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back Bali ripoff Sintel

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  1. miker Says:

    I love the “SONY PICTURES” and the bogus MPAA rating!

  2. NIK Says:

    “Zoe is a little girls who believes in fairy tales…”, with a description like that ill buy anything.

  3. eukleyv Says:

    Why did they put that description?

  4. Easton Says:

    lol at the description!

  5. sirup39 Says:

    they sure got the story wrong in Indonesia lol

  6. Andreas Says:

    That description is a copy/paste rip-off from another animated film called “Dragon Hunters”, by Futurikon: .

    Have checked that the movie, is in fact Sintel? It could be anything in there!

  7. ghuck Says:

    From the back cover it starts with “Sony Pictures production” now that’s a new one.

  8. ol Says:

    109 minutes long!

  9. JeroenM Says:

    Original music by Erin O’Hara it says
    You got to love Jan Morgenstern’s alter ego:

  10. dewren Says:

    i guess all description on that cover is wrong….its definitely copy

    as one of Indonesian I’m sorry about that bcause I like sintel as the first time I see it

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