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Sintel hits a million views on YouTube

on October 5th, 2010, by Ton

Sintel is a phenomenal hit on YouTube! We’ve just crossed the million mark, and this will only get better. Reactions there are wonderful too, seems we’ve made everyone cry and stunned! 🙂

Use this link on youtube to see the latest stats for views.


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  1. J. Says:

    It could have been worse, Blender is everything but dead! 😛 😛 😛

  2. maddes Says:

    I really love this Movie. I’m one of those that needed to watch it several times to find into the story, but now i really love it.
    Probably a movie should “work” by watching it only once, but for lots of people that’s not true with sintel.
    So I ask myself: why ? … ?

    I can find some flaws in the Storyline that annoys me more or less. And when i begin to think about how to do it better, it always (mostly) results in bringing additional scenes into sintel. When i have to accept that somehow sintel needed to stay in budget, i have to admit you guys have done the very best possible job in creating this movie. It’s exactly as Colin (the master itself) stated in the Interview at Blenderguru: Sintel is a bit too large for these 12 mins + Credits. It could deserve some additional minutes of story (and some additional 100.000€ of budget) to make some parts more “believable”. So i’m completely stunned with what you’ve done – and you already increased this thing from originaly six to eight mins up to twelve!

  3. Frederick D Says:

    Congratulations to the team, and all ! That’s amazingly fast to hit 1million views!

    Interesting to read some bit about the funding and such.

    a feature film… maybe by the time blender hit’s 3.0…

    With blender more developed, more capable, the possibilities to do better work faster also improves… by then you can have generic logic nodes, so more atomation ( but artist controlled of course.

    Also, by then, with maybe a few shorts before it still, Blender will have a much bigger community, many willing to sponsor.

    I find it interesting how some scenes of Sintel were made by external studio’s. That model should be expanded upon massively for a feature film.

    And also, community sprints, there’s a lot of, more and more, of people eager to help out. by the time blender hit’s 3.0 you could have integrated infrastructure to do so.

    someone in this thread mentioned merchandizing, why not? that could be an interesting revenue, it doesn’t has to stop with t shirts. how is the license around this actually, is any merchandizing effort also CC ?

    the costs and time involved do up exponentioally indeed, but there are ways to bring it back, by having a super talented core team doing thier stuff at the blender institute, but more as a directing effort. animation director, aret director, screenplay directing, …

    Have the script, the animatic, all such done, then do delegation and integration work to bring it all together, models, animation and all such stuff from the community, whole scenes by studio’s, and community why not. Direction will have to be very enforced to make it manageble.

    It would be inetersting to see how that would work out, how you can plan around that. And how much that brings the cost down.

    Go for it!

  4. joeri67 Says:

    ” Joeri: I’ve learned valuable lessons about investors! 😉 ”

    With prefunding the movie is truely free from commercial influences, thats a very valuable thing.

  5. cat88 Says:

    Congrats for the mill hits!
    broke my heart,
    Yet another narrow minded human obsession turning into a tragedy,
    love it! thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Anon Says:

    Hey, I have to ask – what is the name of the font used in credits? I mean this:

  7. Habo Says:

    congrats! I knew it would have many views, so no surprise… 😀 It’s proof of good job… Today I found slovak subtitles in official video (on youtube) – can you tell me who made it, please? Or can you give me contact to him/her? I would like to chat with him/her about it, because I made my own version short time after Sintel’s release… 🙂 (And I think my version is better in few points and worse in other points…)

  8. Ton Says:

    Habo: on the bottom of the download page is a link to the forum where subtitle discussions are being done.

  9. David Mulder Says:

    @Ton: I have been wondering about the estimates you described for a feature length movie, first of all it needs to only be about 60-80 minutes long, secondly “For a feature, the costs per minute should be defined to go up with a factor 4 to 10. (more attention for detail, better sims, more characters per shot, better wages)” seems to not be that realistic, as feature movies tend to quite often even have less attention for detail as it fall away into the background of the whole story and more characters per shot is true if you look at any single shot but as a whole it will level out due to the ability to reuse characters more often. If you for example take “How to train your dragon”, 90% of the characters seem to be modeled after the same 3 or 4 main models. If not for the higher wages – which make sense – economically speaking there should even be a general factor decreasing price/min due to static costs (servers and other investments). But even if there is a 4x factor (which in all humbility seems to be too high to me…) increase currently the price/min was 32 000 (actually lower due to the static cost) times a 55 minutes (minimum feature length-subtitles etc.) gives 7M (Just trying to figure out a realistic absolute minimum estimate).
    Next concerning financial problems, one possible option to explore is to literary get such a movie into the cinema’s. I am quite aware that logistically that would be extremely hard to get round, as that would also mean that I suppose about 40% of your current funds would be inaccessible (not sure about the requirements for these funds) and on top of that I suppose wages would increase even more, however the theoretical income of such a thing should balance the investments out. This still wouldn’t solve the initial investment necessary, however with a realistic source of ‘profit’ and previous experience finding investors shouldn’t be impossible.
    Lastly I still believe you are undervaluing the opportunities of crowd-sourcing work, if set up correctly it should be *realistically* possible to get entire scenes created by outside teams. Of course this could possibly result in slight deviations in style, but look at for example the community effort which went into “sintel the game”. Most important in this would still be that all of this should be coordinated from a single central point (person+dedicated website), but I am fairly certain half a movie could be created in such a manner. Such a thing would of course require the movie to be slightly episodic in it’s nature, but with a good story this shouldn’t matter. One important thing to note is that it would need to be extremely clear to possible crowdsourcers where any possible profit (@cinema idea) would go to, and that means clearer than simply “to the blender foundation”. Personally I have quite a number of more specific idea’s how such a website and crowd-sourcing effort would need to be set up, so if this is ever attempted (or if anybody is interested either way) feel free to contact me and I would love to share them (ain’t going to write them down here, because possibly nobody will ever read this and it would mean this comment will become thrice as long XD).

    One more wishful source of funding (though definitely not unrealistic) would be from an organization like greenpeace or world wildlife fund. At the very least I know that the world wildlife fund once sponsored a short (15 minutes) commercially produced animation movie and if a good story would be set up with a clear message I suppose it should be possible to find a main sponsor in such an area (not limited to nature, but any big non-profit organizations with a message).

  10. Q Says:

    Making a feature length film would certainly be awesome- despite how difficult financially and timely it would be. That said, I can’t see how any investor could say no after watching Sintel. It’s simply too good.

  11. Valera Says:

    Oh… My god! It`s beautiful. Authors of this animated film – you are the best!
    Sorry, for me broken English.
    From Russia with thanks & respect!
    Вы – лучшие! Я не видел ничего подобного, рыдал, как дитя! =)

  12. Valera Says:

    Interesting: will you see Russian words? I hope – yes.
    And… Sorry for MY broken English)

  13. J. Says:

    I see them, but don’t understand a single bit of it! 😛

  14. Carol Ross Says:

    Absolutely NONE of my friends had ever heard of Sintel before today, let alone seen it, in view of all those YouTube hits. I would not have known about it myself, except for a friend who saw it on a video site today, and sent me the link. The whole production, IMHO, is incredible and wonderful. Such great talent you all have. Kudos

  15. Anonymous Says:

    He said: “You’re the best! I cried like a child! =)” <— A bit obvious, huh? 😉

  16. Valera Says:

    Right!) Thanks for translate

  17. MartianR Says:

    Sintel is a very good self-contained animation short with a nicely economic story arc. It’s a mark of an excellent piece when it leaves one wishing for more, but I can’t really see the need to extend it to a feature length. Putting all technical and logistical issues to one side, I get the sense that this project is done and there are other ambitions to fulfil for Blender in terms of the application and other media projects, which will push the boundaries still further

    IMHO, attempting to redo Sintel in a longer form would be like trying to trap a butterfly. Where is the beauty in that ?

  18. David Mulder Says:

    @MarianR: Nobody is speaking about redoing Sintel, rather people were discussing the next open movie project.

  19. MartianR Says:

    @David Mulder

    David, A number of people on various threads have indicated a desire for a longer version, partly because they enjoyed Sintel so much, but you are right, on this thread many are excited by the thought of a longer form successor using Blender.

    I suppose the point I was rather ineptly making was that the Blender Institute and foundation are centred around projects that can advance Blender, both in terms of the application itself and in growing take-up in studio pipelines. Of necessity and in order not to defocus and spread resources too thin, that means short form pieces are eminently achievable (as shown by Sintel), but longer forms might require a different studio structure.

    It took a year to make Sintel in-house, but a year may be all that is a available to make a feature, and that may only be possible given an external but dedicated and heavily-manned commercial structure.

    Although a fantastic story and animation, Sintel was a ostensibly a vehicle to carry Blender forward, (which it has done spectacularly). If the Blender Institute were to foster long form films internally, would that not distract from the core mission ?

    I’m rambling, I guess, but Blender is moving towards industrial take-up, and I think it is in the wider studio community where we will find long-form development, leaving the Blender Institute to do what it does best, which is carving out fresh ground, untrod by others.

    I enjoyed your post. I was just offering another angle 🙂



  20. David Mulder Says:

    @MartianR: Yeah, I considered those things too and I am quite aware of the core goal of the open movie projects. Still I believe that taken the investment which is necessary for a feature-length movie to be developed (both in terms of time and financially) compared to the attention blender is given due to this seems rather weak in respect to the attention a full fletched movie gets. Together with the financial perspective of it as I described in my previous post and the possibility of adding a very short blender-commercial to a full fletched movie seems worth it IMHO. Aside of this, if the studio’s will see a full fletched movie being developed with blender it will be far more motivational than a ‘simple’ short movie. And either way, unlike Ton I think that if set up correctly a full feature length movie should be relatively cheap and relatively quick to manufacture. Naturally it all depends on what kind of scenes, styles and story would be chosen… but if carefully planned it would be quite possible.

    Still, the weakest point of blender – it’s UI – won’t improve through all these projects, as they are all done by people who already know blender… and it the most important barricade for outsiders to pick Blender up, so I hope some day time will be invested in a re-haul of the user interfaces and interactions. And with that I am not referring only to the locations of everything, but the actual interactions. It’s the same with android for example, android is far more powerful than any of it’s competition, but due to the fragmentation in the developmental process it’s just one big mess.

  21. dwainbrown smith Says:

    In less than 1 week of its premier on Youtube, the Blender-made short movie – Sintel has crossed 1 million views. The 15 minute animated film is developed by Blender Foundation as a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite.

  22. mSky Says:

    Splendid picture, and nice concepts, but too short and too sorrowful ending, we NEED MORE, we NEED CONTINUATION.
    wbr to developers