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    DVD masters sent to printer

    on October 14th, 2010, by Ton

    Sintel 4 DVD Box Set on the Blender Store

    Phew, another milestone met… the four DVD masters were sent yesterday to the printer, luckily still in time for the Blender Conference (*). Expected delivery of the copies is next week friday, we then pack all 3200 orders during the weekend (yeah, that’s going to be fun! Luckily our shop manager Anja prepares this for us excellently).
    Special thanks to all team members for making tutorials from home, to Jan Morgenstern for all additional sound and music work (including cleaning up 8 commentary tracks), to Pablo Vazquez for weeks of work on the DVD design and to Joeri Kassenaar for mastering the PAL and NTSC discs. You guys will even get 4 GB extra data, the production files were 12 GB in total, heavily compressed… didn’t fit on one DVD.

    Preview: Angela Guenette tutorial on facial poses
    Preview: Colin Levy tutorial on setting up render and compositing

    DVD 1: NTSC (4 GB)

    • Sintel film (15m)
    • Documentary by Ali Boubred (60m)
    • Outtakes, with commentary videos by Colin (11m)
    • 8 commentary tracks (director, writer, composer, rigger, entire team, animators, render team, coders)
    • 8 subtitle languages
    • Special DVD credit scroll

    DVD 2: PAL (8 GB)

    • Same structure as NTSC disc
    • Additional 4 GB of studio data

    DVD 3: Extras (8 GB)

    • Html interface to browse the contents
    • Sintel film in HD (5.1 and stereo mp4)
    • Ali Boubred’s documentary in HD
    • 29 tutorial videos, by 10 people, almost 5 hours.
    • 4-split video of film, in storyboard, director’s layout, opengl animation, final.
    • High resolution artwork (incl poster, 4k renders)
    • David’s concept art gallery
    • Weeklies gallery + fun avi tests
    • Esther Wouda’s script progress and article on the screenplay
    • the Live Edit: Blender sequencer with every shot as avi + grading setup
    • Blender 2.5 render branch binaries
    • OpenEXR originals from the render farm, 1 for every shot (220)
    • Trailer

    DVD 4: Data (8 GB)

    • Full export of the production svn, all models, textures, animation & shot .blend files
    • Renderfarm software (py scripts)
    • Planning board files, breakdown

    (* Everyone who bought the DVD and visits conference, can pick up an extra copy at the desk if the DVD hasn’t arrived at your place yet!).

    46 Responses to “DVD masters sent to printer”

    1. kiriri Says:

      well that sounds awesome! can’t wait to see your tuts!

    2. chotio Says:


    3. hoschi Says:

      Good news!

    4. J. Says:

      Yeah, hours of fun! 😀

      Who will print the discs, btw?

    5. J. Says:

      Btw, why only 8 subtitle languages? A DVD can contain 32! (or is it because there wasn’t enough time for converting them to DVD format and adding them to the menu?)

    6. Ton Says:

      Print is by Replifact, Bladel, Netherlands
      Only 8 tracks, because we’ve made the dvd menus before the online launch.

      BTW: added two links to Youtube, previews of tutorials.

    7. Arduenn Says:

      Very good news, I’m waiting …

    8. Maxinova Says:

      Is this gonna be released online like BBB?

    9. Jayraj Says:

      yay!!!!!!!! m pretty excited….cant wait to dissect sintel… 🙂

    10. s0ndeb0k Says:

      lalalalalalala! 😀

    11. Bupla Says:

      Angela’s voice is very soft, and her tutorial seems very interesting. I can’t wait to see the others. Thanks for all the data.

    12. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) Says:

      Angela’s voice is perfect for the tutorials, nice to listen to! She should dub over everyone else’s tutorials 😛 (joking of course)

      But yes, now the real fun begins – lots of extra stuff! Cant wait to see the doco and the outtakes, plus watching it with all the commentaries (didnt even know that was gonna happen!)

      Exciting times 🙂 Its like christmas part 2 😛

    13. Grafixsuz Says:

      I’m with Bulpa I think, a nice voice for tutorials, and to be honest very clear, concise and professional sounding. I don’t know if she would be interested but she could make a living doing Tutorials or live demonstrations, as it s clear she has a professional education in this area behind her. Very nice.

      I can’t wait to get these, I am currently converting several people I know to blender as they can finally see the capabilities of it, given it’s recent facelift, they now can understand what I have been saying for ages… amazing what an impact an interface will have on people opinions…

      Congratulations Ton and team. Thank you for your hard work and tears and sweat. Thank you to all your families as well for putting up with this grateful but rather demanding at times community.

      Now what did I hear about a feature length film?

    14. Month3d Says:

      Ooh excited, can’t wait for my copy 😀
      5 hours of tutorials, awesome 🙂

      Thank you and congraturlations once again durian team 🙂

    15. Grafixsuz Says:

      Sorry I meant this link.


    16. Says:


      @Grafixsuz Nope, sorry. That just says “sex” like that scene in “The Lion King” 😉

      I fear for what they’ll do to you if a psychologist ever sits you in front of a roarchak (sp?) test:
      “What do you see in this one?”
      “And this one?”
      “How about this one…?”
      “Do you see anything *other* than bunnies in this one?”
      “Bun… er… no?”

    17. Felix Says:

      Awesome list of contents! 😀
      Can’t wait for my DVD!

      @Grafixsuz: I somehow doubt that was intentional, but cool non the less! 🙂

    18. D Says:

      Le Awesome! 😀
      I can not wait for the DVD to arrive!

    19. Speaker_mute Says:

      Waiting my dvds yeeeahhh

    20. Richard Says:

      Any chance of a small amount of cello-tape to hold the discs in their cases? I, like a few others, have had my discs arrive loose in their cases causing a handful of bad scratches on them.

    21. young_voter Says:

      Angela’s clear voice should dictate future full-length tutorial DVDs. After seeing Sintel, I understand now why the first model of Sintel was replaced by a skinnier, final version. Sintel doesn’t seem to eat in search of the Dragon, she even refused the flies-ridden Durian.

    22. Simon Says:

      No a capella commentary track this time around? 🙂

    23. Oliver Villar Says:

      Starcraft 2 quote:

      Hell, it’s about time!!! hahah I can’t wait it to arrive at home!!

    24. ghuck Says:

      It says the blender 2.5 binaries are included, does this mean we will have to compile blender to get the durian branch. Or is the next release of blender will include this branch? I know the team has been working very hard the last few weeks getting a record number of bugs out, but the durian branch is still waiting for a merge.

    25. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      @ghuck: We are including executable Blender’s for Windows, Linux and Mac, 32/64bit, so you don’t need to compile to get it running, you can always do though since we are also including the sources

      The merge with trunk is not happening soon I believe, so this binary files will last for a while!

    26. joeri Says:

      # Simon Says:
      October 15th, 2010 at 01:43

      No a capella commentary track this time around? 🙂

      Yes there is a a capella commentary track , two I believe.

    27. J. Says:

      Whahaha, I already imagine Nathan doing the dragon roar! 😛

      @Joeri: What have you done exactly for the DVD? Authoring? In what program?

    28. johantri Says:

      yeah, same question wih J. what software you guys use for DVD authoring ?

    29. DigiDio Says:

      Is there a sort of tut how to make a prepress dvd en box of sintel and what kind of Open software was using for it and (in cmyk color space). when I see replifact bladel website they need quark express files.

    30. joeri Says:

      If you are looking for software to author dvds you might want to look into or

      The Sintel Video dvd’s where produced in a days work. Maybe a bit more because of some alterations after the first draft was send.

      Getting all assets lined up is a task on itself.
      -Movies like Colins comments and the documentary to be converted from HD to PAL and NTSC, audio to ac3 because wave eats too much discspace.
      -Menu movies for PAL & NTSC, with audio at right length, overlays to flip color on highlight and selection. Jumps from menu to menu and selection of audio tracks or subtitles. Normaly I would say make a 30fps and a 25fps SD menu, but I got a HD 24fps from the BF so that needed extra attention.
      -The PNG seq converted to 25fps & 30fps. Audio synced ( done by Jan ).
      And in different quality to get optimum quality for at least 1 version. If you use 8 audio tracks and 8 subtitles and a movie in one mux then there is not much bitrate left for the movie, so in this case the movie is put 2 times on the disc. Once with movie and sound and subs and once with 8 audio tracks.
      Subtitles rendered out to bitmaps in the right spot of the screen for NTSC & PAL and in set to the right timing as PAL is 4% faster as NTSC.
      Audio for PAL set 4% faster without changing pitch ( by Jan ).
      I did a motionvector conversion for NTSC at first, but that would mean to cut up all shots ( over 200 ), I did not have time to do that. Although the results where pretty good except for the fight scenes. So I used conventional pulldown for that, resulting in fields. That might not be as nice on computer playback. In this case a HD version would fit the computer playback better, and there are versions enough to choose from on the discs.
      -Dvd credits where changed a bit and altered and tweaked, having so many people in a scroll is hard for mpeg and SDtv resolutions. Maybe for a next version a different approach might be better suitable. For ED we had random plates of sponsors opening the dvd, i liked that very much. The thing is that the list of sponsors can alter 2 minutes before the master is made. ( okay 3 ).

      An idea would be to get community involvement in an early stage for the dvd. Like the logo design for Sintel, the BF could have a menu design contest. Ofcourse this would mean more finished assets need to be available in an early stage. But sound designers and motion designers could also have a take at a BF project, giving the dvd builders a lot of content to choose from and something really cool could come out of that.

      Anyway… Dvd is old technology. It might be better to just have an html5 disc on the next project. Anyone can copy an mpeg to an SD card for their tv… right? Or is it too soon for that? With jQuery its easy to make it very fluid and interactive. Far more interactive than dvd.
      The advantage would be that it would play on your iPad/iPod too, On the xbox, playstation and wii. And your computer would have HD with ease, the only disadvantage I can see is that people might not have a nice 5.1 on their computer system.

    31. socar Says:

      My goodness!

      This work is Master Piece Collection!

      Congratulations for all staff of Blender Foundation!

    32. chris Says:

      I just can’t wait! now i’m gonna freak out whenever a mail truck of any sort goes by.

    33. Promis Says:

      When will shipping of the DVD`s start?

    34. JW Says:

      READ the blogpost before asking such a question, jeesh!

    35. joeri Says:

      “When will shipping of the DVD`s start?”

      Hopefully next weekend.

    36. Hoxolotl Says:

      Eeehm, seeing as shipping is almost being done and probably already on its way, my comment might be too late:

      Would it be possible to avoid mailing stuff to people and have them pick it up at the bconf if they’re attending anyway? (just check the attendance list against the order list).
      It’d save the mailing cost, and have people all giddy during the conference.

      It wouldn’t kill me to wait two days 😉

    37. Hoxolotl Says:

      addendum: I don’t need two copies (one at bconf, the other arriving tuesday after bconf-ish), although it’s a nice present and I appreciate the thaught.

    38. joeri Says:


      I think its cheaper to send out the dvds than go trough all dvd names and attentdend names to find out 4 people overlap, and then 1 of them turns out not to show up so has to be send anyway…

      Why not donate your extra copy to a local library or computer club.
      Give it to a friend in a nice wrap.

      Or email the e-shop you don’t want your copy to be sent and are going to pick it up at the BF. Maybe Anja can remove you from their list, they have probably already printed out the invoices.

    39. Scales4Ever Says:

      I am hoping that this DVD set stays available for a while. I am working like a dog right now, but soon, I hope to give my bf the cash (I don’t trust banks) so he can buy this using his card. I AM UBER EXCITED. I cry every time I watch this short film. And the special features are REALLY enticing as well!

    40. SantiDarkG Says:

      Hey guys……. How long time we have to wait to see the DVDs in USA ??


    41. ghuck Says:

      From other stuff I have ordered from BF, it take about 8 days to recieve it in the US.

    42. opeyemi Says:

      I want this dvd but I live in Nigeria. I’d like to know if i can get it and how much and the process that’s involved. thank you

    43. JamikKim Says:

      Four DVDs for a fifteen minute film – is this a record for largest amount of extra content vs. film length? 😉

      I would like to post-order (pre-order ad is outdated), but I currently don’t have the means to. Do the tutorials teach you the basics about everything used in the making of the film? Or is it more to do with animating or texturing, etc?

      It would make a nice first addition to my non-existant DVD collection…and the extra content would actually be useful and not full of demos of random stuff.

      Also, is it all in 2.5 or a mixture?

      Must’ve taken ages to make all this content, highest commendation to all you guys basically doing this out of enjoyment… 🙂

    44. SantiDarkG Says:

      @ghuck Thanks buddy for your answer. I have it and congrats to everybody.

      Blender 2.5 looks great. I have to try it.

    45. Deonast Says:

      looks good, I’ll have to save up before I can buy a copy however. Have only just got a new contract job and I had to hand over a lot of money on transport and living costs so when I do have some entertainment money on hand I’ll buy a copy to support you guys.

    46. Arief Says:

      Hi, I would like to know on 28-10-2011,tomorrow, you guys will making a blender conference in Malaysia at PTTC’s building, are these dvd will also available there?