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    Arriving in Amsterdam

    on October 3rd, 2009, by Ton

    colin-explainsQuick update: last thursday – October 1 – Lee and Soenke arrived in Amsterdam. Today Angela and Nathan dropped in. So I’ve been busy with getting them installed in their apartments and in Amsterdam a bit.

    All of last week, Andy Goralczyk and Colin (and David monday) gave a week of Advanced Blender course here. David then went home for a week to his gf. This monday Campbell arrives, tuesday David comes back, and then we’re complete again… and will post regularly here!

    On the picture: Lee and Soenke enjoying Colin’s storyboard talk.


    20 Responses to “Arriving in Amsterdam”

    1. Shashwat / Dark Star Says:

      Great 🙂 Now durian is all set to fly high 😀

      Best of luck guys 🙂 and keep us updated with some exhilarating videos 😀

    2. smigol Says:

      There is still no jury this year in Blender World Cup.
      Maybe Durian Team will be a jury this year xD ??

    3. D Says:

      Oh my God, a storyboard! >< I can almost make out the shots…

      If that title card there is the name of the movie, then that means…!

      The title begins with an “S”! And with my legendary CSI Gimp wizardary, I get a word that looks like “Sintel”. Am I close?

      Okay, I get too excited. 😀

    4. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

      Ouh yearh – storyboards! I wish the angle were better tho. 😉

    5. Dusty Says:

      Ok…. deep breaths together now….. and…… begin! 🙂

    6. D Says:

      Okay, I’m going to rest, now! I managed to squeeze out a couple of blurry shots from the picture:

      I see… A David Revoy woman, an Ann Darrow with sunglasses, Denethor on his throne and squiggly shapes that might possibly be a map and a dragon?!

    7. Deevad Says:

      @D : “A David Revoy woman” >> One of the best compliment to have a recognisable style even after this load of squeeze and bluring . Thanks , this comment made my day !

      “Denethor on his throne” >> nop, that’s our sequence with the monkeys ninjas 😛

      Big hello to the team, see you on tuesday 🙂
      – David

    8. Satish 'Iluvblender' Goda Says:

      Awesome.. Good luck team Durian.. 🙂

    9. Ben Dansie Says:

      Yeah, I’m really going to be rocking up late… 🙂

      Save me some of the fun stuff!

    10. D Says:

      Speaking of which, it may be time for you guys to update the “Timeline” section of this site. After Ben’s arrival, it’s just going to be a black hole from which no one will ever come back! 😀

      You guys have fun, and work hard!

    11. rogper Says:

      Going with the “finding something in the picture” spirit, I’ve tried to find some snail in the plant behind Colin… maybe the one used for reference by David for the Giant Snail… but with no success 😛

      What happened to the thermometer!? 😀
      Did it explode… I’m out a few days and I missed the 2000 mark!?

    12. Teun Says:

      @ D

      I expect the photo is modified for not spoiling the title of the movie and tot keep people like us guessing ;-).
      I think the title says: Sinbad and looks a lot like the logo on the site of the movie sinbad legend of the seven seas:

      Good luck to the team and success!

    13. Ben Dansie Says:

      So long as you can’t make out the battalion of shark riding pirate warriors, the surprise ending is safe.

    14. rogper Says:

      Shark riding pirate warriors 😀
      That sure beats a pirate riding a motorcycle behind a huge bear with armor, side with a giant squid, in front of a Bearish Mac with a Space fighter above 😉

    15. rogper Says:

      Ho! And let’s not forget the high class monkey in the Flying Lamborghini 😛
      That one I only remembered now after looking for the thread again 😛

    16. Ben Dansie Says:

      The pirate riding the motorcycle is friends with the shark riding pirate warriors. They totally hang out and play pool on weekends.

    17. DrD Says:

      I think that just says Set, its just written in fancy cursive.

    18. Tristan Says:

      Happy to see that the team get slowly complete! I think it will be an amazing winter 🙂

    19. Tweakingknobs Says:

      Yeah ! lots of luck to all you guys !

      i loved the advanced course ! it was an amazing experience !

    20. D Says:

      No, there’s definitely a distinguishable tittle in my CSI enhanced picture as well, so there’s got to be an “i” in there as well. I don’t think there’s a “b”, either, so it’s not Sinbad.

      Sintel? Sirtol? Simtd?