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(too) early concept art, during the prepro-workshop

on August 31st, 2009, by Deevad

early concept arts during prepro-workshop

As a student, I kept drawing / doodling during my classes ( teachers didn’t like that  and -in the end- it’s not helped my studies but more my drawing skills ). I was really surprised to see this didn’t change a lot during the preproduction workshop; so I kept drawing / painting with very few early ideas.

I basically used  watercolors ( Winsor & Newton ) on a strong bristol A3 paper ; adding some lines with markers / pencil and white lines with a typex like corrector.

So, those pictures above do not reflect any real concept art I want for Durian, but I just wanted  you to have a look on my table side, and share some comments on those (too) early concepts 🙂

( PS: Thx Colin for the photo )


36 Responses to “(too) early concept art, during the prepro-workshop”

  1. Thorben Says:

    Wow, looks great 🙂

  2. Hermoor Says:

    The design of the girl looks cool, the one to the right. The dragon could be better 😉 Awesome art!

  3. Ben Dansie Says:

    It’s true, he doesn’t stop making art. After breakfast, during the meetings, during meals… I think he sleeps.

  4. +peter Says:

    “…those pictures above do not reflect any real concept art I want for Durian…”

    The giant snail stays!!!

  5. felix Says:

    Awesomeness, it is!


    +peter said:

    The giant snail stays!!!

    Agreed! 🙂

  6. Ben Dansie Says:

    We were generally quite fond of the snail. That’s not the only drawing of it either… but again – story first and we’ll see what fits and what doesn’t.

  7. BetaSector Says:

    Just not let her be a gipsy or persian, please, we saw that in the PoP series 🙂

  8. Chris Says:

    I love the snail as well!

    The concepts for the girl are great as well. I think the one on the right feels the most like a warrior.

  9. Chris Says:

    Oh! One more thing. As for the dragon, dragons are supposedly intelligent creatures. Having those BIG teeth compared to the rest of the head gives it more of a barbaric look. I would shrink the mouth a bit :), but that’s just personal opinion I suppose.

  10. Danny Piccirillo Says:

    Any chance Durian could be recorded in Japanese to attract anime kids? That would be pretty cool

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The snail reminds me “The Neverending Story” 🙂

  12. BetaSector Says:

    umm, is somebody filtering my comments?
    [quick Durian admin answer : wordpress automatically filter your comments, sorry for the inconvenience ]

  13. Madmantos Says:

    Durian: de l’action, de la violence, des explosions, de la sensualité…

    un escargot…

    On garde!! 😛

    Supers dessins, j’adore celui de droite 😉
    (PS: on a le même matos en aquarelle, bon choix, par contre c’est quoi comme bristol, g/m²? )


  14. Hedge Says:

    It is nice to have a realistic girl, rather than a final fantasy mutant girl.

  15. rogper Says:

    Do you give lessons!? 😉

    Hehe I know you do, I’ve already visited your website and learned a world wile doing it so 🙂 Thank you very much!

    I’m with the others, pretty cool idea of the snail, the water color snail car also cool and the girl in the right looks awesome… but yeah, I guess it depends of the story/dragon personality but I also find it a bit big teether 🙂

  16. rogper Says:

    Humm! Also, I like very much the small lips of the girl in the right.

  17. Spencer Says:

    The giant snail stays!

    I agree with Hedge, and would like to say a little more. Please design the girl’s wardrobe somewhat practically. Not saying she can’t be attractive, but all the elf girls on the internet wearing “armor” that is less than most people wear to the beach gets on my nerves. It’s not practical in the slightest, and it offends some people.

  18. Cris Polecat Says:

    Ahah like one anonymous said, the snail reminds me The neverending story! So coooool!

  19. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

    Looks very good. You are a talented artist!
    Have you seen animatrix? The first movie could very well be close to what you guys are aming for. (its called ‘Final flight of the osiris’) watch here: (in low res. 🙁 )

  20. Dwayne Says:

    My only hope is that the girl is respectable, so that my family can watch it. Very nice style!! Keep it up.

  21. Deevad Says:


    Hey, thanks you all for the kinds comments.

    So, lets keep the snail 😀

    … and of course “the never ending story” is one of my favorite movies. ( a bit old now for the Fx ; may be a 3D CG remix would be a good idea for actual kids to enjoy ).

    @Hermoor: Of course for the dragon 😉

    @Ben Dansie : Sleeping ? no ; dreaming I paint or draw ; yes 😀
    Thnx for the comment.

    @BetaSector : I will try if I look for a Gipsy style to not mimic Prince of Persia ; good advice. But it’s too early to define if I go for a Gipsy or Persian design.

    @Chris : Thanks to share ; each opinion are high valuable. Your will make me think of the concept may be in a different way. btw ; it depend of the script.

    @Danny Piccirillo: I would really like it ! ( as a F.Fantasy & anime fan ) , but it’s not planned in the movie production. But with the Open license I’m sure it will be a way to ask for a remix , version Japan anime voice with english subtitle sounds so perfect to me !

    @Madmantos : Ha ha , merci pour le passage sur le blog ; le papier c’est du 180g je crois ( ça peut être du 200/220 ; je suis plus sure ) ; j’ai trouvé une ramette pas cher dans une papéterie à côté de Graphigro à Toulouse ; une grosse ramette pas trop cher de Clairefontaine. Ce papier est devenu une addiction 🙂 Passe le bonjour au BUG Toulousain de ma part.

    @Hedge: All the taste are in the nature. I personnaly agree that sometimes japan Cg character look like dummy doll ; but I disagree with the expression “mutant girl”. btw, on durian we plan neither not to do a realistic style nor an anime style. Let’s keep the surprise.

    @Rogper: I plan to record some videos of drawing in realtime on paper ; At the blender institute they have a great HD camera.
    Ok , noted for the teeth of the dragon.

    @Spencer: Don’t be affraid this kind of bikini warrior in all MMORPG make me sad too. I dislike it , and all the team are ok to not fall into a cheesy underwear party movie.

    @Lasse R.Bruntse: Yep ; this Animatrix movies is even at the Blender institute , and we watch it. But I don’t think we will go for a realistic treatment as they try to do.

    @Dwayne : We have family too, here ; and Me and Colin want to be able to show the movie to our Mums , so our main character will be respectable.

    Thanks again for all the comments !


  22. Grant Says:

    Another vote for the snail! Also please tell me that the katana in the lower left will be her weapon of choice 😀

  23. NIK Says:

    HI, really amazing draws David, i hope there will be some drawing tutorials on the DVD. When a heard that there will be fighting scenes on the movie i remembered two fighting game scenes of games i played:
    There you have the links. I dont think they are good inspiration for the costumes or anything like it but are really amazing fighting scenes; the first one it of the final fantasy 8 maybe you can mix the sword fighting with simple magical powers, and the second one its from DavilMayCry 4 it have really amazing slow motion scenes and camara angles. Well if you have some extra minutes take them a look.
    Good luck with durian, im eager for news from it. Bye.

  24. Connor Says:

    Is the giant snail inspired by the image for the Alice 2 game?

  25. Dilly Says:

    nice watercolors. =)

  26. staticfloat Says:

    Gah! David, I love your art! It is so beautiful!
    I concur with pretty much everything everyone has said here, and as much as I love the “open” feeling of us giving you guys suggestions, I trust that seeing as you have all been eating, breathing and sleeping durian for the last week, you’ve probably thought of almost everything already. 😛

    I am really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, and am so excited that the community can play as active a role as it has in the past!

    P.S. If you’re talking about subtitles and vocal tracks, does that mean that there will indeed be talking in the movie?

  27. Deevad Says:

    @Grant: Thanks for the Snail vote ; katana ? ok I will try to design this way ; but I can’t promise it.

    @Nik : Thnx for the video links ; I didn’t knew the Devil May Cry 4 one ; very good to watch it and inspirationnal.

    @Connor: Nop, I didn’t knew Alice 2 ; but after a fast research I found some screen & concept about it. Cool to have all this feedback

    @Dilly : Thanks !

    @Staticfloat: Oh thanks, here we still wait to have a better definition of some element of the story before I dive really in the concept art & storyboard.
    During the time Colin work hard, I train myself and prepare some tutorial.
    We said in the Pre-proworkshop that we will do our maximum in Durian to get better interaction with the community ; the first result is this 1 post / day blog. I hope we will keep this rythme in hard productions days.
    … For your “PS” 😉 Yep ; we plan to have some vocal track, but this is still an option while the final script is still in progress. So it’s depend more on an artistical choice than on a technical choice for the moment.


  28. SaxX69 Says:

    Great job…nice work with watercolors…

  29. dusty Says:


  30. Spencer Says:

    All the Durian awesomeness has inspired me to browse DeviantArt for “dragon”

    Found this; it tickled my funny bone enough that I just had to share it:

    David, you’re an inspiration!

  31. Anguisha Says:

    La fille me fait penser à Anita Bomba, surtout sur l’illus de droite… et comme je suis amoureux d’elle depuis mes 14 ans…. bah je ne peux qu’apprécier!

  32. Deevad Says:

    @spencer : big thanks , it’s an honnor to be inspirationnal.

    @Anguisha : J’ai un ami qui m’a fait découvrir Anita Bomba, et j’ai de suite accrocher. Par contre il faudrait que je remette le nez dedans de façon personnel pour creuser un peu plus l’histoire. Merci pour le commentaire !

  33. kram1032 Says:

    hey David, I might have nice pictures for you to draw from chaos 🙂
    look through them and you’ll probably see a lot of interesting characters and scenes. Probably more than I do myself 🙂

  34. Deevad Says:

    Kram1032: Amazing art, I very like the way all become a mystical aura in your digitals arts. Thanks for sharing the link !

  35. kram1032 Says:

    😀 Thanks!
    I’m working on more, right now 🙂

  36. Jeremy Ray Says:

    Hmm . . . I guess it’s starting to not look too much like XTIN Project. I’m glad to see the black armor go, and the character looking more spunky and light hearted. I have to disagree with those who want the character covered in armor or too much clothes. Weight and heat are not much fun when trying to fight. Unless she has superhero powers this girl is not very strong and needs to use speed and flexibility to survive. If she is slow someone will just trap her arm and break it. Armor won’t help there. She would be clothed more like a boxer than an American football player. My 2 cents.