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Sintel from Bali

7 Responses to “Sintel from Bali”

  1. bilel Says:

    good film

  2. Larry Ochoa Says:

    Excelente corto de animación 3D, aunque el final es triste da una esperanza de que el bebe dragón va tras ella, o eso parece.
    Sería bueno que exista un final alterno.

    Excellent short animation 3D.

  3. Easton Says:

    “A Colin Levy Films” grammatically incorrect
    “ThE ADVANTURE BEGIN” grammatically incorrect and come on, adventure isn’t even spelled right.

  4. zakiya Says:

    a good film..

  5. Orion_Uk Says:

    u wan bye DVEED 😉
    I sell u long time! fi dolla!!!


  6. rep.dominican Says:

    Excelente corto de animación 3D

  7. ramdan Says:

    i thought it’s a long movie, i think if this movie have a good ending and full story i believe it’s will be the best animation ever.

    i love it.

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