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    Sintel Model, 2nd Stage, with .blend

    on December 21st, 2009, by angela

    Sintel, stage 2 model

    Sintel’s 2nd modeling stage is completed. Sculpting finer details will follow.

    notes: Scale of measurement for Durian, 1 Blender unit = 1 meter. Geometry pieces of hair/eyelashes are temporary and will be replaced with hair particles.

    Here’s the .blend

    Happy Holidays! 🙂

    – Angela

    78 Responses to “Sintel Model, 2nd Stage, with .blend”

    1. grafixsuz Says:

      This look sgreat. Nice work Angela. You too have a nice holiday.

    2. invertedNormal (brian) Says:

      awesome work, Angela!
      thank you for sharing



    3. Gu4r@ Says:

      Amazing model!

    4. young_voter Says:

      Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points.

      – Bruce Lee, 1969

      Thanks for all your hard work.

    5. kram1032 Says:

      this looks great 😀
      Happy hollidays 😀

    6. MrNoodle Says:

      I like the blender “necklace”!

    7. Rickyblender Says:

      very nice looking

      but this is not low poly
      with over 500000 vertices
      i mean you add the other objects and you’ll end up with more 1 millions vertices for a scene

      are you going to do animation with such high poly model
      and are yougoing to use a PC farm to do the animation?
      cause the render time is going to be substantial here!

      keep up the good work
      haooy 2.5

    8. rogper Says:

      Very good! 🙂

    9. ideasman42 Says:

      @Rickyblender, the poly count in the blender 3D view wouldn’t represent what is used for animation, subsurf can be lowered or we can disable it/use a lower poly version for animation etc.

      nevertheless your right that its high poly, Brecht will probably look into some kind of adaptive subdivision which can create polygons and throw them away (per tile), so as not to overload the memory with geometry when rendering. (Note that Sintel will have some multires sculpted accessories too!).

      Ofcourse after all the optimizations if this proves to be too high poly it may need to be reduced, we dont know exactly the way all these problems can be overcome.

    10. Robo3Dguy Says:

      Awesome model!

      Merry Christmas to the whole team 🙂

    11. Eibriel Says:

      Good job!!
      These will be the best blender shortfilm ever!! 😀

    12. meialua Says:

      Truly stunning model – the topology is like a manual on the best way to do these things, really great.

      The only thing that seems wrong to me are the hands, they look a tiny bit too big, almost male. I guess she is meant to be a tough character, but perhaps the hands should be a little more ‘delicate’ ? Not that I could even begin to make a mesh of this quality 😉

    13. Jacob Valenta Says:

      awesome! love it! looks almost exactly like your character test.
      you were saying that it wasn’t the actual main character…surrrrrre…. 🙂

    14. Anonymous Coward Says:

      Very nice, definitely very nice.

      Y’all need to throw her a sandwich or two though because I think she lost a little weight since Stage 1…

    15. alalo Says:

      A very nice holiday gift. Shall check it when I get time and practice hair. Thank you. Hope you guys have a good time too 🙂

    16. HenryIII Says:

      Looking great! Love her necklace… To anyone viewing it and finding it a little slow to navigate, remember to turn on VBO’s; that made it much easier to view. I’m already seeing a great attention to detail… I hope the metal plates she’s wearing will be used at some point in the movie to deflect a blow! 🙂

    17. Alexander Carby Says:

      just wanted to say thanks for the model (likewise the rest of the Durian team sharing this information and data freely). Have a fine holiday

    18. dotDigital Says:

      Model is looking great, I assumed multi-res model(s) will be used – as stated in earlier post. Lots of polys 🙂

      Brings up a question. What does your team use for asset management – production pipeline? Spreadsheets? 🙂 expensive Alienbrain? Curious.

    19. Irve Says:

      I second the metal plates usage, but I recommend padding the plates a bit for a hint for some realism. The leg-thing looks perfect for kicking too.

      I’d also reduce the leg-plate only to cover the front side (to get a better match and reduce some weight, unless she has gathered the stuff from different suppliers (er. victims) and a full armored dude is missing some expensive stuff 🙂

    20. Linkeltje Says:

      I like her very much! Can’t wait to see her soul!

      Merry days!

    21. verb Says:

      Excellent work Angela!
      I like the hands very much, well done.

    22. Nixon Says:

      Hello there:)
      thanks so much for sharing this great character….it looks awesome:)
      Have a great x-mas holiday everyone!!!

    23. ropsta Says:

      The shin is looking a bit sharper. Hmmmm….

    24. RNS Says:

      I use multires for my animation and it help cut down rendering time.however
      it will smooth your object after it turn off.hope they fix this.looking forward to see her in action. happy holiday Angela …

    25. onnevan Says:

      Wow, Angela! the tidyness and cleanliness of your model’s topology is impressive. As i’m quite impacient, I usually get bored planning my topology too much. Yours is a masterpiece of geometry applied to art. Have you got any advice for people like me who sometimes get frustrated pulling and pushing vertices around? Thank you sooo much. 😛

    26. bluetygr Says:


      Wonder why bluetygr’s name and email address popped up in this little box when I’m not them?

      Bustified cookies maybe.

    27. Magic_Man_3D Says:

      I spy an “Easter egg” on this model 🙂 Loving her necklace. Nice job Angela. Loving how this is turning out. Go team Durian!

    28. MeshWeaver Says:

      awesome! 😀 really awesome 🙂

      lol, i open 2.5 so i can open the *.blend correctly, and there she is again, staring at me, lol 😀

      cool necklace! 😀 lol 😀 is that going to stay in? would be fun 😀

      (lol, i have to turn off the Subsurf display on everything, my computer is slowing down…)

      Happy Holidays Durian Team!

      oh, i almost forgot : GO DURIAN TEAM! lol :-DDD

    29. MeshWeaver Says:

      a few minutes later: omg, the mesh is tiny! she’s smaller than the default cube! lol! 😀

      it’s really awesome Angela 😀 really cool 😀

    30. marwin Says:

      i love what you did with it ^^ more!!!
      another mesh to add to my reference yey \m/……
      tnx for the blend file ^^ happy holidays to the durian team 😀

    31. C-Bass Says:

      Amazing! I wish I could model a character with such topology.

      Thanks for the blind file. happy holidays!

    32. Bert Says:

      3d modelling is good, but design of costume seems too modern. The rest of the story design work looks like it is from an older time.

    33. Rudiger Says:

      This version of the model has totally sold me on the character design. It’s been great to see her gradually evolve into what she “should” look like.

      The toplogy looks really good as well. It’s a pity you and Campbell can’t come up with some sort of Retopify tool as a way to capture some of your modelling skill into Blender like they did with Nathan and the Rigify tool!

    34. Jayden/Logidude Says:

      Here. Thanks for the model. Almost didn’t load on my computer. I hae done what I have been waiting for , a 3d Turntable of Sintel! Here it is:
      Hope this makes you wan to make a 3D version of the movie.

    35. Afief Says:

      Love the model, I had to turn off subsurf to be able to move around at all.

      But aren’t her clothes a bit *too* asymmetric?

    36. D Says:

      Thank you so much! It’s awesome, for lack of other adjectives. 😀

    37. Arne Babenhauserheide Says:

      I love it! Many thanks for sharing the .blend!

      But damn, does it eat resources when I activate shading 🙂

      Now to the nasty RPG questions: Why does she wear the broad sleeve at her right arm but not at the left? Does she want her left hand unencumbered – is she left handed or right-handed? Or does she just like the style, but can’t get her hands on enough silk to wear it on both arms? Why does she wear the metal plates on her left shoulder and on her right leg instead of having both on one side?

      PS: These questions aren’t meant as criticism, but as encouragement to add background details. There are many unfilled character hooks in the blend which just cry to be filled by colorful characterization.

    38. MadSquirrel Says:

      Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
      … on the other hand, the more you share, the more we want, and the more impatient we are 😉

      But for now, let’s wish the whole team a very happy holiday ! All of you deserve it, after such a great work.
      Thanks again.

    39. Lee Says:

      Hey guys thanks for all the great comments, feedback and ideas. I’m always popping over to look at what Angela’s working on, It’s amazing to see her model forming.

      *****Just a quick note for all those finding it slow rotating around Sintel etc in the 3d view, go to ‘User Preferences’ under ‘File’ and then go o the ‘SYSTEM’ tab. Near middle top of that, the checkbox “”VBOs””. This will insanely increase the speed of your 3d view (should work with most graphics cards).

    40. Saverio Says:

      thanks for the awesome model, and merry Christmas to all of you

    41. Sootn Says:

      Nothing more to say then nice model!
      Keep on going!

    42. rogper Says:

      Thanks for the tip Lee, it’s just like you said!
      Now I’m curious, what does mean “VBOs”!?

    43. rogper Says:

      …sorry, better put, why does it increases speed so much!?

    44. SeanJM Says:

      Her hands a really big and I find her face to be a bit long.


    45. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) Says:

      Shes beautiful! (In an artistic, visual and 3D aspect)

      I really like the way this model is going. Sure shes not in proportion, but its a very nice style you guys are developing. You can pretty much know her personality just from looking at her.

      And Im very happy to see that her breasts are not as epicly massive as this movie will be.

      Well done Angela.

    46. acro Says:

      Sheer brilliance! Thank you so much for making this available so early on, it’s so great to see the process.
      It looks like it’s time to scrutinize every model I’ve made, after seeing this masterclass-in-a-file.
      I am particularly compelled to ask how in the name of sanity Angela made those continuous-loop straps on the forearm, corset lace, and… the knife handle. Isn’t that a total nightmare of thin bits poking back through the other side of the mesh, or going flat? It’s so evenly curved. If I wasn’t jabbering so much about this I’d be speechless 🙂

    47. Roland Says:

      About handedness and armor placement. It looks like she’s right handed. Armor on right leg for a round-house style kick, connecting with the shin, etc. Left shoulder is facing opponent in a side or quarter combat stance. The only thing that should be considered, based on the actual fight choreography is the dagger placement. If she’s going to draw and throw it, it should be on her left hip — more natural draw. However, if she’s going to fight with it properly (point down — not point up: too easy to stab yourself that way) the placement is correct, but should probably be canted forward a bit for a perfect draw.

    48. ndee (Andreas) Says:

      Hi Angela,
      nice to see progress on Sintel! I’m really excited about seeing the next Step, where the sculpting is more focused.

      One Point about the Charakter. Maybe this is just some more personal liking. But I think at this Point her Proportions are not female enough. I mean not to give her bigger breasts or something like that. Just to tweak a little bit the shape. In this state she is very childish. My personal intention. I know you are trying to achieve an anime look.
      I’ve taken your Model an just tweaked a little bit with the grab Brush.
      Here are my Points that I’ve changed.
      Her upper Body is a little short so I’ve pulled down her hips and thined her wasteline just a little bit. Same goes for knee joints and ankles.

      So heres the Image. This is just a suggestion. Just take what may helpfull for you!

    49. rogper Says:

      ^_^ I also like your version more… but like you say it’s just personal liking.

    50. Matty Says:

      There are also model bones in the .blend file?

    51. Todd McCullough Says:

      I think her proportions are fine. Does every chick now a days need to resemble a porn star?
      I think her hands are an excellent size. Zooming out we’ll still see them animate. Michaelangelo’s David had big hands. Most artist’s exagerate hands. Esthetics.
      I can see why they chose you for the job angela. Great work.
      What are you going to do when you go to sculpt?
      Are you going to alter the sculpted mesh to have polies that are a more uniform average size across the entire mesh?
      Or are you going to sculpt this mesh?

    52. Emili Sancha Says:

      Corset ??? !!!

      Happy holydays !!!

    53. Bao2 Says:

      Sculpt now? I think it is perfect as it is just now.
      Better in my opinion the childish look than the proposed modifications for making her to look more aged.

    54. Lancer Says:

      Nice work – as others have stated she’s pretty high poly… I immediately thought “that’s too many edgeloops” when I saw her face. Looked like you’d decided to subdiv the face to make it look to us like you were modeling really smooth or something.
      The thing I’d worry about as an animator would be the amount of loose cloth etc in the sleeves, trouser tears and necklace rope… are all these elements going to be animated in the action?

    55. Ricardo Says:

      Excellent work Angela! What’s your operacional system? Bye.

    56. be200fx Says:

      Something about VBOs here:

      Magic_Man_3D: thanks for mentioning the easter egg. I wouldn’t even have noticed it.

      Angela: Your meshes look like all curves — how do you do that? Is there a tutorial out there somewhere?

    57. RH2 Says:

      liberal use of edge loops 😀


    58. Gianmichele Says:

      I don’t think the model is too hi res. Unfortunately for the kind of detail they want and the resolution this is going to be rendered, that’s what is required to have really good deformations.
      I’m curious to see how you guys will handle all the details throughout the whole pipeline, from modeling down to rigging, animation, fx and rendering. This will be a really good test ground for Blender.

      Anyway, I wanted to say: Wonderful model Angela! Not too sure about the cheek area but everything looks super cool!


    59. Bert Says:

      I guess another thing that bothers me, and maybe I haven’t thought it through, but the asymmetry in the costume design seems more for the sake of asymmetry itself rather than for the practical benefit of the character.

    60. ndee(Andreas) Says:

      @ Todd McCullough
      I don’t want to make her into pornstar. As I already have written. But it seems that most of you guys like her that way she is, so I have no Problem with that.
      Just wanted to point out in which direction her body could go to give her a slight more female but even so girlish touch. It has not to be that much. If you know my Charakters that i paint you would know, that I am far away from that pornstar cliche.

      greetings Andreas

    61. Ron the Hybrid Says:

      Awesome Original Model. It really helps those , like me, who are wondering how to make rig-ready topography, especially for joints. NOTE: No matter what you do you will have pointless critiques, I’m not one of them, good job!

    62. ndee (Andreas) Says:

      Just to clairify this! I really like this Model as it is! And Angela you’ve done a great Job so far. This is not meant as critique, but just to give some other inspiration. For me this could help sometimes alot. Just to see what are the possibilities and you just take what you need. If Angela doesn’t like it she can ignore that. I am totally ok with that 🙂
      I am absolutely behind the decisions of the durian Team. They have there reasons why they do things they way they do it.

    63. ghO Says:

      Campbell, adaptive subdivision sounds really good. Is it only planned for render or also for fast display in viewport when sculpting?

    64. IdoNotKnow.. Says:

      Hello Angela,
      i have some questions about the Model of Sintel

      Is the model itself (without clothes) going to stay like this? because there would be more clothes for her or not? For example the hands or feet, should Sintel always wair boots and gloves?

      Just a question^^

    65. JustinBarrett Says:

      ASubD sounds amazing….I love that this is being looked into….or at least being thought over.

    66. Gez Says:

      The model is awesome. It has a good balance between detail and simplicity, and the topology looks great everywhere you look.

      Just a few thoughts:
      +1 for the hands comment. They look like a 10% larger than they should be.
      The clothes look good but the boots look too modern.
      I’d “fix” the larger hole in the pants. Maybe with a sewed patch or something. I guess that one doesn’t leave such holes on the clothes when you have snowy weather 😉

    67. RidiculousX Says:

      is there a technique you guys used to make all the perfectly shaped straps/belts/laces? like the knot in the necklace and the laces etc… i’ve tried making such models by manually extruding and rotating and positioning until a strap is formed, but unless you pay careful attention to usually ends up kinks and other inconsistencies.

      thanks a lot for releasing this BTW, it’s really hard to find professional quality models for free, and for enthusiasts like me it’s endlessly fascinating to look at stuff like this rather than just the finished product.

    68. tmcthree Says:

      v nIce, glad you steered away from the overly sexualIsed look, clIched tIny waIst etc. She looks lIke a pretty tomboy.

      @Campbel … AdaptIve subdIvIsIon would be great, partIcularly If It could be somehow made to work In conjunctIon wIth multIres and sculpt!!

    69. Blendiac Says:

      Cool! I was able to open and rotate this on a computer with the open source Radeon video drivers. It looks great! I liked it when I first saw the photo’s but I like it even more having seen all the way around it. So many nice little touches from the cord wrapped around the dagger handle, to the belt holes, to the way the straps over her shoulders attach at the back. Beautiful work, Angela!

      I’m hoping the Blender store is going to have some kind of “modeling with 2.5” training product after Durian comes out. I’d love to see how you did this!

    70. zaghaghi Says:

      Hi guys,

      Thank you for the model 🙂
      I add some details to hip_shield, take a look.

      have a good day;

    71. Tiffy Says:


      Your modeling of this character is beautiful. Thank you so much for this sharing of your work-in-progress.

      Happy Holidays back atcha

    72. iozk Says:

      the file no open in blender 2.49b

    73. Dylan McCall Says:

      I was playing around with cloth sim on a slightly simplified mesh 🙂

      Works pretty well (yay, Blender!), but I did encounter one odd scale-related problem. The minimum collision distance is, at a minimum, 0.001 units. If you make a cube and scale it to that, then measure it with the distance from the top to Sintel at the start, you’ll notice that this is a pretty significant distance on the current scale of your mesh! (This is also a fine demonstration that, if somebody wants to make something cool, they should make a ruler tool).

      Indeed, the simulation is then totally screwed up because the top starts off inside that collision distance. It is pushed away, rippling like crazy.

      I scaled the scene up a bunch so that 0.001 was actually a reasonably small distance, and all worked well.

      So, hopefully Blender can be made to handle a smaller number than .001. (Unless, that is, I’m completely misunderstanding things; I haven’t played with cloth much before. It is so much easier in 2.5, though, so I couldn’t resist!)

    74. Niyado Says:

      Hey guys, this is so great, dont you guys have a tutorial about good topology and how to evade triangles? im stuck in that, i know how to model but when the tris appear sometimes i dont know how to deal with them, thx 🙂

    75. Anthony Says:

      Great Model
      I added some more accessories eg. sword…

    76. 3v1l-60bl1n Says:

      First of all you are doing a great job, but i have a, what might be considered, stupid question, but I’m a super-noob, who didn’t do
      anything in blender before, but I am interested in learning.
      Now I’ve downloaded the .blend-file and I wasn’t able to open it in blender.
      is it caused by the blender version 2.49b that I use, but the file was made in 2.5alpha? when i wanted to open it, blender crashed. I’m using windows vista (32-bit), by the way. Python 2.6.4 is installed.

      Keep on producing this awesome movie, I’m sure it will be amazing

      Greetings from Germany

    77. D Says:

      Yes, you should download a recent build of 2.5 from to open the blend. 🙂

    78. Krzysiek Kajura Says:

      Angela… You are the best 3D modeler which i ever seen.
      I do not know how to thank you, for sharing model
      There are no words that I could use to express how wonderful the model You created. For me, it would be a dream which come true. I will be training 😀
      Just keep going!