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Get Involved

This page will show a summary of ways to get involved with the Durian open movie project.

Durian Forum & Contact

There’s a permanent open forum on where people can post topics, and participate in discussions, reviews or just leave messages for us and everyone who’s involved.

Friday Afternoon Weeklies

Every friday, around 18h, the team sits together to discuss and review progress of the past week. We always invite one or two guests to participate in such meetings, to give a fresh view on our work, or just for fun! Usually the weekly ends with drinks + dinner together in a nearby awesome Thai restaurant.
Contact ton at to make an appointment.

Detail Department

Read this blog post about the ideas we have to deploy a collaborative effort for creating stunning detailed pictures. How to organize this work is still undefined, we have to explore this a bit. First steps will be announced on this page and as a blog article.

Software Development

Blender always needs great developers and testers to help us forward… the link above shows the regular entry points of how to get involved with our projects in general.
More specifically, development targets exist in many areas for Durian:
– Volumetrics rendering (smoke, fire)
– Smoke/fire simulation
– Fracturing and explosions
– Physics support well integrated in animation system
– Global Illumination (optimized methods)
– Efficient soft shadow renders
– Methods to enhance animations with physics (character motion paths)
– Hair volume physics

Some of the above targets we’ll pick up ourselves, others are still undefined. Interested? Just connect to us via our mailing list, forum(s) or IRC.


You can post banners for this project on our website, link it to shop, as mentioned below.

(page created thursday 19th nov 2009)