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    Durian on Twitter!

    on September 1st, 2009, by Colin Levy

    Why hello! Earlier this week we set up a Twitter account for Durian.

    What is Twitter, a tiny portion of you may ask? Twitter is a service which will allow you to keep you completely up-to-date with the excruciatingly mundane details of Project Durian.


    Would you like to know, for example, when the director is having a mental breakdown? Or when the rotten milk in the fridge has put our animators out for a week? Would you like to know what features we’re breaking in Blender 2.5?

    …of course you would!

    Just go to and click “Follow” to keep yourself updated. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed. Not too much now, since it’s pretty much just David and I at the studio, but as the project heats up you can expect multiple tweets daily!

    In the week or so we’ll also try adding some upgrades to the website to better integrate twitter with our blog.


    Update: We are also hoping to support in the near future, for those who prefer it.

    16 Responses to “Durian on Twitter!”

    1. Jared Spurbeck Says:

      Yay mental breakdowns! ^.^

      In all seriousness, do take care of yourselves … oh, and buy soy milk next time.

    2. ijstaart Says:

      Darn you, now I’ll finally have to start using Twitter because I don’t wanna miss out on the pictures of Ton snoozing in windows 😛

      Seriously, did he really sleep in there? What a brave man.. I would fall out of the window if I were to do that!

    3. le_schtroumpf Says:

      Please think about poor open-source junkies like me and use as well 🙂

    4. Dalai Felinto Says:

      What about Durian on twitter on Blender 2.5?

      Cheers !

    5. Colin Levy Says:

      @Dalai- Hahah, awesome.

      @le_schtroumpf – Interesting, that’s actually the first I’ve heard of If I can link the accounts I have no problem setting that up…

      @ ijstaart – Hah! Sorry to be the final straw! I resisted Twitter for a long time… But yeah, Ton is fearless! Not scared of heights or budgets or timelines. 🙂

    6. Martin Says:

      i would more appreciate it, if you would concentrate on good postings and insights here in the blog than on fast food news on twitter. twitter is just another blog with limited number of characters. so why don’t you use only this blog?

    7. Maurits Says:

      I really hoped this (Blender)project would stay far away from the over-hyped Twitter. As Martin says above me: why don’t you just use this blog for useful information?

    8. trinux Says: support, please!

    9. Pol Says:

      New milestone!… First open-source Realty Show.

    10. Colin Levy Says:

      Hey guys, I know Twitter can be polarizing, but in my mind, adding a twitter feed is just an additional way to involve the community in this project. It’s a fun way to communicate too. By all means, if you don’t like Twitter, don’t feel like you have to subscribe!

      Our Twitter feed should really have no effect on the blog– the blog should always be our primary mode of communication, and it will get the most thought and emphasis.

      However, I’m sure there will be plenty of good little postings and insights on Twitter that wouldn’t exactly warrant an entire post on this blog. In my mind there is little overlap.

      We’ve already got almost 100 followers– in just a few hours. I think this is a good indicator that there’s an audience for 140-character updates.

      Regarding – is there an easy way to cross-link twitter and feeds? I’d love to be able to post on Twitter and have it automatically update our Did a preliminary google search but only found hacks that take some setting up..


    11. Neuro Says:

      twitter related

      Since version 0.6.3 you can syncronise your friend lists between your Laconica account and twitter. You’ll be automatically connected to other local twitter users in your friendlist, if you two have set up the twitter settings in your profile.
      [edit] twitter bridge (0.6.0)

      Simply enter your Twitter username and password into the ‘Twitter’ tab on the Settings page. Afterwards all dent’s are also posted to Twitter. Currently (version 0.6.0) this only works from the web interface.

      To stop sending updates to Twitter, go back to the ‘Twitter’ tab on the Settings pages and click ‘Remove’.

    12. ronbravo Says:

      Yeah, I’ve always wondered why Twitter has become so popular? How is it different than having a blog? Except now you have to post in two places instead of one?

      Anyway, just take this time to say thanks to the Durian team for making the effort to keep the community updated on their progress. We appreciate it.

    13. Colin Says:

      @Neuro – thanks a bunch. I’d love if there was a way to link the twitter account to, rather than the other way around.

    14. idoric Says:

      Thanks for

    15. mwd Says:

      @Colin: You can set automatic feed from twitter to via — straightforward, easy, and working.

    16. Akirazu Says:

      I think durian is free
      I make anime is super good