems with my graphic card along with blender 2.5 and was going to post the fix that worked for me … but every where I look has ‘blender bug only’ comments.

    Is there an area to post hardware related problems / fixes with blender?

  38. joeri67 Says:

    “There is no cmyk render possible with blender !!”
    Theres are no cmyk displays.

    RGB has a wider color range as cmyk has, so it should not be to hard to convert your rgb to cmyk.
    The thing you need to know are stuff like the black dot size of your printer.
    Most printers here in Holland print digitaly and digital printers take rgb files. Ofcourse the black level stays a problem. Loads of rgb prints are to dark to avoid bending.

    If you convert your rgb to ymck then use a colorspace that your printer is using and make sure your white has 4% ink so it doesnt create ‘holes’.

    “the only thing I can do for them is to change the mode in Photoshop”
    Yes, they want you to do it so they dont get the blaim for colors that will become less bright. Ask them what colorprofile they want it in, if they dont know then select “dont color manage this document”. The problem with what you will see on your display is that its an implementation from the cmyk back to rgb on your screen, so its not 100% of what will be printed.
    At our studio we often ask a trial print from our printer, to see if he prints our colors correctly. As you can’t use pms on renders and papers also differ with different ink. Another thing you can do is get a pms guide and type in the rgb values shown on the colors and see how far your display is different from the guide. Or dont worry to much about it, there is not a lot you can do if you are to far away from the printer.
    Just dont make your image too dark. Look at the levels and remember that ink doesnt shine light in your face.

  39. anton Says:

    “Most printers here in Holland print digitaly and digital printers take rgb files.”

    I am from the netherlands and the printing guy is asking me cmyk files?
    Do you have better printing reference for me?
    I know displays always show rgb but for prints they ask cmyk colors.
    Blender is no different then other 3D programs like Maya which also has no CMYK output.

  40. Joey Says:

    Great work on the shots, really looking forward in hanging the tshirt next to my blender shirt 😉

    For all the durian guys, have fun with the party tonight, due to some work related problems, i could not be there myself!
    But of course this will not be the last film 😉

    @Anton: Most of the printers in holland (and germany) require CMYK because of the machines they use here.
    What you could do is load up your image in GIMP and create a CMYK set there with the seperate+ plugin

    Have fun!

  41. anton Says:

    “What you could do is load up your image in GIMP and create a CMYK set there with the seperate+ plugin”

    Is there a download for Linux openSUSE 11.2 ?

  42. anton Says:

    Sorry I did not look good enough found it .

  43. kramer3d Says:

    Jeepster is so talented and handsome!!! Marry me!!

  44. jirms Says:

    in regards to joeri67 and anton discussing taking images to a printer …

    When discussing using CMYK color gamut in printing we are generally referring to using lithographic printers, which are still the best machine around for large print runs. For short runs a digital shop is often a better choice but a price comparison is still a good idea.

    I really would not want to see a RGB to CMYK conversion inside blender, and is really outside of the scope of 3D graphics and animation. This type of color conversion is really for a program such as GIMP or Illustrator. I believe there is a plug in that will allow GIMP CMYK support … for more information the following link is a good start.

  45. kingcreole Says:

    saw those renders on the german blenderday (jep the 4k ones) thats awesome Oo and in the movie there are thousands of those Oo its gonna be amazing!