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Pre-premiere time!

on July 18th, 2010, by Pablo Vazquez

Quickie one! Couple hours ago we reached 100.57% of final renders done! (yea we even passed it! πŸ˜› )

We’re doing last minute encoding of the film right now, got the prints and t-shirts on the car, about to leave to Studio K for the pre-premiere.
We are so anxious, can’t wait! Next blogpost we’ll tell how things went πŸ˜€

OK time to leave, for those who can make it to the pre-premiere, see you there! let’s have some fun, party, drinks, blendergeekie time πŸ˜€

Gotta go, wish us luck! πŸ˜€

58 Responses to “Pre-premiere time!”

  1. Dusty Says:

    It always amazes me that these things actually get finished!

    But there you have it! It’s done!

    Well done guys! You all deserve a large cookie!!

    Enjoy the pre-premier!

    Then…. on to the PREMIER!

  2. dolf Says:

    Hello everyone!

    Just a quick one… It’s early monday… well not that early actually. Woke up with somewhat of a hangover. We had an awesome evening yesterday. It was great to see the movie we worked on so hard on a proper big screen with proper big audio and a proper big crowd. Shees….

    Thank you all for the support over these last months. The experience was truly epic! We (the team) will post something soon… with some more pics of the screening and such. For now I’ll go make another coffee or two.

    Thanks again… what a night… what a project…

  3. drClick91 Says:

    Was here, yesterday.
    Have seen Beautiful Sintel.
    2 times
    Want more.
    Epic story, too short.
    Epic Quality.
    Epic Team.
    Will stay in my mind forever

    Thanks Ton and Co.
    Pascal from Paris

  4. J. Says:

    This movie was never meant for little kids, they’d always 12+/PG-13 in mind.
    And btw, the violence isn’t graphic, but yes, it’s bloody, but in a very cinematic way.

  5. creek23 Says:

    spoilers! boo!

  6. joeri67 Says:

    Tell that to my 7 and 4 year old.

    “the violence isn’t graphic”
    I don’t agree. But I think we are not allowed to discuss this open project.

  7. J. Says:

    Not graphic in the sense of no clear injuries visible.
    It never gets as gory/bloody as Beowulf. (the bloodiest PG-13 animated movie ever made, that was really a shock and a point of discussion for many people)

    If you take little kids to this movie with ”How to train your dragon” in mind… well, that’s your own responsibility, but don’t blame others. πŸ˜‰

  8. Austin Art War Says:

    I am stoked at the accomplishment of this team. I am dying to see this short and become a fan like others already have.