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    Jan Morgenstern nominated for Goldsmith awards

    on June 17th, 2011, by Ton

    Both the Sintel score and the Sintel credit song “I move On” have been nominated for a Jerry Goldsmith Award at the prestigious International Film Music Festival:

    Great milestone for Jan Morgenstern, for the team and of course everyone who helped making Sintel possible! The festival awards will be announced July 22nd. Stay tuned,


    11 Responses to “Jan Morgenstern nominated for Goldsmith awards”

    1. Damian Says:

      Oh Yeah!

    2. LPeti Says:

      Happy to hear this

    3. Mitch Says:


    4. D Says:

      Congratulations, Jan! I hope you win! 😀

    5. Michel Says:

      Großartig! Hat mich wirklich gefreut. Jetzt nur noch gewinnen (beide)!!1!

    6. dave62 Says:

      congratulations! nice to hear. ftw ..good luck jan!

    7. Nori Cartwright Says:

      I have begun work on a novelization of Sintel, which turns out to be a chapbook. If you have free time, stop by and read Part one and two (which is short). I hope I got everything right.

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Please reply 🙂

    8. Nori Cartwright Says:

      One last thing, I’d like to include an article about Sintel and a screenshot from the movie in my upcoming chapbook-zine, if that is okay. I’m sure it is, since Sintel is CC BY SA.

    9. Joeri Says:

      Very cool.

    10. Le@ndro Says:

      Wow!!! So everyone is having fun and recognition… so glad!

    11. Matahari Says:

      Congratulations. I like the the song too.