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    1x Lee Salvemini available for Hire!

    on December 22nd, 2010, by Lee

    Hi everyone! Lee here.

    With sintel complete, I had some time to put together my 2010 animation reel and can’t wait to begin a new adventure! I’m now putting myself out there as a free agent for freelance or emplyment at a company. Traveling, no worries!

    My main skills lie in animation (In any package), but I can operate well as a Blender generalist. I must say I’m really excited to see what 2011 holds and all the fun projects and job opportunities out there. If you would like to get in touch with me, you can do so at . I also have a recent CV and references on the ready.

    ‘Epic’ Animation Reel 2010 – Lee Salvemini from Lee Salvemini on Vimeo.


    On a side note I thought it might be worth mentioning a new Blender educational website I’ve Co-Founded with ‘Yo! Frankie!’ artist Christopher Plush, CG Masters.

    We’ve created two comprehensive training DVDs for the website launch.

    ‘Ninja Character Creation’ by Lee Salvemini’

    ‘Environment Modeling and Texturing’ by Christopher Plush’

    We also have a nice, ever growing trove of Free Tutorials, including a continuing 2.5 training series. Feel free to have a peek!

    Now the training DVDs currently available are *not* official e-shop DVDs, but we are blender certified trainers and both have worked on an open movie/game. If you haven’t bought the Sintel DVD, make sure to do so first!

    Thanks to everyone for your continued support to all members of the community and the Blender Foundation itself! I hope everyone enjoys the last weeks of 2010 and has a very successful 2011!

    Happy holidays!


    9 Responses to “1x Lee Salvemini available for Hire!”

    1. TheDymo Says:

      Wow, It’s animations!

    2. Mitch Says:

      Excellent work! I like that you show shots in various stages of development. It really makes the animation aspects stand out.

    3. Semielfo Says:

      good composition, great music and a very good job. It′s fantastic

    4. wolfmanf1w6 Says:

      Hello Lee. I’ll start by saying that u sir are a master. If I use blender everyday for the next 10 years, I could become half as great as u r now. If u don’t mind, I would love some insight as to how to initiate an open source project. I’m currently working on a game and would just like to know the steps involved. Here is a link to my post on which has some pics.

      thanks for reading.

    5. joeri Says:

      NOOOO… Dont go!

    6. Milad Thaha Says:

      Hope you find something that makes you happy mate!

    7. Attila Nagy Jozsef Says:

      Hi!I just loved it nice work!
      can i ask is that from a film or did you made that the “a moment later” at 00:29 and the “at so at last i undersood” at 01:48 couse it goes with it very well:) nice sounding to:P… if its a film can you tell me?

    8. DingTo Says:

      Hey Lee,
      thats an awesome reel, I didn’t know you worked on a Star Wars game. 🙂
      The new tutorial website looks great, will check out the videos there.


    9. Jokayo Says:

      first thanks so much for every thing , I have a question which really annoyed me , did you use the same method of the walk cycle you show us of mancandy on Sintel ? , I hope to hear your answer soon