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Desktops ohoy!

on April 5th, 2010, by William

Zoom, first blog post. Since I only recently arrived myself, I’m still getting used to things here. I decided to go for a quick institute tour to check out what everyone is working on. So, here are some sneaky sneak peeks of top secret Durian goodness, with out of focus depth of fieldness to protect you from the epic awesomeness of PROJECT DURIAN.

PS: Hover over each screenie to see whose screen you’re watching.

54 Responses to “Desktops ohoy!”

  1. Ton Says:

    @Lasse: that screenshot is my email software!
    @all: yes, Angela is still working on Sintel, but currently full time from home. She is needed to be with her husband and family now. She’ll be back, at least for the premiere!

  2. Emu Says:

    @Nixon: Yeah, it’s originally a contemporary drawing of Tesla.

    Alright, if you like my work, I shall continue:
    I really hope you don’t take it badly, Colin. This one is my last, I promise 😉

  3. Carsten Says:

    Another Evil Colin:

    Have fun!

  4. Psy-Fi Says:

    Carsten, my brain cells have hung an out of order notice because they can’t contain the hilariousness of that last picture…!