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1st minute – Concept arts + Anecdotes + News

on November 7th, 2009, by Deevad

Here are some additionnal artwork done last 2 days around this first minute of the new script with few anecdotes about, as my period ending very soon in 2 weeks, I try to give my maximum and do as much of speed painting I can. As time is missing with the last script revision, I will not do storyboard and try to finish the concept art, spend time with Soenke and Angela too on the process of 2D to 3D conversion.


  • the Shaman with 4 arms:

shamanI design him this way to break the usual “indian master” shamanic cliché. I very like the spider 4 arms slow movements and gesture. Ideal to get a talking scene visually less boring. I really personally like this design.

Most part of the team is enthusiast or just ok with , but Colin don’t feel comfortable with the idea that human can have 4 arms in our fantasy world. This concept change his vision about the storytelling of the scene too.  So this Shaman concept will surely evolve in a different way,  on Monday we’ve got a meeting about the fantasy level of our world as we don’t have any general concept information about characters, environment or the civilisation in the script work of Esther Wouda. So, we will invent it to give more background to our fantasy world.

We will study too the fun idea of Ton to build the design of our Shaman around our lovely smyling server at the Thaï restaurant.

  • the 4 gatekeepers :

4gatekeepersHalf warrior / half religious,  our gatekeepers are a band of 3 guys plus a strong master.

Ton wanted to name them with 4 names of French presidents , but I was against. So, we found them some code name : “Jack” for the master cause he looked at first as the comedian Jack Black,  Smith for the second ( Agent Smith of Matrix ) , after we got a classical dark assassin, and our philosopher “LaoTseu”. Of course, they appear not long enough to develop their character too much , but our fun code name help to talk about the fighting organisation and they are far easier to remember than 4 name of French presidents ! Lee is already working on the “crappymattic” of the scene with Colin.

  • Speedpainting 2D previzualisation :


This not a shot of the movie, but more an inspirationnal shot to give an idea to the team of the amount of snow / fog / and how it interact with color.

For the moment , I do this exercise with all the key scene of the movie. Behind “Jack” , you can see a fat man ( just a blurry head)  ; he was the “fat guardian” concept art. We removed him from the band , cause too hard to kick fast for our Sintel.

55 Responses to “1st minute – Concept arts + Anecdotes + News”

  1. Riboshom Says:

    I don’t know if it’s the wanted effect, but It would be quite unconveinant to have 4 arms placed like that.

    As far as the image goes, it looks like there is a front and a rear set of arms, both of them being opposed (that must be useful to scrach your back!). Howevern since both are using the same articulation, that would make the shaman weaker phisically, and more suceptible to dislocations.

    The fact that those two sets also share the same tussues at some points would also reduce the range of each of the arms (think to the relation between the middle and the ring finger).

    A more practical way to see this would be to have two sets of pectorals (greater and lesser)…

  2. Roy Says:

    After all there are even dragons in this world. Why not 4-armed shamans? I like it a lot.

  3. Frederick D Says:

    Nice designs. The shaman is ok on itself, but it may indeed put to much fantasy on the rest of the world. A shaman doesn’t have to be too different in an apparent way, he can be an introvert but wise man – ok, that can be cliche.

    What worries me though, is that in two weeks David is already away? I mean, if you look at the 2D previz speedpainting, it seems he is very important durin g the whole development period, since he can so quickly develop a consistent mood and style, definitely needed to deliver such an epic movie project.

  4. Guyhrush Threepwood Says:

    I would love to see a black crow on the shoulder of the SHEWI (Shaman/HEaler/WIzard) that (almost) can talk and gives the person more mystery feeling.

  5. TeTine Says:

    I really like the concept of the shaman. But if he can’t have more than two arms, why not making a bunch of “puppets arms” that would be hanging from the dark ceiling. He would control them by using strings attached to his fingers or something. It would have a fantasy look to it and using this cool idea while maintaining a certain coherence with the rest of Sintel world.

    Just an idea, keep up the good work =)