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Kick-off days

on October 6th, 2009, by Ton

durianteam_beforePhew, second day of Durian already! Things are crazy fun and hectic here, we spend ages in meetings it seems.

To start with: check these cool pictures from Andy Goralczyk, he was in the studio here for a week course, and stayed a couple of days to welcome the Durian team and consult us a bit on various issues (4k render, epic shots, realistic human shading, …).

Andy’s flickr Durian Kick-off gallery

Yesterday we went over all the key topics for the startup of this project. Discussing essential boring stuff like working hours, keys, closing-down-office protocols, bicycles, apartment stuff, who gets us lunch, office cleaning, and of course about schedulig this whole project. Some decisions;

– We will make a schedule for a weekly MonkeyButler service, everyone then is for a week the office slave doing some cleaning, get and prepare lunch, manage dishwasher and change towels. I’ll do the first week 😉

– Script is getting some minor revisions for feasibility, but by Blender conference it’s final. We will present there the first scenes, about a minute of film. These scenes and shots we’ll keep updating live on the web for everyone, so you can watch it develop from storyboard to final.

– Everyone has a topic assigned to blog about this week.

– First month will be mostly design oriented, with targets to get final designs for the characters and environments during November.

We also defined first week targets for everyone:

– Soenke will work this week on creating an epic render in Blender, on Avatar level. (Yes, Cameron’s Avatar is the new reference standard for epicness)

– Angela and Nathan work on a quick female character model and rig, firday ready for Lee to pickup to animate.

– Lee will study fight choreography further, and come with proposals and designs for the fight sequences.

– Colin will review all feedback on the script and propose a couple of possible scenario solutions to further explore.

– Colin and David continue storyboarding, David continues with concept art.

– Campbell and Brecht focus on fixing everything in 2.5 that’s reported here!

Today, from 14-19h we spent on the script with Esther, going over all scenes, versions, stylings, characterizations, emotional impacts, deeper meanings, layers, bad-ass leveling, epicness and simple stupid silly fun aspects of this project. 🙂

Later more,


33 Responses to “Kick-off days”

  1. MTracer Says:

    Yay! First post!

    Is this actually ALL happening in the first week?

    And, who is that? Is that Nathan… Cleanshaven!?!

  2. D Says:

    It’s really started. Wow! We’re looking forward to seeing this project progress, and I hope you will all also take on feedback from the community as you do.

    You’re a bunch of smart people! We’ll trust in your good judgement!

  3. Ton Says:

    Picture from left to right: Epic Dino, Angela, Campbell, Ton, Colin, Soenke, Nathan, Brecht, Lee, Epic Horse. Backdrop details: Entrepotdok warehouses, where our studio is.
    (David was still at home, Ben joins us in December.)

  4. Crouch Says:

    Congratulations on the approval by the Dutch Film Fund. Will the project last longer now? (there was still some uncertainty about the duration of Durian iirc)

  5. asanchezr Says:

    Great Team!!

    Is good to read another post =D

    Soenke and Nathan faces are so funny =D , I guess the team will not get bored with their jokes =)

    Great Team! Great Picture!!

  6. Ton Says:

    Eh, the FilmFund has to approve this still, we only submitted.

  7. Tweakingknobs Says:

    great !

    cant wait to see the first images !

    go durian team !!!


  8. Temitope Ajileye Says:

    A Great Job for you guys.

    Goodlock (for the slave of the week, OH 😛 it’s you Ton)

  9. trinux Says:


  10. Sly Says:

    Enjoy this beautiful start, have fun and have a rest whenever possible, as all these 4k textures stuff and final adjustements shall surely keep you awake late at night, so late it will probably be quite close to early in the morning actually.
    When all your frendly faces will look a lot more tired, don’t worry, we will be there to cheer you up !
    Can’t wait to see what’s cooking !

  11. FXG Says:

    I love it.
    Keep going guys 🙂
    Blender is best ! Blender is the future !
    I will be so happy if i hold the dvd in my hands !

  12. Watakach Says:

    And it’s only the beginning 😉

    can’t wait to see next !!

    Good luck and have fun !!

  13. Spencer Dupre Says:

    If everbody does it, it must be stupid. – Ton Roosendaal, 16 July 2009

    Haha, that is now my FB status

  14. Le@ndro Says:

    Love the idea of watching that first minute of Durian as it evolves from storyboard to screen version! Cheers for the one with the idea!!!

  15. @ce Says:

    Amsterdam has an organisation for possibility of learning medieval fighting techniques for various disciplines. They could provide some hands on research material for the action pieces xD.

  16. RH2 Says:

    Andy, thanks for the pics!

  17. Ian Says:

    -The last photo taken of the Durian Team before they were eaten by a crazed steel cow.

    Also Veggie… Holy cow I love you. Words cannot express.

    This picture is now my wallpaper; you all look like superheroes.

  18. D Says:

    In case anyone was interested, here’s a deconvoluted look at the storyboard shot above Lee’s head from Andy’s gallery:

    Does that look like an arrow showing that the camera fall into what looks like a caldron? Argh, keeps me guessing! XD

  19. Crouch Says:

    @Ton: Sorry, must have made a mistake. When I looked at the official website of the filmfund, it states that a proposal by the Blender Institute was approved. It wasn’t there on the website about two weeks ago, so I thought it was the proposal you blogged about on Sep 23rd.

  20. Cathy & India Says:

    Ton I think it is a mistake to put Campbell on the cleaning roster! I keep taking him off the roster at home – it’s just easier….:)

  21. Satish 'Iluvblender' Goda Says:

    Very nice Ton… And i hope you folks have bean bags at the studio to crash once in a while… 🙂

    Cheers from India,

  22. Another fellow Says:

    It’s finally starting! Yeeh! I’m very happy!

    @Ton: Do not leave your new bike unguarded, Ton. It’s Amsterdam, will be stolen within 2 weeks. I know!

  23. Meltdown Says:

    But where is Andy???? :p

  24. Disney_SL Says:

    Best of luck. Please make a “making of” for the rest of us.

  25. Disney_SL Says:

    Would love to see Soenke’s epic render using Blender!

  26. nawabz Says:

    finally nice to see everything rolling again, and keep up good posts!

    @Ton: Any thoughts regarding community participation? cant wait to try out.

  27. CorperPictures Says:

    Nice! I would love to see the full storyboard! Maybe I could help on something, who knows some sounds or graphics. (?)

    There must be a making of!!

  28. kaeru Says:

    Wish you all the bests things possible.

    A jazzy sound called durian (The Cinematic Orchestra):

    Peace :-).

  29. Darren Beck Says:

    If you haven’t done so already then check out Ong Bak and Warrior King (Tom Yum Goong) , two Thai martial arts films with amazing fight sequences, the choreography is pretty special.

  30. wayne Says:

    o man o man!!!!!

    so excited!!!!!

    looking forward to seeing Soenke’s EPIC 4K `AVATAR` RENDER!!!

    (no pressure :p)

  31. Sleeper Says:

    Is Campbell stood in a hole? Or is everyone else except him and Angela standing on something?

    Avatar? Hmmm, nothing I’ve seen of that has matched the verisimilitude of Davey Jones.

  32. Madmantos Says:

    I want a 2 hours movie with a team like that! :3

    @ Lee

    I’m sure you’ve already checked a lot a fight sequences, movies etc… here’s a bunch of my favorites pro/semi-pro stunts-fight actor choregraphers:

    They got a great sense of acting with high skills in martial art and stunts, and their sequences are very interesting to study.

    Another crazy stuntman, Damien Walters, more a monkey or a cat than a human:

    and more feminine, Audrey Ottaviano:

    I don’t put more, I’m sure you already got a lot to watch 😛

  33. Chas Weekly Says:

    I like the Avatar 3D movie, especially the story line, not solely it brings a totally new feelings however eye opening ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, cannot wait to see it again…!