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Premiere: Netherlands Film Festival

on June 23rd, 2010, by Ton

Great news! We will have an official film premiere at a renowned festival this time! Today we’ve received confirmation from the Netherlands Film Festival that they’ve accepted Sintel in competition and as a premiere event! The NFF is the biggest film event in the Netherlands, with all our movie stars and crews visiting, and with daily TV coverage.

The festival opens 22nd september, premiere date will be known end of July.

Our planning will roughly remain the same though, to be ready mid july (yes, in three weeks!). However, two people will stay longer to help getting the best finals rendered in August, do color/contrast correction and ensure the 35mm copy is being made. In the August/September period the DVD authoring will also begin, and the 4k rendering could start even. Around the official premiere the DVDs should go to print, and we intend to put the film online right after the festival as well.

Since most of the crew will fly back home around the 20th of July, we thought it would be great fun to organize a goodbye party for the Durian team, and a ‘finals screening’ for everyone who’s helped us out in the past 10 months. Also our loyal (dvd) sponsors are welcome to attend this event! Here’s the where and how:

Durian Finals Party
Sunday, July 18th, 20:30h
Studio K Cinema
Timorplein 62, Amsterdam

There are limited seats and we’ll work with a guest list. To get on the guest list is easy, just email me (ton at blender org) your Durian DVD order number, and I’ll return your guest list number! Seems fair eh? 🙂

Also note that we will show an unfinished film with an unfinished soundtrack. Only in September we’ll be ready for sure!


42 Responses to “Premiere: Netherlands Film Festival”

  1. Paul Lunneberg Says:

    Very cool! Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to its release!

  2. pharion3d Says:

    wow, its that close already… cant wait 😀

  3. Says:

    yippy so movie will be release to the world on the 22nd Sept 2010
    btw third post.

    cmon england

  4. Ciriaco Says:


  5. iCandy 3D Says:

    I really hope to be there in Utrecht for the premiere 😀 really want to see it on a big screen! But please place a Bluray pre-order :< I don't want to buy both the DVD and the Bluray. The BBB Bluray had the same content as the dvd hadn't it?

  6. D Says:

    So many dates! Awesome! 😀
    Congratulations on getting accepted for the NFF premiere.

    So excited, and yet so disappointed to not be able to attend the finals screening! 🙁 Oh well, I should know better than to watch unfinalized work, anyway.

  7. Ton Says:

    The Blu-ray is being produced independently, most likely not having the studio database or all the other extras (tutorials, avi files, weeklies, tests, and so on). We do resell these blu-rays, but don’t make real profits on it. When we get these is unknown.
    The DVD is an in-house product, and you can see it as the official reward for a donation.

  8. Omar_Ramirez Says:

    God, I can’t wait fot the realease! Wish I could visit the Netherland just so I could be at the premiere.

  9. J. Says:

    WOOOWWWW, that’s good news! 😀

    I really like to attend the July 18th screening, but I haven’t pre-ordered the DVD simply cause I really like to pre-order the Blu-ray. (it doesn’t matter I get it months later, I just want to pre-order to support you)

    So is their any solution to fulfill this little wish, Ton?

  10. David Jordan Says:

    J.: Perhaps you could preorder the DVD rather than wait for the bluray. They’re already going to include 1080p versions either as extra files on the DVD set or definitely online. That might work or not with you current home theater setup, but you can definitely get at least bluray quality versions regardless, maybe even 2k/4k versions.
    Ton: Can we hope for the 2k/4k versions to be publicly available too? 🙂

  11. Jon Nordby Says:

    Excellent news. Very curious to see how this plays out. You’re doing great work here, Ton and Durian team.

  12. iCandy 3D Says:

    well I guess I’l be pre-ordering the DVD soon then 🙂 too bad the bluray doesnt have all the extras but the DVD has a 1080p version anyways 🙂

  13. J. Says:

    @David Jordan:
    I just did, creating a HD version myself that works on my BD player is quite easy.

    And btw, seing the film a month earlier on a ”private” screening is very exciting, isn’t it?

  14. Nik Says:

    I hope the people who will attend the private screening don’t give away any spoilers!

  15. J. Says:

    Maybe do we have to sign an NDA? 😉

  16. Random Poster #22 Says:

    Wowzers! This is awesome! I wonder if longer films will ever be produced, like say twenty to forty minutes or does Ton have to keep them down to something that can be finished in under a year?

  17. Humole Says:

    wow! that sounds awesome i cant wait for it! i wish you the best luck ^.^

  18. RNS Says:

    Great news and when is the next blender release – will that be in the DVD too?
    and for the crew big thanks and happy journey.

  19. kram1032 Says:

    That’s great news 😀
    Film festivals are a great way to promote movies 🙂

  20. Christiaan (AniCator) Says:

    I just ordered the DVD-box.
    Can’t be there though. I’m never available on Sundays.

  21. Matt Says:

    Congratulations, that’s great news

  22. Nicknamz Says:

    Goods News!!… Yea, durian Team deserve a big party, and for sure a video for us, days gonna fly, July will come pretty fast.



  23. Graham Wiebe Says:

    ohhh. wish I could be there. I actually have a flight that arrives on the 21st. so not only do I miss the premier but everyone will have left also 🙁

  24. J. Says:

    Not so sad, Ton and 2 others are still present, then. 😉

    I’ll be attending the premiere and maybe I take some photographs, maybe… (I always end up in quarrel with that damn cheap ALDI camera! 🙁 )

    How will you play the workprint in Studio K?

  25. Ton Says:

    Each visitor to the party is supposed to act like a guest here in the Blender Institute. From guests we expect to behave civilized, not posting spoilers or bootlegs!
    We will show the film playing from a computer using Studio K’s HD projector. No ‘work prints’.
    The blu-ray we sell in our store with only a minimal margin, to support our users. It’s not a product to support Durian, the price of a blu-ray would be like 55 euro then.

  26. gustav Says:

    So no sintel at Siggraph?

  27. joeri67 Says:

    Does this mean the creators do not get to see the premiere?

  28. J. Says:

    Btw for everyone who thinks the whole story gets revealed July 19th on the internet, making photographs does NOT mean taking photos off the screen, just of the crowd and the whole happy Blender family.

    @Ton: I actually mean ”digital workprint”, just a kind of slang, whether digital or not. 😉

  29. Month3d Says:

    Wow, awesome, gonna try to get free from work for the finals screening, looking forward to it already! Got to dig up my order number I guess

    Oh and ofcourse big “gefeliciflapstaart” (congraturlations) to the team!

  30. Ton Says:

    Gustav: We have two BoF meetings at Siggraph, on which I will show some Sintal shots and making-of goodies.
    Joeri: We’ll fly in as many team members as possible for the premiere. Depends budget of course, and depends on who would rather fly in for the Blender Conference, just a month later.

  31. Grv Says:

    good luck guys.

  32. J. Says:

    Will the film be played by the Cinemanet player in Studio/K, or do you use an own/other computer?

  33. Temitopa.A Says:

    3 weeks. That’s a good news for us! This movie will be a shining light for Blender

  34. joeri67 Says:

    I’d rather go to the real premiere and see and hear the finished thing.
    I know I had a clouded view on the ED premiere because I knew to much about it. But I’d also like to meet the makers, so I’m still in doubt when to go.

    I think I’ll go to the NFF and meet as many fab people as possible at the bconf.

    There is also 2500,= to win at the NOFF ( online FF submit deadline 10 Aug. ) – That flies in another 2 🙂

  35. Ton Says:

    J: we use our own computer to playback.

  36. Mr Blender Says:

    WHY DO I HAVE TO LIVE IN CALIFORNIA(ok distance wise its not as bad as hawaii)BUT STILL!!!
    Hey how long is the film cus i might just wait for it on youtube
    Also the sneakpeek of(?)
    Sintel The Game: Adventure of the Bravest(?)
    You are in a RPG/Sandbox game
    You must brave the gaurds, level up, and then finally destroy(?!!!!)THE BIG BUCK BUNNY xD
    OK serously thats ALMOST what the game should be like(only its the castle instead of BBB) 🙂
    Well happy Blending
    (oh if you Ton respond Thank you so much!!like im getting a responce from the MAN?!!!!WHOOHOO AWESOME)Well happy Blending again

  37. J. Says:

    Well, invite Ton to come to your local cinema with a 35mm copy under is arm, who knows… 😉

  38. Mr Blender Says:

    Ton plaese come to mylocal cinema with a 35mm copy under your arm

  39. belich Says:

    good luck and enjoy the party, you people deserve it, great work with sintel and with blender 2.5x.

    im in Argentina its a little bit far for going, but for the next project ill be sending my portfolio 😛

    good luck!

  40. Van Fossen Says:


  41. joeri67 Says:

    Awesome. I hope the making-of will be shown as well.

  42. Bryan Jalowitz Says:

    Please let me know which day Sintel is queued up for at the Netherlands Film Festival so I can confirm my flight from Chicago ASAP to see it in its final form.

    I signed up on the NFF site; however, I was not yet able to find anything there as to specific times etc…

    Have a happy day!!! I know I will!!!