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    If you have a movie, it ought to have a Poster!

    on September 22nd, 2010, by Pablo Vazquez
    Sintel Poster

    double awesomeness all the way

    We can haz poster? yes we can haz!

    Ton, Soenke and I just came back from checking a proof print of the poster, and it looks marvelous!, bright, great contrast, nice subtle colors, not extremely saturated, right like on the screen.

    The process of making this poster started months ago with some ideas David had, then we had this task of getting the actual movie done and forgot about the poster, so the actual work started last week.

    Concept by David, characters posed by Lee, lighting/render by me, and amazing paint over by David! πŸ˜€

    Keep reading to know more about the making of!

    Poster process

    the chosen one!


    Different concept ideas made by David Revoy

    First iteration


    render based on previous concept

    Paint over by David


    Animated WIP: Click to see it bigger!

    Screenshot from Blender (Render Branch)

    Want one? πŸ˜€

    Want an original 70 x 100 cm Sintel poster in high quality?, there will be a few on sale at the Blender Conference 2010, grab yours!, if you want to print them by yourself, the hi-res (6k) image will be available on the DVD. πŸ™‚

    Hasta luego! (now you know how to wave good bye in Spanish!)

    77 Responses to “If you have a movie, it ought to have a Poster!”

    1. soenke Says:


    2. Shrinidhi Says:

      second!!! πŸ™‚

    3. zaghaghi Says:

      may be third

    4. Dusty Says:

      man alive! what’s this obsession with being either first or second to comment.

      On topic though! This is awesome! I’ve now wallpapered this to my desktop. πŸ™‚

    5. D Says:

      I have a handful of critiques in mind, but hell, it’s not worth writing it here! πŸ˜€

      Congratulations, guys. Really love the making-of look at the poster!

    6. grol Says:

      Congratulations!!! It’s really amazing!!!

    7. GrizzLy Says:

      original 70 x 100 mm???
      maybe cm? i mean 7×10 cm is tiny tiny for one poster πŸ˜€

    8. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      @ GrizzLy: ouch! hah missed that one, dank je wel! (now you know how to thank in dutch πŸ˜€ )

    9. Guybrush Says:


      Days of unpatience!
      Oh please, let the time go faster…

    10. Demohero Says:

      This is awesome. Huge dragon looks scary.

    11. Camaxtli Says:

      And I thought MY lighting setups were insane…
      It’s definitely one of the epic ones.

    12. elephantatech Says:

      this is awesome. I like the GIF.

    13. Revolt_Randy Says:

      I think it looks MMAARRVVEELLLIIOOUUUSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. nawabz Says:

      13th yayyy
      gotta love the idea though.

    15. stvndysn Says:

      the poster looks truly amazing and out of all the different design ideas, i think you chose the right one..

    16. super Says:


    17. iCandy 3D Says:

      wow this looks amazing!! though I would like to see how the 6th concept would have worked out πŸ˜›

    18. Andreas Galster Says:

      Will we get it without the text on DVD?

    19. Ton Says:

      Andreas: of course. πŸ™‚

    20. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      @ Andreas Galster: yes, in all its 6k glory, with and without text will be released as CC BY on the DVD (of course without the copyrighted logos).

    21. Gianmichele Says:

      It is great! Really Epic!

      I have just one little comment: Sintel’s weapon compete a bit too much with the logo…but that’s me just being picky!

      Congratulations everyone.


    22. Lyle Walsh Says:

      My wife thinks that my attraction to Sintel is unhealthy !80

      Great work as always. I was amazed to see all the lights used in just this one shot! (note to self, more lights == more better??)

    23. Numaru7 Says:

      It is perfect! Classic triangle composition and well put!

    24. D Says:

      @Lyle Wlsh,
      In my humble opinion, it would depend on the effect you were going for, but generally no, at least not usually to Pablo’s extent here.

    25. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      @ Lyle Walsh: not at all! this was a special setup, for example take a look at this image:

      The image above was lit with 4 lamps (not taking the hair and eye highlights into account, they have their own lights).

      The fact that is an “outdoor” shot made it simpler, also has a more natural look on it, that’s easier to light and with only 3 lamps you could make it (used 4 because of lazyness and time constraints).

      The poster image has this amount of lights because each character is lit separately (each in its own layer), I didn’t wanted shadows to mess the lighting on the characters. The crystals on the foreground also have special lights.
      Most of the lights there are to have nice rim-light everywhere, individually on each character.

      So, more lights == more messy and complicated to play with, but you can get nice effects such as extreme rim light, highlight the eyes separately,and also worth to say that not all the lamps are the same!, most of them are non specular, and some of them are only specular, to have nice reflection lights in specific places.


    26. kenden Says:

      That’s… awesome.
      Thanks for including the making of!

    27. J. Says:

      Great poster, can’t wait to see the print Monday 27th!

    28. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      @ J. the comment did :P, sorry for the edit, thanks! πŸ˜€

    29. J. Says:

      The other way around? πŸ˜›

    30. speaker_mute Says:

      amazing…. i will print one the biggest i can

    31. young_voter Says:

      I am sorry guys – I have to be honest here, even if it’s against the hardwork of so many talented people. But when I look at the poster, I couldn’t even say Wow. The lighting seems blown out, the render doesn’t look good. Maybe I am the only one feeling this way. But that’s why I feel when I first saw it – and I also look at it many time over.

    32. Jpmon1 Says:

      Wow totally awesome! Is it just me or does the big dragon kinda looks like the bunny from Donnie Darko?!
      P.S. Don’t be such a hater young_voter!

    33. Evangeline Says:

      I’m a little sad to agree with young_voter, it’s ok for a movie poster, but I expected a little more from the sintel team.

      The renders look a little to soft for me, like there is a blur on everything, it’s missing that sharpness to the renders like I see in the magazine cover.

      Also not really impressed with sintel’s face, something seems a little off. little dragon seems ok, but a little oddly lighted, and again seems blurred, or soft.

      The text seems really soft..

      Not really impressed.. πŸ™

      But I wont let this put me off the movie, still VERY excited for it! πŸ™‚

    34. crazycourier Says:

      Wow, that’s all I can say. I think it looks incredible! I love the colors, the composition and the lighting. I think it really sets a good tone for the movie.

      I agree with Jpmon1, although I think “troll” is a better word than “hater”. I’ve looked at it many times over and don’t really see the point that young_voter is trying to make. I’m also a believer that you shouldn’t make a criticism, if you don’t have a resolution.

    35. funlw65 Says:

      Hi young_voter,

      Is not about the scene, but the way you make movie posters.

      Sintel and Scale are not from Dragon scene (even if they are). It should look like a collage.


    36. J. Says:

      I have to keep my mouth shut, but the poster completely makes sense, including lighting.

    37. SlightlyChaotic Says:

      Absolutely beautiful. I may be wrong, but I think this may the the first time we’ve seen a render of the adult dragon, and it looks INCREDIBLE.

      Gettin’ stoked.

    38. Blendiac Says:

      I want to take this poster home to meet my parents and have babies with it.

      ’nuff said πŸ˜€

    39. David Jordan Says:

      Have you guys thought of selling these in your store? I would really like one but won’t be able to make it to the Blender Conference.

    40. olakxx Says:

      Es agradable saber que personas de habla hispana como pablo esten trabajando en un proyecto tan maravilloso como Durian y que tengan mucho perstigo en Blender πŸ˜€

    41. roofoo Says:

      She’s got man hands.

    42. mercury Says:

      es acaso una pelΓ­cula de terror??? xD
      algo asΓ­ como “El despertar del diablo” o algo por el estilo??? xD
      felicidades por la peli πŸ™‚

    43. David Jordan Says:

      This poster reminds me of the one for Pan’s Labrynth (en espaΓ±ol se titulo El Laberinto del Fauno), very fairy tale.

    44. joeri67 Says:

      The poster is very cool in relation to the story.

      btw. Is Colin still asleep?

    45. Thorben Says:

      I’d also vote for selling it at the store

    46. Jebali Says:

      Great work Pablo ^^
      I hope, I can find some good Tutorial from you in this DVD

    47. J. Says:

      Me too, I think it’s most handy to let people pre-order the poster and send them all at once at the post office, or else they get the whole renderroom/shopmagazine full of tubes to send them in.

    48. Ton Says:

      Yep, we want to put the poster in the store too. The main problem is to find an affordable shipping method, the size of the roll will make it a clumsy item to handle for postal services. The visitors of the Blender Conference will be able to get them for sure!

      young_voter: so easy it is to point at errors, right? That makes this work only stronger, and the creators true heros!

      Evangeline: the 6k original is super crisp and clear, all text is vector gfx. If you click on the poster image, the jpg should show that as well. Maybe your browser plays tricks on you?

      Joeri: Colin is busy writing on his new movie πŸ™‚ He’ll fly in for the premiere though.

    49. Piiichan Says:

      I find the baby dragon’s pose strange… sexy-damsel-in-distress-like.
      And it seems to be going away from Sintel.

      Anyway, the poster is really nice, dark, with high contrasts.
      And the adult dragon looks like a demon πŸ™‚

    50. Patrick Says:

      How is young_voter a troll or a hater for sharing his opinion? o.o While I like the poster, I do agree that it looks a little too soft/ blurry in places. I think it’s because of the paint-over highlights. The baby dragon’s rim-light looks a bit off as well, but I only noticed that after very close examination.
      8/10! =)

    51. PA Says:

      Very nice, but I think “Blender Foundation Presents : The Durian Open Movie Project” is not very “appealing”.

      Why not have a good baseline ?

    52. Victor Says:

      It’s not as good as the magazine cover.
      But you know darker scenes are more difficult to handle.

      I have to admit that the composition and the paint over aren’t good.
      Now I see that Colin is missing!! Where is the quality assurance?


    53. Lyle Walsh Says:

      Thanks for the In depth reply Pablo!

      I find the “making of” sequence of images and the animated gif fascinating. You can see the though process and I imagine conversations like ” the glowing dragon eyes are great but they detract from the main characters”.

      Really well thought out. Posters are not just pretty images, they are for communication and to peak the interest of the potential audience.

    54. grafixsuz Says:

      I would like to congratulate you guys once again on a nice render. About the poster itself, I was just going over Davids roughs there and was thinking to myself that the bottom left hand version where Sintel is main with different elements from the film superimposed would have been my choice should I have been choosing reasons are this :

      1) Sintel the girl is main character visible – voice by Halina Reijn
      2) baby dragon second main visible
      3) Shaman Integral character to her finding her destiny, visible – voice by Thom Hoffman
      4) Big ol’ bad dragon in there as well to hint to an unsuspecting audience who to look out for.

      This version gives warmth as well to the viewer I thought.

      The version you guys chose, would have been an awesome sequal version if there were to be one.

      Just my opinion, and I know you guys are under extreme pressure to pull this all together within the next 4 days, soooo GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL AND HAVE A MAJOR PARTY WHEN IT”S DONE!

    55. W Says:

      I think young_voter has simply said what he thinks, and even pretty politely. And I have to say, the lighting seemed somewhat off to me as well. Especially the backlight on Sintel looks overdone…

      But of course, we need to realize that this is a smaller image than the original, and that most of us are looking at in on uncalibrated monitors. Besides that, the small “errors” we notice won’t stand out to the 99% of people for whom this poster is mainly informative and advertising, anyway!

    56. Max Puliero Says:

      really cant wait!

    57. Milad Thaha Says:

      The 3rd from left, second row concept in the first image is truly cinematic and epic! Wish that saw the light of the day πŸ™

    58. [cool name here] Says:

      Bust augmentation on the GIF

    59. Deevad Says:

      Hey thanks for the comments πŸ™‚
      @[cool name here] : I prefer to say here ; “Bust correction to the gravity ” πŸ˜‰

    60. Philip Says:

      The poster is very nice. I see the DVD box art looks like it is being changed, too. I’d actually prefer the silver-on-black simplicity of the original box art for the DVD.

    61. Pippin Baggins Says:

      When I first saw the poster I was disappointed. Somehow it does not seem to do justice to all of the other great Sintel renders I have seen over the last year. I expected more. It looks amateurish and not as professional as it could have looked. The lighting is rather dark. Since you can’t see much of the big creature it’s hard to tell what is it and it looks rather awkward. I hope the movie lives up to all the great renders that I have seen. I wish Sintel the best. Don’t take this as a slam, just my opinion. I’m a big fan of ED and BBB and soon to be Sintel.

    62. Xero Says:

      I wish I could say that the poster looks totally awesome to me but it doesn’t.
      I know you guys worked hard to put this together but I have to be totally honest here. The chosen layout of the final poster somehow doesn’t look right to me. I would have preferred the layouts of concepts 6 or 7 better.

    63. Daniel Kovacs Says:

      I love the poster,awesome work guys!
      I think the best would have been the Drew Struzan style(concept 5)one,but this one is marvelous too!

    64. Victor Says:

      I guess you have done a good job on the two main characters, the foreground I mean, but the background with that dragon is too dark.

      A lot of details have disappeared with the light tricks.

      In this picture:

      You can see more colour… it’s not shiny enough – I agree – but you had to retain some contrast. And the background is quite dead in all the versions.

      You had to render both back and foreground separately.

    65. Gu Weijin Says:

      Yeah, the lighting and composition on this looks like you were making a movie poster… oh wait, this is a movie poster, spot on.

    66. NB-DanTE Says:

      amazing poster I like it so much ,can’t wait

    67. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Nice work Pablo.!

      composited in the style of a Movie poster and thats what we have. Cool. Bet the physical poster is the dogs danglies, poodles nuts et al..

      Whoerver created Scales? has got a big fan in the shape of my 4yr old daughter; her impression of the other dragon is that she looks angry :). She also wants to know when the cudley model of Scales is comming out? Christmas soon approaches.

    68. fabian Says:

      Its Great the film,
      just a litle bit too short πŸ˜‰

      Iwant to buy the 4 CD box but
      i cant download the blend files yet?


    69. Spidy Says:

      Wow! Excellent work, all around! Hats off to this one. The story almost made me cry, Sintel must’ve felt awful, pretty much like losing a child. I like happier stories more =)

    70. Ria Ambrose Says:

      Everyone tells me I look just like the girl from Sintel so I had to look it up. She has my personality also. Very cool little film. Happy to have a doppelgΓ€nger.

    71. Fabian Says:

      Wow, amazing. Very well done. To bad it’s only about 15 minutes.

    72. Insaneq Says:

      Hey, I loved your movie. I really wanted to movie to be longer though. I hope you are going to make more movies (that are hopefully longer) because I really liked this one and its just awesome!!! continue the good work!!

    73. Dara Says:

      Just awesome!!! I love u guys πŸ˜€

    74. olaf in 't veld Says:

      this (too short) movie can take me to another world for days.i hope there will be more of this kind of fantasy dramas in the future.not just the graphics or technique but just the story has taken me to a fantasyworld i want to be involved with.
      thank you for making something that i am longing for.

    75. Misko Says:

      i just got done watching sintel and thought it was a precursor to a real movie and looked you guys up to find out the release date.

      i agree completely with the previous post.

    76. A Fuzzy Bunny Says:

      Carrots! CARROTS!!

      i mean…

      I really loved the art style. i got blender about a month ago but i am so bad at animating i couldn’t get a grey square to move across the screen. I really wish i could do this!!

      otherwise THIS FILM IS AMAZING.

    77. Kyle Says:

      Man That was awesome! Any idea as to whether or not there will be story continuations? It left me wanting to watch more of the story!