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    Online film release: September 30

    on September 22nd, 2010, by Ton

    Well you never know… Amsterdam can flood or so. But we target at next week thursday for spreading our film online! Work on the DVD with the loads of extras still continues, when this goes to be duplicated I’ll notify you!

    Official press release can be loaded here.

    It’ll be epic!


    94 Responses to “Online film release: September 30”

    1. Schlipak Says:

      I have troubles with opening the press release file : it seems to be damaged or corrupted.
      Anyway, can’t wait till sept 30! It’ll be the longest week of my life! =D

      (Ps : First !)

    2. MKMaynard Says:


      Can’t wait!


    3. Ton Says:

      Press release loads fine for us…

    4. iCandy 3D Says:

      no problems loading the press release file here…
      Too bad I can’t be there to see it for the first time on the big screen, but I guess the online video will do. Will it be available for download or only stream?

    5. Schlipak Says:

      @Ton :
      Opening it in a tab doesn’t do anything, so I downloaded, opened it with Adobe Reader 8.2.4 and it says : ‘an error occurred while opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.’

    6. Franck Says:

      Too long ! Can’t wait for it !
      Anyway it’s better than October 1st. πŸ™‚

      The PDF works for me.

    7. Conz Says:

      The PDF works for me.

    8. D Says:

      Yay! πŸ˜€
      Hopefully, the DVD won’t be long.

    9. Kinshuk Says:

      The Elephant’s Dream made me a Blender/open source user, Big Buck Bunny changed me into a crazy Blender fan….now awaiting Sintel with my hungry eyes!

    10. DingTo Says:


      Sorry but I have to do a post like that, can’t wait to finally see this film! πŸ™‚

    11. Revolt_Randy Says:

      Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hope you have it hosted on fast servers, I expect you to have a rush of viewers when 1st released!!!!!!!!!!

    12. MrNoodle Says:

      How about setting up torrents ?

    13. J. Says:

      Ton’s English is undoubtedly better than mine, but isn’t it better to replace – ”spoken by Halina Reijn” by ”voiced by Halina Reijn” ?
      Because you mean ”ingesproken, not ”gesproken”

      Sorry for this interruption by the grammar police. πŸ˜‰

    14. GP Says:

      And “thursday” capital T? πŸ˜‰

      Super excited!!! πŸ˜€

    15. J. Says:

      That’s a catch, since you don’t write the names of days with a capital in Dutch, but in English you do.

    16. Raph Says:

      Great job !

    17. pop850 Says:

      WOO! Finally! (then realizes it’s a week away)…

    18. inken Says:

      nice, next week i have vacation and can check every minute if sintel is released πŸ˜›

    19. Mathias Says:

      Awesome! Can’t wait.
      On a sidenote, I wonder did you try to market this thing to owners of digital cinema projectors? It would be awesome, if I could see it on the big screen in a city nearby and with digital distribution this would be possible (If the distribution system allows to present free content)

    20. Adam Jenkins Says:

      Have been following the progress of the Open film for some time now and it totally inspired me to begin learning blender…. very very excited about the release of this film!!! Congratulations to all those who worked on it.

    21. Ryan Schroeder Says:


    22. W Says:

      “The script was inspired by a number of story suggestions by Martin Lodewijk around a Cinderella character (Cinder in Dutch is “Sintel”).”

      AHA! Finally, I learn the origin of her name.

      And yes, I am quite exited about the release!

    23. DimitrisC Says:

      In a WEEK!
      Can’t wait for the DVD contents info when you’re ready (and my copy of course).

    24. J. Says:

      It’s possible to offer an unencrypted DCP as download, but the files aren’t small.
      I really love to see a 4K DCP of Sintel, which I can take to a 4K screen with a kind projectionist. πŸ˜€

    25. J. Says:

      Btw, on Sintel’s IMDb page Halina Reijn is missing!

    26. J. Says:

      Just submitted, plus some other info. πŸ™‚

    27. Blendiac Says:


      Am gnawing my desk in anticipation of seeing the film and getting my DVD!
      *snif* *snif* What’s that smell?… Ah yes, that’s the sweet smell of


      approaching! ;P

    28. blendercomp Says:

      At long last! :-))))

    29. David Jordan Says:

      This is very exciting. I have been wondering when the film will come out and eagerly awaiting it since around the time the preorders were announced. While I’ve tried to give you guys helpful critiques from time to time, it’s always been amazing to see what you’ve done at each step of the way. I know what I’ll be downloading and showing everyone as I wait for the DVD!

    30. avidthrows Says:

      Be sure to set up a torrent so the servers don’t crash. πŸ˜‰

    31. Gallaecio Says:

      Prepare the servers, this will be a massive (download) attack.

    32. Riboshom Says:

      You know, an official release 4 days after the premiere won’t stop people to make bootlegs.

      Lots of people can’t stand 4 more days of waiting.
      I can’t!

    33. Matt Says:

      I looks so awesome. Can’t wait
      on a side note I can’t open the pdf in chrome, but in firefox it works fine

    34. el famoso david Says:


    35. DΒ³ Says:

      Like everyone else here, I can’t wait to see the film!
      One week from now it’ll be there.
      And one month later on the big screen.
      Does anyone know if the Durain DVD will be on sale on the Blender Conference?

      Anyways great job everyone who cooperated on the project, including Blender 2.5

    36. Cris Polecat Says:

      Wow! The more we wait for you to put more goodies on the dvd, the better!
      Thanks for all!

    37. joeri67 Says:

      Amazing. Congrats ( again ) team!
      I’m very proud of you Ton.
      Keep it down on the sigarettes πŸ™‚ We need you around for the feature film.

    38. tyrant monkey Says:

      are the any plans to setup torrents

    39. joeri67 Says:

      In a few day this forum will be filled with spoilers, right?
      People might want to stay away from monday untill thursday.

      Or at least people posting should warn they saw the movie…

    40. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Ton: Any chance of getting a signed copy of the poster from the youself and all the others who helped put Sintel together?

      I think my 4yr old has fallen for scales!



    41. Cole Says:

      Iam abit disappointed, because the movie will be released next week, which is great of course, but the dvd will still take a few days(maybe weeks?) until they’ll be shipped? Well i guess until that i’ve seen the movie a thousand times and don’t pay attention to it anymore, even if the dvd arrives.
      So next week i’ll download the movie, with horrible speed due the overload of users πŸ˜‰ after hours i’ll burn it on dvd or blueray, because i don’t want to watch it on my pc. And a few weeks later the dvd arrives, well yeah i already got the movie on dvd…so cool i got some extras, well i downloaded them also weeks ago…
      Don’t missunderstood me, i am really excited to see the movie. I guess its great and awesome. But there is this tiny little aftertaste of disappointment…

    42. Ton Says:

      Cole: I understand… for the previous two open films it was also not optimal though, with a premiere causing bootlegs to go around, and then DVDs arriving in 2 days in Netherlands, and 2-3 weeks for people far away. When we announced Durian this strategy was announced though, and promised to compensate with a better equipped DVD release. A lot of true gems are on the DVDs you know πŸ™‚

    43. Ton Says:

      Fatsnacker: I’ve made it a habit to only sign stuff when meeting people in person. The Blender Conference will be a good occasion then! We will also publish a schedule of festivals where Sintel runs, in presence of makers as well.

    44. Cole Says:

      Ton: And that’s what makes me happy in the end: 4 DVDs with lots of toys and gems. πŸ™‚ I don’t regret any dime i spent on the dvd, i wish i could have donate more. And i guess, if there is something that is worth waiting for, then its definitely the durian dvd πŸ˜‰ I wish could participate in the Blender Conference, but my job is preventing me πŸ™‚ I wanted to wear a blender t-shirt and try to get as many signs as possible from the blender crew on the shirt. Well maybe next time. πŸ™‚

    45. Scott Says:

      Hoooray!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this πŸ™‚

    46. Me Says:

      AWESOME!!! or as they say in Japan, “γ‚ͺッソーム!” jk

    47. Mr. Wonko Says:

      I’ll be in Amsterdam in 2 weeks. (October 4th – 8th) And I just realized that the Blender Foundation is in Amsterdam, too!
      Will the DVD be done by then? Could I come visit you, get my preordered DVD and maybe have somebody sign it? I’d even let you keep the shipping payment! πŸ˜‰

    48. Ton Says:

      Mr. Wonko: not likely then… but if you mail me (ton at we can make an appointment for a quick tour. Not that much is to be seen here… πŸ™‚

    49. J. Says:

      If the renderfarm is still doing something he can get a free sauna, isn’t it? πŸ˜›

    50. Neoranga Says:

      oh yeah. waiting for this day coming since long time !

    51. Neoranga Says:

      *let’s vote for Ton to setup the torrent πŸ™‚

    52. loopduplicate Says:

      A Torrent might help with bandwidth problems, right?

      As far as bootlegs go, f*&^ that! We’ve waited a long time to see Sintel in a high quality format. Why download a crappy bootleg version instead of waiting a few more days to download a really high quality version?

      The Press release gives away too much of the plot! I decided to stop reading it half way through.


    53. chotio Says:

      TO COLE: If you buy a Durian DVD copy, you are a productor film. Can you produce any film with this money?

      I will watch the online film on my netbook and then on my LED TV 46´´ but the film is here and it´s the most important, Blender Foundation did it again and this time I participate on it, all participate on it.


    54. inken Says:

      i would like to see all you durian guys around in the durian irc channel when the onlinerelease is, so that we can give you live feedback, can ask questions and so on. just an idea… the only one hanging around with us sometime in your channel is dolf, would be nice to see all the others one last time there πŸ™‚

    55. Speaker_mute Says:

      I hope someone could record the red carpet and maybe a bit of the release and post it in here.

    56. mk1 Says:

      Is there going to be a 4K version going to be released later? And are you going to put the whole film on this website for download or are you only going to put it on Youtube for watching?

      (Sorry for bad grammar, IΒ΄m not native english)

      Impatiently waiting for the release on the 30th September!

    57. J. Says:

      1: Yes
      2: Both! πŸ˜€

    58. mk1 Says:

      wow…makes me even more impatiently ^^ I really want to see it…which time is it going to be released for download (so that I can count down the minutes)?

    59. J. Says:

      Keep an eye on the mirror of the trailer and YouTube, then you get it even before they post it here on the blog! πŸ˜›

    60. Ash Says:

      Cant. Wait.

    61. Seijuu Yokujin Says:

      4 more days to go for the movie!!! Gotta get cracking and finish the Essential Blender book πŸ˜€

    62. Davis Says:

      Countdown to download availability would be nice too. πŸ˜‰

    63. Akihiko Says:

      I’m really waiting for 4K Film Festival in Japan!!
      Does it go well?

      Akihiko SHIRAI

    64. Regan Says:

      Can’t wait! So when are you starting on the feature length movie? =D

    65. Philipp Says:

      can’t you just upload that file, now ???

    66. nawabz Says:

      @Regan: cant wait! then how will you wait for a feature lengh movie?

      what time will the movie be released?

    67. Pablo Rethemias Says:

      Quiero ver ya esta pelicula!!
      Las horas no pasan..
      Estoy a dia 29 hora 22:31 pm en Uruguay y me dije a mi mismo… Tal vez en en la zona donde sintel fue creado ya sea 30 de septiembre. Pero no, no es asi. =(
      Tendre que esperar hasta maΓ±ana jaja


    68. Jikz Says:

      How ’bout now?? haha πŸ™‚

    69. Goddensys Says:

      What time is it?????

    70. MicWit Says:

      Its late arvo on the 30th here.. whens it coming????

    71. thinkinmonkey Says:

      It’s 30th September and 10.00 a.m. here in Italy: where’s my movie?!?! πŸ˜€

    72. waiting Says:

      5pm here and no movie??

    73. remo Says:

      Im getting more and more nervous with every hour.. I guess my F5 key will break soon. πŸ˜‰

    74. Markus Says:

      What? Still not online? πŸ™
      Hurry up! Can’t wait for the download πŸ˜‰

    75. KiNoSeiun Says:

      need need need XD Can’t wait for my DVD… and which tuts will be on it…

    76. DMLee Says:

      Hello everybody! I like Blender.
      Really want to download movie!
      It’s 7:10 p.m. in Taiwan.

    77. Markus Says:

      It’s 13:11 (1:11 PM) in Germany. Still no download…

    78. Faisal Says:

      It’s 2:15pm (Saudi Arabia) and still no movie to download. I’ve been checking frequently for the last 4 or 5 hours. Come on guys…and I say that with all the love and understanding in the world πŸ™‚

      I loved “Big Buck Bunny” and I’m sure this new movie will be even better.

      Thank you for your hard & entertaining work which is greatly appreciated.

    79. simon Says:

      hehehe… i feel like a 12 year old boy waiting for santa πŸ˜‰

    80. khader Says:

      where is the moviee i cant wait any more
      ill stay behind my computer until its available
      even if its gonna be available after 2 years

      f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5

    81. 98cafe Says:

      Just remember, the F5 key is like the elevator call button. The more times you press it, the faster the movie will arrive.

    82. slimmeke Says:

      Can’t wait any mor. It’s now 14:50 Belgium.

    83. Renaars Says:

      Nice to see other Belgium people being REALLY nervous πŸ˜€
      C’mon where is it?

    84. DoDo Says:

      It’s now 15:19 in germany and there is no movie online…
      HURRY UP!!!
      i can’t wait…

    85. Lumpiluk Says:

      Nearly 16:00 in Germany, but only 7:00 to 9:00 in the USA. I hope they went to bed early yesterday…

    86. slimmeke Says:

      My F5 button is almost damaged.
      Can you hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    87. Lumpiluk Says:

      …or are you publishing from the Netherlands?
      Sorry, I’m not that well informed.

    88. naveen Says:

      its 19:30 in india.. please hurry up from morning to till now just refreshing web…

    89. yves Says:

      At blenderNation :
      “Rumour: Sintel Release Time
      I’m hearing rumours that the expected release time for Sintel is 1800 UTC (click here to see what time that is for you). Be warned though: everybody is still hard at work to make it happen, so it may be earlier, or later, or even tomorrow!”

    90. Matt Says:

      16:16 in France, still nothing :'(

    91. yves Says:

      blenderNation news:
      “Rumour: Sintel Release Time
      I’m hearing rumours that the expected release time for Sintel is 1800 UTC (click here to see what time that is for you). Be warned though: everybody is still hard at work to make it happen, so it may be earlier, or later, or even tomorrow!”

    92. Abner Says:

      8:00 am Nic. waiting for download Sintel… πŸ˜€

    93. marrduk Says:

      Where is it?It’s 20:30 in Urals, Russia. Give it to me!! πŸ™‚

    94. Janinus Says:

      Where is it? 17:02 Czech Republic.