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    Sintel blu-ray .iso download

    on July 14th, 2011, by Ton

    Here you can find an updated (fixed!) Blu-ray .iso. Special thanks to Mathias Linden for the service!

    7 Responses to “Sintel blu-ray .iso download”

    1. Mathias Says:

      I hope this one fixes all problems. I still don’t have any BluRay equipment, so I still wasn’t able to test it. Please report back, if you have any problems.
      Remember you can burn this on normal DVDs and it should work with your BluRay player.

    2. Alex Says:

      Thank you so much for this, I’m downloading right now, I hope it works. As for testing, mplayer now supports Bluray playback through libbluray or some other library.

    3. Carlos Puebla Says:

      Seems to work fine on bluray drive in a pc, but it´s a different story in a home bluray 🙁 ; I suppose because a region restriction but im not sure, i live in american continent.Could be be great have a iso for this region. Probably i can help you in any way .What software did you use to make this blu any advise for authoring or something that you want to share of this the road ? Thanks in advance for all the effort,the video quality its very good.

    4. Felipe Says:

      Damn I saw, gave us much anxiety and wanted to cry at the end, I fikei very angry, it never leaves my head to our final one of these? They could have done a happy ending, but I do not care, I thought the script for the second movie, do it, even little old lady, not so old, she took care of small small dragon that was saved in the end, you invented a story to 2 film, and in the end, the Dragon of it, which “died” appears, cured with an expression I came back, I lost, then they 3 will happy = D
      Or a story in which she and the baby dragon that was saved in the end, go into something to resurrect the dragon it = D but for God’s sake, do the second movie with a happy ending, but the dragon died, come back or appear again, at least to talk to forgive her, just so my Awareness will be left alone, please = (

      My soul demands it = /

    5. tria Says:

      Any plans for releasing a stereoscopic version of the movie (3D version). Maybe side-by-side or sequential. Given the fact it is made by Blender it will be easier to do as all what is needed is a second rendering view, not to mention it will be great!

    6. Cyrox Says:

      Hmmm… I downloaded and burned the blu-ray .iso to a BD-R using Nero Burning Essentials. I played it in my PS3, but no video, only sound. Why?

    7. saeed Says: