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Durian pre-production day 1

on August 24th, 2009, by Ton

durian-prepro01Yesterday all Durian artists arrived here in Amsterdam for the pre-production week, a week of discussions, reviews, brainstorms, pipeline designs, styling proposals, watching clips, and of course a lot of fun to get to know each other.

The agenda for the week has been defined this morning as follows:

– 10h: welcome, going over all topics to make final agenda
– 14h: Script/story review sofar
– 16h: Martin Lodewijk visiting to do the script pitch

– 10h: Style and design: each artist shows a clip and explains why it’s cool or not
– 14h: Blender review: features for the film, as well usability roadmap for 2.5 project

– 10h: Animation! Tools, techniques, video references, kung fu courses, etc
– 12h: Lighting, textures, use of GI, final gathering, etc… how images can look great!
– 14h: Field trip to Amsterdam, probably the Tropical Museum (Asian art)

– 10h: Communication: Blog, docs, DVDs, tutorials, Durian book, external help
– 14h: Team roles
– 16h: Story/script take two

– 10h: Pipeline issues, project planning
– 14h: legal topics, visa, contracts, etc,

While I was typing this after lunch, Martin suddenly showed up, he was early! So I could only finish this text now… Martin delivered three treatments/stories, of which we’ll work out the second, which is about a girl and… an epic dragon!

More later,


(Picture L to R: Nahan, Colin, Brecht, Ben, Angela, David, Soenke, Lee)

14 Responses to “Durian pre-production day 1”

  1. DingTo Says:

    Awesome! Looks like you have a lot of fun. I hope you discuss many things this week and keep us informed please. πŸ™‚

  2. Blendipel Says:


    Girl – Dragon – sounds cool. πŸ™‚

  3. mercury Says:

    esto se va a poner muy bueno πŸ™‚

  4. olivS Says:

    Girl, Dragon, Epic… This is tailored specifically for Deevad!
    More, more, more!

  5. AndrΓ© Says:

    a girl and… an epic dragon! lol

    look videos on youtube of game “lineage 2”

  6. dusty Says:

    Looks like fun! And your Pre-sales are nearly half way there too!!!

    I’ll be watching! πŸ™‚

  7. Apache787 Says:

    Awesome, looks like this weeks gonna be fun for ya’ll.

  8. jum Says:

    Yeeh, sounds great! (though I would prefer a boy >> ya know those “boys” ? ;))

  9. Nixon Says:

    thx everyone for keeping us up to date and for attempting on this awesome huge super project!!!!
    can’t wait to learn more on what you all are up to and how you’ll get along during this exciting period!
    all the best wishes to erveryone on the team …you roxxx!

  10. yman Says:

    As far as character design goes, I would like the girl to wear a long skirt (ankle length) with tight pants underneath, and a long sleeve shirt (elbow length) without any openings in the front or back, but tight (though without those breast cups or whatever you call them) her weapons would then be concealed under her skirt, which would be removed in battle and used as a weapon (a net to catch stuff, like enemy weapons or the enemies themselves).

    Well, either that or have her wear something like what’s in the concept art with modest clothing over it as a disguise.

    As to the plot, I would like the torture scene seen in the banner to be included.

    However, whatever you choose is bound to be good, so I’m certainly looking forward to the results.

  11. Sago Says:

    Awesome team, VERY strong indeed.

    So a girl and a dragon… good start with this potential juxtaposing. I’m looking forward!

    Would you guys consider 1 thing? This is what I’m hoping for:


    So? What you guys think? Interesting?
    Ah, whatever it is, it’s gonna be great.


  12. Kamen Says:

    There has been a report about this movie on today. People who comented it were a little disapointed that the movie will be that short and the movies from blender foundation are still shorter and shorter

    Indeed I will surely watch it but Im not sure if i will some spare cash to buy DVD

  13. Timo Says:

    Looks like a tight schedule to me, hope you guys still manage to have a great time, but I am sure you will.

    The Durian Book is a GREAT idea! I think it could become a very valuable resource for anybody in the industry.


  14. theriddle Says:

    I’m very exited!!

    And the durian book is just a genial idea!!!

    It will be into the dvd kit?