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    Sprint – Asset list and new Rules!

    on February 19th, 2010, by jsguillemette

    Hey everyone!

    We had an, how to say…. overwhelming response about the sprint.  Initially we were planning to manage the sprint in realtime, overseeing work, assigning tasks, and keeping tabs on people.  However, since it looks like we underestimated the mass of people interested in participating, we’ve decided to go for a ‘freer’ approach so that we don’t go insane.  What this means is that we won’t be managing versions or restricting people’s options on what to model.  Here is how we’ll proceed:

    We made the list of all the objects and props we need modeled on the Blender Wiki.

    On that page you’ll be able to edit the page, and mark your name next to an item as you begin to work on it.  We think this is a good idea to get a sense of what’s being worked on, and what models are being neglected.

    So here’s how it will work:

    1. Get on IRC and log into the #Blenderdurian channel

    2. Go to the Asset wiki page here:

    Sprint Assetlist

    3. Pick an asset

    4. If you have questions about it, ask them on #Blenderdurian

    5. Start modeling (and texturing, if you wish) and post your progress on IRC as you go along so we can critique and direct you

    6. Your file should be named this way: yourname_category_assetname.blend . (No capital letters please.) Upload your work to when you’re done.

    Important Note: The models uploaded to the “Durian” Category on will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution “By” 3.0 License: unless otherwise stipulated by the artist. If you incorporate any external textures or other data into your work, make sure they are under a compatible license (CC BY, under the public domain, or CC0) and attribute the original source in your submission.  (Please put this information in an open text window in your .blend.)

    It may take some time to be approved and made public.

    7.  When it comes online, if you want to be especially awesome, take your Blenderswap model page (the one you just uploaded) and add the url to the Asset page underneath the item listed. It will be easier for us to track the models at the end of the day. Do not overwrite other people links! It’s ok to have several versions of the same asset.

    8. Go back to step two and start again! If you don’t know what to pick in the asset list, ask us, we’ll guide you!  🙂

    SOO!  You can get started right away.  Have fun!  However, the sprint officially begins, still, at 2:00pm +1 GMT on Saturday.  During this time we’ll be streaming video live and will be available in the IRC chatroom to answer questions.

    Good luck!

    –The Durian Team

    31 Responses to “Sprint – Asset list and new Rules!”

    1. D Says:

      WOOOOOOOW!!!! You guys are so awesome! I don’t understand why I feel this excited! 😀

    2. Lamoot Says:

      Go Go Go! 🙂

    3. Magic_Man_3d Says:

      Will the video be available afterwards for those that can’t participate?

    4. dd Says:

      wow.. big big big list… : )
      sprint start now …

      a question for sprint,
      there is have deadline to submit our model?

    5. Robo3Dguy Says:

      This is exciting!

      Do we have to post progress on IRC? Or can we create, upload, edit the wiki etc all without using IRC?

    6. jcl Says:

      I notice that several people have put their names next to multiple items, presumably to indicate that they are interested in modeling those items. As much as I admire the enthusiasm, the page will be much more useful if people do not put their names next to items until they are actually working on an asset — i.e. physically at their computer, working in Blender, with a reasonable expectation of uploading something within a matter of hours. I realize this is mentioned in the instructions above, but perhaps it needs to be made more explicit.

      Otherwise, people who are trying to choose what to model will not have an accurate idea of what is actually being worked on. And some things may remain unmodeled or undermodeled, since people may not be able to finish all the models that they planned to do.

    7. jeff Says:

      I have to say, I’m just an onlooker/spectator in all this, and…. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ROCK ON!

      Involving the community to multiply your manpower is the best decision you could make. I think great results will ensue. Looking forward to all this improving the amount of quality available in the final movie.

    8. alalo Says:

      I definitely want to pick two particular items from that 🙂

    9. Hubberthus Says:

      WOW, there are lots of things to do, will definitely model a rock, lol =)

    10. jsguillemette Says:

      Hey everyone! Here’s a few answer to your questions:

      1) We would appreciate if people use IRC to get feedback on their work

      2) Since this is a sprint, we expect models by the end of saturday night. Of course, some models might take more time. Only pick asset that you can do. If you feel unconfortable about doing a creature, leave it to someone else 🙂

      3) It is ok to put your name next to an asset, but don’t overdo it. Even if there is someone name next to an asset, you can still do it too. Just dont do it if there are a dozen name next to it already 😛

    11. 3dguru Says:

      hey , this is so nice … , i will be picking a model or too …

    12. Frederick D Says:


      Editing the wiki isn’t really obvious immediately though, won’t it completely break when everyone edit’s it? and blendswap is nice, but…

      It would be cool to have a bit more infrastructure in place: something integrated in blender, similar like you can go to some url trough the help menu.

      Imagine selecting ‘upload to Open Movie’. some script gives a window where you fill in all there is needed, blender makes a preview render, packs and sends the file, preferably to some space at the institute.

      you could even have an integrated irc client in a blender area, or an asset browser/cms.

      that may be a bit further off, or for some next open project?

      what would also be usefull, is some setup blend files with just basic camera and environment setup, to get an idea of scale, like a blend for small scale object, one for medium, one for environments… with light rig and such in place… to get some consistency

    13. LetterRip Says:

      Hi all some quick questions,

      guidance on poly count – how many polys?
      normal maps? if yes what resolution
      you want diffuse, specular, ao? any other maps?
      what shaders are allowed to be used? basic shaders or node also?
      do you have reference lighting? for different scenes?
      reference color for background/scene/environment?


    14. nawabz Says:

      left making a buffalo jaw bone for now untill tomorrow. take care.

      wow feel alot closer to durian now that im doing something rather than just reading and pressing F5

    15. LPT Says:

      This is awesome!
      I’m making sintel’s bed :p

    16. creek23 Says:

      game on!

    17. Robbie Losee Says:

      I tried to do some cottongrass, but suddenly I realized I totally stink at modeling… 😉
      Still, it is a lot of fun watching the flurry (or rather, blizzard) of activity on the IRC.
      Go blender community!

    18. Stephen Says:

      to be honest, I’m a little annoyed, followed all the instructions, on #Blenderdurian confirmed reserved and made the durian, and even though I was told that the asset was assigned to me it looks like someone else has also done it and been given the credit in the asset list a day after, feel like I’ve wasted my time 🙁

    19. D Says:

      No worries, Stephen. 😉 The Asset List is a wiki page; if you want to be acknowledged on there, just click ‘edit’ and put your name in. Credits will be given in the film if it’s actually used.

    20. Hi22a Says:

      I would like to contribute to this, but I have never used IRC. I installed ChatZilla, joined a random server and joined the #Blenderdurian channel. From what I can tell, I am the only one on there. Is there a specific server I need to join?

    21. Hi22a Says:

      Nevermind, I got it figured out…

    22. creek23 Says:

      Still waiting for the model to be approved… here’s my model uploaded on my server:
      Here’s the screenshot:

    23. Paulo Bardes Says:

      Congratulations everybody! all models are awesome!

    24. Chris Says:

      wicked idea the drupal project does code sprints all the time. Please do another one with a bit more notice I wasn’t able to jump on this one 🙁

    25. Paulo Bardes Says:

      We could have another sprint, many people like me couldn’t be on this…

    26. creek23 Says:

      Got mine approved on BlendSwap!

    27. Brad Cathey Says:

      I totally agree with Frederick D.
      There needs to be more infrastructure for this type of effort. A single place to get updates, manage and assign tasks, communicate, and upload and approve files. I have toyed with the idea of creating a site for this very thing (I even bought a domain name and done some design work ( The success of this SPRINT has given me confidence in the concept. Should I start coding this?

    28. jsguillemette Says:

      Bras Cathey: We had such a place. the IRC channel. We’re it was possible to receive realtime feedback on your work. It worked really well for the 300people that were in there helping us 🙂

      Thanks everyone

    29. Tim Blokdijk Says:

      About the infrastructure problem, I’m also interested in resolving that problem. Mainly from my involvement with the Spring Project at
      The Durian Sprint was/is a very interesting experiment to follow. It did work great. Considering the lack of dedicated infrastructure (beyond BlendSwap) and processes.
      Colin, thanks! You’re pushing the boundaries. Personally I only care about the distributed development methods you manage to pull of with Durian.

      I would like to point people interested in this to the following discussion:
      If there are other initiatives – I like to know about them!

    30. RockyMtnMesh Says:

      First, a big THANK YOU to the Durian team for having the courage to hold the SPRINT! I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision!

      Second, congratulations for successfully managing 300+ eager contributors. With that many people, scattered around the globe, I believe it was quite a feat.

      Third, thank you to the diverse volunteer modeling team. The skills and positive attitudes of the participants makes me proud to be counted among them.

      I had a blast, and I hope to stay connected to the production in the upcoming months!

      –RockyMtnMesh (aka C.Tucker)