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Wallpapers #1 : Concept art

on October 29th, 2009, by Deevad


I got some comments and emails last days about the availability of some desktop wallpapers with the concept arts. While reading those,  I thought it was a bit early cause I can make them better a good idea. So, I did three 1920×1200 wallpapers  ( if your screen is lower , you can still scale them down ). And while I was playing, I tweaked too the blog wordpress theme.


Dragon Wallpaper (click to enlarge)


Sintel Wallpaper (click to enlarge)


Ishtar Wallpaper (click to enlarge)


63 Responses to “Wallpapers #1 : Concept art”

  1. Chad Says:

    For the most part I agree with D about Sintel’s physique. The one thing that I’ve been pondering for a while is her shoulders. The staff is an extremely versatile weapon but it takes a lot of shoulder strength and stamina to wield it effectively. However, I think she’s capable of a Michelle Yeoh-like sinewy strength and otherwise I think the final character is awesome and perfectly fits what I’ve seen of the story so far.

  2. panzi Says:

    Is it meant to be a comic like look? If she is meant to look realistically then obviously the head and they eyes are much to big.

  3. Deevad Says:

    @ZanQdo : Thanks for the reference on your link, I will use them. Btw, I’m preparing a new squeleton a bit far from the bat and the traditionnal dragon wings. The wallpaper don’t show a lot my idea, and make this confusing. I will post a better anatomic structure as soon I can.

    @Chad : Thanks ; Michelle Yeoh is a great inspiration.

    @Panzi : Yep, definitely more comics/anime than realistic.
    I hope take 2hours soon to blog about our Style research.

  4. panzi Says:

    Yet another dragon with a read haired girl that holds a staff/spear:

  5. jhon Says:

    how can I configure “Gim-painter”
    and “gps-gimp-paint-studio”

    I already have installed gimp (windows)

  6. Igor Says:

    Hi David,
    Can you draw some concept art for a bit more simple models that you will need in a movie? You know, models like: barrels, ropes, sticks, fruits, etc…
    Because model of a whole street is just too heavy for a new Blender users! 😛 It would be super fun if we could start to model something for a movie!

  7. Lionskull Says:

    I personally love the dragon concept art, however, it seems to me a bit too demonic to be called a dragon.

    Dragons (in my opinion) are a lot more calm (not necessarily good) and have a lot less demonic feel. Their demeanor is a lot more majestic than the picture portrays them.

    The horns should not be pointed forward(again just my opinion) and maybe have a change on the mouth (it looks too much like a beak).

    And also the stuff on his back looks like hair to me (dragons shouldn’t have anything on their back not even spikes).

    And also the claws are too long and the hand looks a bit too human like(it should be more beast like)(especially the fingers).

    Other than the horns, the hair, the wings, and the claws/hand the dragon looks amazing.

  8. Lionskull Says:

    Hi me again,
    When i said that they are calm but not necessarily good I meant that their attitude is calm. And the not necessarily good part is meant to be that they could be evil and calm or good and calm.

  9. Jogai Says:

    Here is another beautiful dragon:

  10. Sebastian (ScaroDj) Says:

    Thanks! Dragon’s already on my desktop 😀

  11. bodytalk Says:

    Cool dragon design.

  12. jorge Says:

    bad ass pics

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