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Open Source audio… (and the Open Project forum)

on August 26th, 2009, by Ton


Soon to be linked here better; there’s also a forum where people can share ideas or communicate about our Open Projects. It hasn’t been used too extensively in the past – this blog already gave enough to talk about – but it sometimes works very well!

Check for example on an interesting new thread about open source audio tools, and the role Durian could play in it:


4 Responses to “Open Source audio… (and the Open Project forum)”

  1. Markus Says:

    It is very good to read that Jan is constantly scanning the open source audio options… I just hope that at one day the audio tools are at the same level as Blender.


    PS: maybe the developers from the open source audio tools don’t know what the industry needs?

  2. derLars Says:

    I totally vote for not setting up a forum for ideas, but use for that. It’s a lot better for dealing with a bigger community and much more structured. You can check one very busy installation on the

  3. numarul7 Says:

    How about LMMS ? cross-platform and can be enhanced with some more developers ?

    Looks near to pro.

  4. Gerard Braad Says:

    The tool Aldrin ( is also quite interesting. It is a sequencer (like a tracker ala OctaMED or Soundtracker) and Buzz (the modular synthesizer.