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    Chaos & Evolutions; David Revoy painting course

    on February 18th, 2010, by Ton

    Another cool announcement for today: the long awaiting dvd from David is shaping up well! Those who attented his – already legendary – courses on the Blender Conference saw a glimpse of what to expect. For everyone else; get this awesome digital painting course (GIMP!) now! Oh, and yes… all Creative Commons, so it’ll be online and downloadable in no time as well. Getting a dvd will help us forward though! 🙂 Expected delivery is mid march.

    If you like to help us advertising this product? Check the banners preview, or download them all as a zip.

    And then visit the Blender store here!


    38 Responses to “Chaos & Evolutions; David Revoy painting course”

    1. Pablo Vazquez Says:


      I already have mine waiting for me! 😀

      Congratulations David!

    2. Diego Moya Says:

      amazing, I love your drawings.

      I’ll buy it

      congratulations David

    3. Jacob Says:

      Such amazing and captivating art! I am definatly going to get this 😀 thanks for the announcement

    4. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

      Wow this is great. I’ve purchased mine now.. Whoohoo

    5. Thread Says:

      Félicitations David! Je suis totalement tombé amoureux de Cendrea (moins de l’ogre 😉 ). Je suis curieux de voir comment tu procèdes! Bravo !

      In English: Congratulations ! I will buy it (and a little joke… 😉 )

    6. Gianmichele Says:


    7. Magic_Man_3d Says:

      Awesome! I might just have to buy this

    8. Arkinauta Says:

      I was waiting for something like this.
      I think it was a brilliant idea to make this DVD, even if it not strictly related to Blender.
      The art showed is amazing.

      I´ll totally buy one.

    9. Shiretoko Says:

      Everyone should work to get this announcement known in all 3D and 2D graphics communities.

    10. ijstaart Says:

      Such high quality for so little money…

      People could only dream about that, just a few years ago. These kind of DVD’s are usually much more expensive, while this one is practically free! Not just free in terms of freedom, but also as in “money” – it’s not even 25 euro’s!

      Sometimes, I feel like I’m dreaming when I’m reading Blender-related news…

    11. LetterRip Says:

      Congrats David, looking forward to this 🙂


    12. Luis Felipe Says:

      Felicitations David, j’aime bien ton travaille et je vais definitivement achter ce DVD! 🙂

      I just have question, in the bottom there is delivery option it say: delivery after production. Will there be an option for to get the DVD sooner? It’s just because it would be great to have in my hands now 😛

      Congrats to all Durian team! Best of luck

    13. MTracer Says:

      Oooh, advertised with half-nude chicks, yuck.

      Dudes, there are CHILDREN here! D:

    14. Bjo Says:

      Héhé David good job comme qui dirait. Ca promet de nombreux paintings sur le BC et ailleurs. Pas mal de monde est déjà intéressé par ton DVD.

      Painting is not my cup of tea but I know that it’s yours.
      It promise many paintings in the blender community.

      Sorry for my bad english. I am french and I think in french too 🙂

      @LuisFelipe The DVD is not ready. It is presailing – c’est des précommandes –


    15. rogper Says:

      Thanks to everyone responsable for this DVD edition! It’s a area I’m quite eager to improve 🙂

    16. Anonymous Says:

      David: Your works from the dvd’s screenshots are far better than the one done on Durian, quite strange. 🙂

    17. LadeHeria Says:

      Joli travail David, je ne savais pas que tu nous préparais ça.
      Merci à toi.
      Très belles choses sur ton site en passant.

      In English :
      Just… Awesome !!


    18. Deevad Says:

      Hey Many thanks for the lot of (french 😛 !! ) comments here !
      Thanks for those who already bought it too !

      It’s surely the most ambitious project I’ve ever done. The hours of video material I recorded for it easily exceeds 80 hours and I can’t count the number of hour thinking of the best and fastest 2D process. I took the hard way of trying to do something new, and this resulted in an almost 9 month project side to the Durian concept art and art direction. It’s so big work, and I’m finishing the massive video editing now. ( thanks to Kdenlive and Blender 2.5 VSE ) Big respect for Bassam, Andy, William, Pablo for the 4 DVD they did before me.

      for some replies :
      @MTracer : It’s a pleasure to have children reading this blog post, I don’t think the content I made for the DVD is particulary “hot” so it’s for all public.

      @Luis Felipe : Have the DVD sooner is impossible for the moment cause I’m still finishing it ( video editing / writing / Menu ) , My deadline for it is the 8 March for all files done. And I have the week of the 8 march special for rendering / video converting on the computer of the Blender Institute.

      @Anonymous : I’m not agree, on Durian I did equal quality work. Think of the Dragon wallpaper, the city market, the storyboard V1 , and many more other concept art still hidden to not show too much of the story on the blog and keep a feeling of surprise at the premiere.

    19. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge) Says:

      Didnt see this one coming!

      Ive just been getting into the 2D stuff and seeing the work David has been doing for Durian has been very interesting.

      This is something I must have!


    20. Manu Järvinen Says:

      Once again I would like to purchase only the access to the files, not the physical disc. This is a digital era we’re living. I wonder if it’ll ever be possible

    21. Piiichan Says:

      Hey David,

      just bought your DVD, it looks really nice, congrats’!!!


    22. hessiess Says:

      Looks fantastic, how to you actually come up with the designs for these characters? My biggest problem with drawing is that I can never think of anything to draw.

    23. Linkeltje Says:

      I’m very exited! I think it will be very useful to get the chance to have a look behind the scenes in the concept department for a project like this.

    24. Ton Says:

      Manu: feel free to donate to the Durian project, and then download the full 8 GB via torrent or so (usually available in a few days after launch). The DVD and its files are free to spread, selling it digitally would confuse the concept of free/open content.

    25. StormRider Says:

      Preordered!!! 😀 I’m waiting for it! Thanks Blender Foundation!! 😉

    26. Luis Felipe Says:

      Ah ok merci pour votre reponses @Bjo et David! 80hrs de vidéo WOW! C’est beaucoup et je comprends que ça doit prendre du temps a faire. Je vais attendre avec impatience 😛 J’espere tout termine bien et jte felicite encore pour ce DVD!

      Luis Felipe

    27. Quentin.G Says:

      Génial ça !
      Super bonne nouvelle!
      On va en être tout fous à la HEAJ 😀

    28. arieq Says:

      that amazing project
      asia banget
      it’s very oriental…
      durian from indonesia
      durian is the king of fruits..I hope 3d blender be the king of 3d software

    29. kopi Says:

      Very cool, I was waiting for something like this.

      Thanks David!

    30. Codexus Says:

      Hehe, Deevad
      Ton propre DVD de tuto, c’est la classe ca. Je vais l’acheter 😀

    31. Anonymous Says:

      Oh man, I have so many digital painting DVD’s. But this one uses GIMP, which I’m really happy about. The fact that it’s being released CC means I have to support and purchase it. This is really awesome.

    32. mwd Says:

      …and another one purchased. 🙂 Great idea! Thanks for all the hard work put into this.

    33. Manu Järvinen Says:

      Yes, of course, I forgot about that 🙂
      I’ll do that
      Thank you

    34. Tomas Says:

      Looks like another awesome project! Just pre-ordered. Hopefully I will be able to put some time aside to really do something once I get it. Still going through Creature Factory.

      One, question, I’ve been putting the banners up on my site but wondering if there are any new banners for durian/sintel?

    35. Sunjay03 Says:

      I can’t really buy it….(because I have no money… 😉 ) But I will defiantly put a banner on my website!

      GO BLENDER! 😀


    36. Joe Says:

      I was thinking of buying this, but I didn’t really have that much money to spare on something that is just a hobby, I need the money for college and stuff.

      However, since you’re releasing it for free also, I think I’ll download it and then just donate what I can, because its definately a worthwhile cause.

      Thanks very much Durian Team!

    37. ramon miranda Says:

      I have bought it, and now i am waiting to receive it. I think is cool to get the feeling that you are supporting a open source project. MyPaint and Gimp are growing and we can do even paint very well with open source software. so LEtd go Durian. and congrats to David for the hard work.

    38. Colincbn Says:

      So if Chaos and evolutions is “free open source” where can I download it?
      I understand that we should all buy as much as we can from the BF store because it supports Blender. But as the whole point is that this is free open source content we can also just download it right? I have been searching for a download link for “Chaos and Evolutions” for a few weeks now and I am not seeing one. There are a lot of shady sites online that ask for email and whatnot to download it, but they seem like scam sites to me.

      So can anyone point me to a trustworthy download location or torrent?

      Also I pre-ordered the Sintel DVDs and I order Blender T-shirts and stickers because I DO like to support Blender with my cash, so please refrain from bashing those of us who sometimes like to get free stuff (like Blender, and this tutorial), just because we cant afford to buy everything that is offered.